G4S guards arrested for theft


Police in Mchinji district are keeping in custody two G4S security guards for breaking into a warehouse which they were assigned to guard and stealing items worth K1.2 million

The two, Watson Kamwathendo (26) and Hazwick Sankhulani (24) stole laptop bags, wrappers, and T-shirts from a Concern Universal warehouse in the district.

cuffsAccording to Mchinji Police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino, on Sunday night guards belonging to G4S security service were assigned as usual to guard Mchinji Field Offices for Concern Worldwide and during the same night one guard was spotted by his colleague sneaking into the warehouse where the items are kept.

“The guard stole fifteen cloth wrappers but he was later confronted by his colleague,” Lubrino told Malawi24.

Following the development, his colleague reported the matter to the Project Manager Kennedy Nyirenda alerting him of the issue.

The manager then made inquiries to establish what items were missing in the warehouse and he discovered that 22 laptop bags, 222 cloth wrappers, and 48 t-shirts all worth K1,188,000 were missing.

According to the manager, he indicated that the items started missing during the month of September last year up to the day of this revelation.

After a formal report was made to Mchinji Police Station, investigations were instituted and connected another G4S guard who was working during day shift.

The police made efforts and recovered 15 cloth wrappers, 2 laptop bags and 3 t-shirts from the suspects.

The two have been formally charged with an offence of breaking into a building and committing felony therein which is contrary to section 311 of the penal code.

Kamwathendo comes from village Chigunda, Traditional Authority Mabvwere in Mchinji district while Sankhulani hails from Mata village in the area of Traditional Authority Kalumbu in Lilongwe district.




  1. Munyanya mabwana a G4S kupereka malipiro ochepa.Simunati adakakuberani anthu okhomerera inu.Mumayamba ndinu kuwabera antchito anu,nanga angatani?

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  4. Sometimes its the way they are treated. However they would be the last people to do that, let them pay for their nasty auctions

  5. akadakhala akunja mukadawata poti ndi amalawi alibe kothawira,angobweza katunduyo ngati alipo yense sadapange mwadala koma umphawi mwina malipiro ndi ochepa

  6. kkkkkkk january disease trust nobody even the police security they do same thing every where…… just release them please

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