Malawi Hunger : Parents abandoning children due to hunger

hunger malawi

Eye of the Child has expressed concern over the tendency of some parents who are abandoning their children to search for food due to the hunger crisis.

The concern has been made by the organisation’s executive director Maxwell Matewere.

hunger malawi
Malawi hunger; Bitting people. (Photo Credit, Dan Church Aid.

He was reacting to a recent study which showed that a lot parents are deserting their children due to the current hunger crisis.

Matewere said this is affecting the children’s welfare. He therefore called on government and all the stakeholders to ensure that the families that have been affected by hunger should receive relief   items in time.

“We are asking the government as well as all the stakeholders to provide relief items to the families who have been affected by the hunger,” he said.

He however uttered that parents should also take care of their children as they are their responsibility.

At least 6.5 million people in Malawi need food aid following the hunger crisis that has affected the country.




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  2. I wish kumeneko kukhale pakati ndiku mwela chifukwa ndiamene muma vota zopusa iku kuntheni njalayo kuti next voti musaza ponyenso mopusa

  3. But we have someone somewhere who is calling himself a leader yet he is allowing these innocent kids to suffer like this, no guys during the late Kamuzu Banda’s leadership people who had no food were being assisted to avoid situations like these but nowadays all they do best is stealing what is supposed to go to the poor, God save our country from these selfish leaders.

  4. Where are they looking for food?Hungry families should go to protest at the OPC all over the country,Its the duty of the president to come out with good measure of food security to the people.Your president and his team have swollen stomachs full of food all they can do is pissing while the people voted for them are dying,its a disgrace!Where free maize??????????

  5. Eye of the Child must look for more internal & external Donors to rollout their activities throughout the Country cos raising children is just as carrying a house. Government must takeover Farms it owned before it was fooled by Europe & the US, our 193 members of Parliament, Religious Orgs, established NGOs & all those who are financialy stable must go into Commercial Farming. Government must reduce Import Taxes & scrap some then we’d make Poverty & Hunger a thing of the past but otherwise lets just keep QUITE.

    ifetu ya chaka chatha tinayivera pa wailesi NJALA NJALA NJALA
    Ana atatu savuta kulera ngakhale maganyu omwewa timakwanisa zakudya
    Tea daily daily daily

  7. When the wind blows hard the adult birds leave their nest for its safety.The saying goes.The government has to take charge of these children since the ministry of agriculture has more maize.

  8. I dnt no if Chaponda he s this kids?.mayb he want people to be lke wat u all leaders must no is: ur leaders bcz of us and everything wat ur dng to us God nos bcz is nt fair some1 stl alot of money bt government just quit Y?.1dy is 1dy.Sun rise in the mrng and set in the evning.

  9. someone with his big head last year was said nobody will starve but will die because of over eating, now some are abondoned their family is so pity

  10. kodi ku malawi kuli njala,mesa ku admarc chimanga chiliko chambiri. sory mr poor man chimanga ndi chaokhawo amene angathe ku gula pa 250/kg

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