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By January 10, 2017
Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua says Malawi’s poverty caused by fake prophets.

Popular Nigerian prophet TB Joshua has claimed that fake pastors and prophets are worsening poverty levels in Malawi, Malawi24 can report.

Joshua who is also founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) sent the message through Apostle Linette Matope, founder of New Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Jecon) Pentecost Church, during their discussions at the Scoan in Nigeria.

Apostle Matope left Malawi last year on December 27 through Chileka International Airport for Nigeria where she discussed several issues with TB Joshua in as far as spiritual life is concerned.

After successfully landing at the same airport on January 5 this year, Apostle Matope in an interview with this reporter said her journey has been a successful one and Malawi can change from bad to good if Joshua’s advice is followed.

She added that Joshua told her that the most worrisome thing is that Malawi, though being a God fearing country, is having more prophets and pastors who are not for salvation but are after money.

Apostle Linette Matope

Apostle Linette Matope delivered the message.

“The journey has been a successful one. Joshua says Malawi is really a God fearing country but there are more prophets and pastors who are after money and not to serve which is disappointing. The man of God has urged people in the country to refrain from false prophets and pastors.

“The other thing which Joshua told me to tell Malawians is the issue of fasting and praying in Mountains as the case at Soche Mountains. He says people should stop praying in mountains anyhow,” said Apostle Matope of Jecon.

She added that it is disappointing that nowadays people are using God’s name as a source of money, a development which according to TB Joshua has contributed to poverty in Malawi.

TB Joshua deletes ‘Hillary Clinton Will Win’ prophecy

Joshua through Matope said the very worrisome thing is that these false prophets are forcing their followers to be paying a lot of money in church claiming that God was the first to give his son.

According to Apostle Matope, Joshua is planning to come to Malawi this year on his tour of Southern Africa countries.


  1. Saleka says:

    If you have nothing to say, you better remain silent,because the same tongue can bring you the anger of God or his blessing. so be careful, for Great God of universe is not sleeping.

  2. The real TB Joshuah can not say foolish things .these are her lamentation this is Satanism for any human being how talks foolish is asatanic in this country we don’t practise Christianity but rather religious like CCAP people where people go to Church with their problems and come back with them . this is useless to them salvation is about poverty thus why Malawi is pour coz of having Churches that preachers poverty .the solution is simple banish them…….

  3. wat u cal economic crisis.climate change, deadly diseases etc they r there its one can change this.antchrist wil be revealed soon.b ready rupture is near

  4. Amen man of God reveals more than this

  5. Yah even him are afake prophet had it been he’s a true prophert i don’t think some of de problems could be hapening at his country

  6. Nde sanatchule maina a ma pastor achinyengowo?

  7. Mau a Mulungu amasimikiza kuti or pangatalike bwanji koma chilungamo chizaziwika, ayambatu okhaokha kulozana zala akuti ma prophet ena ndi aboza, nanga owona ndi ati? Kapena iwo amene kkkkkkkkkkkk

  8. Judge not

  9. He is also fake

  10. Sananene ,,,bodza ili

  11. Live TB Joshua, pliz

  12. Whose TB JOSHUA? are u areal or fake prophet????

  13. Mmmh

  14. Chala sichiloza mwini, ndatsimikiza

  15. Mamawa kumangolawirira kupanga type Amen, pamene chimanga chikupita ndi tchire.

  16. People when are you gonna open your eyes? this people are devils don’t follow them please pray for your one truly God

  17. tb joshua, sherpard bushiri and all these so called prophets and pastor are devils men. the false prophets!

  18. In our family, we don’t stress but we relax

  19. Malawians know that J B Joshua is not in the habit of giving a prophecy for the nation to one person. He does not criticize or point fingers at other preachers. I very much doubt if the Apostle in question did meet T B Joshua one on one. Lies in the name someone will not make us popular.

  20. Don’t cheat us, Malawi has been poor ever since.

  21. If thy are true prophet wht not bless our country ? Koma kulosela zosakhuza ndi ntchto zawo aaaaaaaa bava izi and athor ppl thy just I receive ……… eeeich wht are u receive on this ..osamagokhulupilira zilisose ai tili ndiufuluso …why jousha amalosela zooipa thawi zonse .wht kind of prophet is it Aaaaaa akagwere uko ife tilibenawo ntchto ai

  22. Himself as well hes a fake prophet!

  23. Pusi

  24. The biggest poverty we have is mental, reason most so- called pastors target the poor to make them poorer. Why should your prayer to God pass through a fellow human being moreover at a cost! And who has the anointmeter to detect level of anointment? We are all equally anointed.

  25. To whom it may concern, Mr so called prophet, Deal with Boko Haram and then find the best remedies to delete its members from the face of the world then you will be credited a Man of God!!!!!!!

  26. He is a lie what about in nigeria satanism, fake prophet incruding him he z fake and witchcraft mix bokoharram kupha anthu osalakwa

  27. Kodi boko haram ndi poverty chabwino ndi chani?

  28. Fake like himself.

  29. Olo ku America mavutoso aliko bwanj akubwereka ndalama ku China smalawi yekha ndpaliponse pomwe pali mavuto,, pezan zokamba zina osat umphawi wathuwu ayi

  30. Only God knows de future of Malawi u hve to know that coz all de prophets of now adays are false prophets they are busy preaching about money, having a good house so hw can compare this with a kingdom of God?

  31. Very True,,, our satanic and fake prophate in malawi need not to be taken seriously… How can one rise in 3yrs from zero to trillion dollars….. mulungu wake utiyo???!!….


  33. Go to help idiot

  34. Lies is my enemy in my life

  35. I don’t believe sht

  36. You prophesing rububish

  37. What is the relationship between pastors, prophets and poverty? Iam confused.

  38. There is no link btwn poverty facing our country and the false prophets.this may be prophetic politics . Alipo yemwe akumuzembera iyeyu pofunika kumufusa bwino kuti fotokonze.

  39. They just talk about money, good house, nice cars.

  40. Prophets died long ago.All these called Prophets. Pastor and many are fake.Why T.B .Joshua pray for his home country problem? Like Boko Haram.Don’t cheat.

  41. Kikikikiki! So he is genuine! He is equally fake…

  42. I respect TB Joshua alot and believes that he might be the last person to say those words about Malawi. It is for this reason that I don’t trust Malawi24 or the so called Pastor who delivered the message. If poverty is as a result of false Prophets then USA, South Africa and Nigeria should have been the poorest nations on earth.

  43. They are ( Profiters) not Prophets. Just believe in God.

  44. Mike Harry says:

    Ananeri onyenga akutha kumaona kunama kwaanzao aiwala kunama kwao aiwala kuti nawoonso akudyera ndzina lamulungu lomwero. Zomvetsa chisoni masiku otsiriza ano

  45. this is true! bcoze most malawians r lazy spending much time with these so called prothets!abale basi nkhani ikhale ya maracles!!!.shame!!!!! even the bible says osagwira nchito asadye!!!!!

  46. This is prophet politics now

  47. Stan Hunga says:

    Signs of the times

  48. Joshua can’t even sniff where Chibok girls are.

  49. Are there even any real prophets?

  50. Sindikivetsa mukuti umphawi ukubwera chifukwa cha ma pastors ndi ma prophet Ku Malawi? Is zikugwirizana bwanj?

  51. …wait, the ‘MAIN’?
    What an ignorant piece of crap!

  52. who can identify the real,and what r qualities?

  53. when did the man of God spoke those words?

  54. Kkkkkkk kkkk koma yah matsiku omalidzadi

  55. Bushiri modzi kkkkk

  56. Kkkkkk these r last days all nations are crying

  57. And where does he place himself?

  58. I believe what the BiBle said that masiku otsiliza kuzabwera aneneri onyenga nazasocheretsa anthu mudzina la yesu. Plz guys lets stop following miracles malomoti zozizwazo zitsatire ife pakuima njii ndi pephero moona mtima tikapanda kusamalo tooooonse titha atikokera ku gehena awa ndi ma miracle money, miracle husband/ wife plz dont wait for their miracles lets stand on Christ Jesus

  59. TB Joshua ndiwe chitsiru bakha wachabechabe

  60. Ti Mva says:


  61. He is fake too

  62. kkkkkkkkk koma ayambaso nsanje okhaokha nde kuti business ya utumiki ku nigeria yavuta panopa pepani kwa nonse mumakhulupira za anenerizi

  63. This is true.tawonera tchito zawo ambiri. Ubusa uneneli wawo so woitanidwa.koma wizipatsa okho, akhala bwanji pa tauni. Just to milk ppls money like Malawi government, very funny. Let God himself sort out the matter.

  64. Only who knows the real prophet

  65. Yawusilu uwe wangasosa…

  66. Are the said prophets or pastors in charge of the economic affairs of the nation.

  67. Ali Uyuli says:

    Deal with Bhoko halaam…..Mr Joshua.

  68. only god no.. where malawi go,s you and me nothing say about this. to be poor is not die. kusagwira ntchito kumapangitsa kukhala osauka nonse amene mumati ndinu amulungu ndizanu

  69. Tricia says:

    If TB Joshua said it or not the President has to go at once.Whether his a fake or not fake Prophet,his a Man of God.As President what have you done to the nation?The nation is “crying foul”Mr President.Your Brother did the same thing but he found himself on the death bed.Just accept it and ask for advise way forward lather than barking with no action.In old centuries political leaders used to ask for advise from Prophets then who are you to point fingers to the Man of God.Wake up Malawi. Kodi aliyese wabodza. Look you lost your own Prophet S Bushiri.Kamuzu munkati wabodza lero inu nomwe mukumulira.Chabwino ndi chiti?Let the Man of God Prophecies.Something they don’t happened immediately koma when they come heeeheeeeeee ndi muja mumanti atilodza kapena zaminyama.Dzuka Malawi dzuka

  70. True. Actually this type of prophetism is called white collar theft.

  71. Malawi will never develop with these leaders who r just stealing our money &,using state institutions to shield corruption ,by the way i don’t trust any pastor these days it’s better to pray hard own my own

  72. Unless u tell me he is afraid of B

  73. #Sourgrapes

  74. Who is he referring to

  75. What about Clinton winning the election?

  76. Kumangoti papaa papaa

  77. Zoona zoona tb Joshua

  78. Ha ha ha ha

  79. Mmmm the truth is that corruption is main cause for porverty in Malawi,even God does not toralate it don’t lie here

  80. Aliyens ndprophet payenkha,kom pali kusiyan paliprophet ogwirisidw ntcito ndmulungu komans osata cimene mulungu akuyakhula panthawiyo,ndye pali uprophet wina oti ife eni timaxinenela malingan ndixomwe tikufuna kut xicitike,nkhan ndyonena kut iwe ndindani ngat ulicilengedw camulungu komas oxindikira muumximu mulungu sangakusiye kukuxiwisa xacimene cilidera komas cilinxiko mwako tikhoxa kuyakhula xolakwika kwa TBjoshua kom tinsakuxiw cona cake ndciti ndye sibwin kulakwisa mayakhulidw tisakuxiw.

  81. I receive talking about miracle money….hahhhahahaa koma ma guys ulesi utipweteka

  82. Never ever talk ill of any anointed man of God,ask Mirriam sister to Mosesvin the bible!!! Open your eyes and seek Gods divine directions !!!!!

  83. Kkkkkk please tell as more

  84. I wonder why this guy TBJ; can’t say something on what Boko Haram is doing to his country Nigeria;many people died while praising his name in his church, tikakhala aMalawi umphawi tidaudzolowera mzilumika zambiri ma prophet ali mbweeewa asadafike

  85. You mean you are reall phophet kkkkkkk its only Jesus the some of God who is reall not you dont cheat us.

  86. Don’t just drop your comments here u better just keep quite if you don’t understand spiritual matters don’t be tempted to comment anything you may end up sinning against God

  87. muululana

  88. i can’t say TB Joshua is stupid because it’s an insulte to stupid people, he is more than stupid and fake, guys this guy is living a proof that a man can live without a brain, #Goddosen’texist

  89. TB joshua is a fake prophet aswell, poverty isn’t in Malawi only, in his native Nigeria, poor people are dying of hunger everyday why targeting Mw? even in Sierra Leone and South Sudan poverty is everywhere!

  90. Powerful message also coming from the most fake prophet himself.

  91. Anthu amulungu amenewo?

  92. He’s ass hole

  93. I don’t know if she was really sent by prophet TB Joshua koma zomwe zikuchitika pa Malawi sizikufunikaso uneneli uliose bcoz EVERYONE INCLUDING PASTORS, PROPHETS, AZIZITSOGOLELI AND ANTHU WAMBAFE TIKUKONDA MONEY KWAMBILI more than mau a Jehovah. As Bible says that masiku omaliza ANTHU ADZAKHALA OKONDA NDALAMA NDIKUDZIKONDA OKHA and ndizomwe zikuchitika pano. Anthu sitikukondana as anthu omudziwa Jehovah. Pomwe chikhilistu chimayamba akhristu amakhalila limodzi as one family koma pano Christians osauka ndi haram ku church. Panopa Malawi ali mmanja ndi ulamlilo osakhala bwino bcoz azibusa and pastors r busy kusaka money through Bible for their families komaso moyo ofewa while anthu ambili akuvutika. May Jehovah have Marcy on us and our Beautiful Malawi!!!

  94. ine Mulungu wanga amene ndikhulupirira ali ndizonse amaona ,amava

  95. I hope he also knows the main reason why his Church collapsed and killed many people. 2 :The main reason he predicted wrong about Election in USA is because Nigeria is far away so it is difficult.

  96. He knws that major 1 is leading the game now he is talking crazy.

  97. Maclyan Phiri says:

    Mmmmh lets ask God .

  98. Deuteromy 13:4-5…

  99. Ndipo uli zala lende pakhonde kudikira nthawi ya I receive kkkkkkkk njoka iyooooo I receive tatiyeni tilimbike amalawi anzanga inu tisalire munthu kuti atisocheletse tho aliyense olengedwa ndi mulungu alinako kuthekera pa mulungu.

  100. You I say you again live Malawi alon we are poor yes it doesn’t mean we don’t know because even you u are fake prophet original fake a Illuminate

  101. zoonadi anyanyanya sukulu ikangowakanika ali ndine prophet,business ikangokanika am a prophet,Fake prophet oyamba ndi BUSHIRI,AMENE AKUMADYERA DZINA LA MULUNGU KU SOUTH AFRICA watsala pang’ono kugwa manja mwa mulungu kuti afe ife tikapulumuke these fake prophet are after money not spreading the gospel TAONANI PA WALL YA.BUSHIRI PAMAKHALA THIS YEAR YOU WILL BE BLESSED EE MIRACLE MONEY,UR NOT GONA BE POOR,KODI TIKALOWA NDI NDALAMA KUMWAMBA? AKAMATI MIRACLE MONEY?ZAUMBUZI SAKUNAMA JOSHUA MALAWI DYERA KWAMBIRI

  102. U are a big lie

  103. fake pastors? and u hu ar u joshua? u ‘re fake prophet tooo but ukunena anzako, mxiiiii

  104. dziko lonse umphawi uli kuno konkha

  105. Is he not fake himself? smh

  106. fake pastor? and u who ar u joshua?

  107. uja analosela kut Hillary awina ndamene akunenaso izo hahaha

  108. Never Judge a Boo by its Cover……

  109. Miyambo 10 vs4 Wocita ndi dzanja laulesi amasauka; Koma dzanja la akhama lilemeretsa.

  110. He z one of them

  111. It sounds true but the platform used questionable.

  112. T B he’s the mamber of illuminat he’s satanic

  113. Makweembo says:

    As someone who is a regular viewer of Emmanuel TV, I know that this article is nothing more than a pack of lies. Prophet T.B. Joshua NEVER uses such language and he would certainly never send anyone to speak on his behalf. Any message from the prophet is given through Emmanuel TV or the official SCOAN Facebook Page. This ‘Apostle’ is simply looking for cheap publicity by using the name of TB Joshua because of his popularity in Malawi and beyond.

    If Malawi 24 is a reputable news organisation, they should have contacted The SCOAN first before publishing this nonsense using T.B. Joshua’s name. I am completely convinced that if they had done so, The SCOAN would have refuted this report in its entirety.

    As for the so-called Southern African tour she referred to, there is absolutely NOTHING like that. Watch Emmanuel TV and see for yourself. We should guard ourselves against fraud!

    • Natso says:

      I love watching Emmanuel TV this is true you should ask Scoan first before publishing this bodza story. NEVER PUT WORDS INTO MAN OF GOD’S MOUTH CHONDE

  114. Tchende lake full stop

  115. he iz lying its becoz of poorleadership


  117. u pple u take malawi fot granted

  118. hahaha!! is that so?? , how many fake pasters and fake prophets are there in South Africa and in Nigeria ? many are very rich than thoz we have in Malawi. but thiz countries are getting rich and rich , so should we say our God is injustice ??? hu is punishing Malawi only for fake pastrs and prophet . what you are saying is just prophet of Doom!!!

  119. You can only fool the blind followers of religion, females are not allowed to speak ( teach ) in congregation according to 1 Timothy 2:12.

  120. in Jesus I trust the only prophet

    • Jesus Is Lord says:

      Ada, Jesus is NOT simply a prophet – Jesus was God manifest in the flesh.
      Salvation is only by believing in Him.

      To know how to go to Heaven – no money or works involved – get a KJV and read these verses (in this order preferably)

      Romans 3:12
      Romans 3:23
      Isaiah 64:6
      Romans 6:23
      Revelation 21:9
      Romans 5:7-8
      Romans 10:8-13

  121. Kkkkkk!!! Somehow akunena zoona iiiii anthu tilandira bwanji tisanagwire ntchito?

  122. According to know days no one can stand to poclaiming of Being atrue servant of God, Let the God alone Judge for us…

    • Jesus Is Lord says:

      Rodrick, the Bible commands that we mark them and avoid them (Romans 16:17). The Bible tells us to judge them (Matthew 7:1-5 in context, 7:16, 7:20, John 7:24). Jesus was very angry with the Pharisees because they failed to judge (Matthew 23:23). The Bible promotes the naming and shaming of false prophets (2 Timothy 1:15).

      It also says, “study to shew thyself approved” and “prove all things, hold fast that which is good”. If anyone claims to be a preacher, a man of God, measure their words according to the Bible. If they violate what the Bible says, they are not men of God. But to catch them out, you too have to read your Bible and study it, or else you will fall for any old lying devil.

  123. Mike Muwa says:

    Miracle money

  124. Aaaa zauchitsilu basi. Iye T B Joshuayo ndi wa original ??

  125. Malawi 24 tiuzen zaku Beirtbridge zankhala bwanji zana?

  126. Why cant he reveal the reason behind Nigerias’current economic crisis which is worsening at an alarming rate each day?

  127. fair enough you have used “contributing to” because it couldnt be the main reason we have poverty in Malawi.

  128. Uneneri Umamangilira,komanso Uneneri Ukabwera Pamafunika Kutengapo Step Yakusintha.Major 1 Komkuno Mukumukaikira Pano Tb Joshua Wakunja Ayinso.Inu Ana Asatana Mufuna Yehova Asike Yekha?Angakhale Lero Yesu Atabwera Mumukana Ndithu.

  129. Only god knows the truth.

  130. There is some truth in it although we don’t have to be too judgemental because fake pastors and prophets are just everywhere in this world and it is these same fake ones that are making big names through their fullfilled prophecies and miracles which they perform using the power of darkness.Lets not be too judgemental.I Agree malawi was heavily struck by the power of darkness but that doesn’t make it to be the worst sinfull country in the world.Thanks be to almighty God because He has delivered us from such a terrible bondage and very soon we’ll begin to see some changes.

    • Jesus Is Lord says:

      There is always truth in a lie. It may be true that Malawi has many people being bled dry by fake pastors, but TB is one of them. Likewise, when the fakes preach “the Gospel” it is not entirely different to the Bible’s Gospel, it is mostly the same but has a small change that many will not notice…

      Remember, rat poison is 99.9995% good food

  131. When you have nothing to say… say nothing. Sometimes its better, to just remain silent, and smile. or sometimes you need to step outside, get some fresh air, and remind yourself of who you are, and who you want to be. Nobody here, reading or commenting knows TB Joshua, there’s not a single person here that can tell me that i know him personally. Its only God that knows him. and to my surprise you are busy judging him. Its only Gods that has the powers to judge and yet the day of judgement has not come. Just imagine a mere personn like you who has not even heard his voice since you were born you are busy judging. That also means you have sinned. nobody is perfect! if you think or feel you are a christian why can’t you kneel down and pray for him or deliver him. those are the only powers God gave you. All i can see here is just hatred not loving someone.

    • Don’t you think you are judging too?

    • Theres a difference between judging and correcting

    • sorry my man.He said that Clinton she was going to be American president what happened? so you don’t went him to be judged.

    • He is fake and false prophet

    • Jesus Is Lord says:

      Khenn, what you are saying is “don’t tell us that he is bad”. Those who preach “don’t judge” are always basically saying “I don’t want to know I am committing a sin”.

      The Bible TELLS us to judge, and especially regarding fake preachers, reprobates, and just telling people in love that they are sinning.

      Matthew 7:1-5 – everyone quotes verse 1 “judge not, that ye be not judged” but if you read beyond verse 1, you will see that by verse 5 it refers to hypocritical judging – and tells you to first fix up your sin, AND THEN judge. (example, if you judge someone for cussing when you also cuss – first stop cussing, and then you can judge)

      John 7:24 – Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
      It goes both ways – don’t judge that someone with tattoos is unsaved, maybe he is saved. But, just because someone looks clean, claims to be holy, claims to be a man of God – don’t judge that they are a man of God.

      Matthew 7:16-20 – twice, Jesus tells us to judge false prophets LIKE TB JOSHUA.

      7:15-16 – Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

      Verse 20 says “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”. Question, how do you know someone by their fruits? BY JUDGING.

      On the other side, Jesus was ANGRY because the Pharisees did NOT judge:

      Matthew 23:23 – Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

      Oh, and as for “hatred” – there is a time and a place for hatred. The world says hatred is always bad, the Bible says there is a time to hate. Love our fellow Christians, love the unsaved and give them the Gospel – but hate the false preachers, hate the haters of God, hate reprobates (same thing). See Ecclesiastes 3:8, Psalm 139:21-22, Jeremiah 6:30, 2 Chronicles 19:2 (if you love someone God requires you to hate, wrath is upon you!). The Bible says “love one another”, it never says “love everybody”. This is “Buddhist Christianity” and NOT Biblical.

      Beware, because many churches today teach “Buddhist Christianity” – 100% love, 0% hate, 100% positive and 0% negative. See Isaiah 30:10-11 and 2 Timothy 4:2-5.

      The “Let Love Lead” of TB Joshua is not love in the Biblical sense – it is the love of sin, and the refusal to admit sin. Anything goes, and if you point out sin then you’re bad…

      Finally, remember this. If Christians don’t point out sin, and Christians don’t call out fakes… WHO ELSE WILL?

      Matthew 5:13 – Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

      Written in love 🙂

    • kkkkk so whom are u correcting mr n who gave you those power??u seems like wise but not wise.iweso ukujudga koma kukamba ngati anzeru.munthu osawerenga malemba ndamene angaone zaboza zakozi.uwerenge mateyu24v24 ngati umagwilisa tchito bible uona kuti ndionyenga amenewo.ulesi umakuvutani basi recieve manja lende amen.pitani mukagwile tchito osati miracle money yosaziwika ndikomwe imathela.pomwe munayambila chaka chatha recieve recieve mumakomboni mukulephera kugula mulu wambatata ndemupanga recieve chani??

    • Loving your comment a million times!!!

    • Auzeni akuona ngati umoyo ndiwophweka!

    • Kkkkkkkkk he is fake and must be judged as a person. We all know him. Celebrities are known all over the world. Why can’t he concentrate on Nigeria perennial problems of insurgency and insecurity? Athane ndi boko halaam by predicting suicide bombers.

    • When I read such comments in a case like this, I am reminded of a blind man in a dark room looking for a black hat which isn’t there. Judging others is easier than fixing your own problems. When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself. We usually judge others in the areas where we feel the weakest.. Everytime i read a nasty comment against any man of God it is obviously a Malawian. And kuti umuone munthuyo zimangowonekelatu kuti akunyoza chifukwa cha nsanje. Mumalephela ndithu kupanga zanu ndikumataya nthawi kunyoza munthu. Just imagine ine simukundiziwa. koma mukutha kundipanga judge. Its just a sign of frustration. Stop embarrassing yourselves. Nemar Nestor Alunji is the biggest critic of Men of God. Yako ndiopanga Judge anthu. It is easy to do that, and it some cases, it can even feel good to do it. On the other hand, being curious requires maturity, emotional intelligence, and a healthy dose of self-control to do it consistently. Kulitu anthu ambili sanaphuzile koma iweyo sungafikepo pa level yawo. You sound dumb to me

  132. He is among them

  133. Oh,bt i call him the most fake of the fake prophets,leave Malawi alone

  134. De bible sae dont judge ur frend….my job is to just listen de words ov God,,xo i neva mind dis

  135. ha ha let me laugh at this!

  136. His church collapsed & killed many innocent people why he failed to prophesized? He also prophesized false against U.S election btwn Triumph & Clinton

  137. Corrupt leaderships and fake prayers are the main contributions to poverty in Malawi for the gathering of fake people faking God it angers Heavens thatswhy nothing is on the move zomvetsa chisoni ati anthu kuchita kusowa nsima yeniyeniyi

  138. The issue of being fake or true prophet,mzopanda umboni tiyeni tzigoyang’ana azaonekela ng’amba pa tsiku lomaliza

  139. I doubt if it is TB Joshua who said this, in south africa there is the likes of Prophet Mboro,doom prophet and etc and to be not economical with words they are after profit but why is there nation better off than Malawi… Let there be a common sense which is not common

  140. Why he is failing to reveals where about 270 innocent xool Girls kidnapped by Boko Haram shame on his face

  141. Ndizowonadi anthu amenewa afuna apezelepomwayi chifukwa cha mavuto amenetikukumananawowa kuti tizipembedzaiwowo komasizingatheke chifukwa mulungu owona tikumudziwa adatichenjeza kalazaasiku otsilizawa kutikuzabwela aneneli onyenga ngatiamenewa

  142. How?????????? If he was interested to condem his fellow prophets let him condem them directly not connecting to our poverty coz this is pointless and nosense.

  143. Hahahahaha Nagwa ndi kuseka Malawi24 mwati chani

  144. masiku omaliza

  145. Politicians are the ones worsening this country poverty

  146. Including yourself you are fake as well

  147. Poverty is everywhere now in this world, i tried to work overseas people are also crying here, they also think to work in other countries is better

  148. Ma prophet abwera dzulowa..?

  149. TB Joshua help the Nigerian troops to capture Abubakar Shekau the boko haram leader who is busy butchering innocent people there in Nigeria

  150. A spirit of Jezebel

  151. I Don’t Take His Point. It Is The Poor Governance That Iz To Blame. It Has Incorporated Useless In The School Curriculae At All Levels. Imagine A Form 4 Student Busy Studying Grasshopper And Insects What 4? I Thought They Should Concentrate On Agriculture Being The Backbone Of Economy. If Somebody Failz To Cross The Form Four Bridge Can Utilize His Agriculture Knowledge To Boost His Farming.

  152. leave Malawi alone please, why you didn’t fight with boko halam you prophecy to Malawi shit.

  153. This is True

  154. “Malawi can change from bad to good if TB Joshua’s advice is followed” My FOOT! Where is GOD’s advice? Where is the BIBLE? If Malawi is a God fearing country, then let it fear the Lord and keep his advice and commandments only if that God is our heavenly God the creator. Malawi can change from bad to good if God’s commandments are followed. We don’t need to follow Joshua’s advice but we need to follow God’s advice. If I may ask, TB Joshua is a poor prophet? What’s the difference him and these so called Malawi false prophets? Malawi is not a God fearing country but a Devil following country period!

  155. Kkkkkkkk Zanziiii Zopanda Mchele Ine Sindidzakhulupila Prophert Aliyese Zopusa Ndinasiya.

  156. I will not comment on this as long as I hear herself or Joshua himself saying.. Eiish

  157. kodi awa akuba ndalama zaboma cashgate paliponse nimaposters kapena nimaprophert?

  158. Malawi is stranded because its lacking resources that can boost up addition no minus.

  159. Jesus Is Lord says:

    Resources on all of TB Joshua’s fake prophecies:

  160. From Adam up to all the prophets I never heard the story of She prophet. For sure these are the after money prophets. This is the last days for sure.

  161. Kkkkkkkk this woman and her boyfriend must go to hell. Coz we know where we coming from and where we are going. Why worsening your time to go to Nigeria instead of sending your prayer to the true God . Please Mom explain to people that you go there to ask him to be your satanic Donna for your church you think people are fools in Malawi no no no no but we know exactly why Jesus died on the cross. We don’t believe in prophets stop pushing people to worship man .

    • backward thinking. which bible says dont dont believe in Prophets. Read 2 Chronicles 20 verse 20. And you are too quick to judge.. who told you that this specific person is Satanic. what do you know about satanic? i think you are in a better position to explain to us.

      • Jesus Is Lord says:

        Khenn, why don’t you read Matthew 7:15-20. Jesus TELLS us about false prophets, and that we shall know them by their fruits = judging.

        We know TB is fake and Satanic because of his false gospel (Galatians 1:8-9 commands us to accurse him), his fake prophecies (Deuteronomy 18:18-22 says he should die!).

        One thing I notice about TB followers… they will reject the Bible, they will reject Jesus, they ONLY follow TB Joshua and nobody else. They defend him 100%, even when he is clearly a fake. They only misquote a few verses to suit their agenda, which is the effectual worship of TB Joshua.

    • [email protected] iysha.owerenga mawu khala maso

    • James Soko says:

      Taziliman mufa ndinjara manja lende nkhani kwa prophet iya

    • aChipeta ulesi wawavuta paka kubackala anthu abozawa..uwerenge mateyu24v24 uone aneneri abozawo.

    • boyFriend yemweyo kuti wa! wa! waaa….who dsnt know abut joshua? frm here all the way to nigeria basi mfundo zake iziii? u ar also fake prophet ukunena anzako,,, shameee! go to hell with ur girlfriend

    • Ya boyfriend yomwe yo nkudzati wa wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa satikwanitsa akayambirenso ma prophet abodza no no no no kwathu kuno.


    • Tambala ukunama si aneneri ake awa…ngati sumawerenga mawu aMulungu owona uziwabackila koma chilungamo chake ndiachinyengo Yesu anatiuza kale.

    • Son of Devil TB Joshua

    • Mulungu sayankha atumiki akubawa tho mulungu amasangalala ndi munthu osanamiza anthu komanso kubela anthu ndipo azitumiki akubawa ine sangandikwanitse wanga gwamoyo siwakufa ayi ndipo sangandikanthe nevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  162. Fake or not Fake ,close ur door and pray God will answer your prayer oneday

  163. Ernest Ali says:

    Joshua did u say fake prophets????? Awuuuu come on Joshua do u know i call u a bigger Fake prophet so plz stop, talking about fake bcoz u r de 1 of them.

  164. Kkkkkkkkk Mai Matopeeeeeh

  165. Kodi akati fake pastors ndi ma fake prophets ndi amene akupangitsa kuti aMalawi azivutika, tinene kuti iyeyi ndi prophet weni2 ? Mukakhala ndi chuma musanyoze atumiki amulungu ai kumeneko ndiye mkulakwa. Kusiyana mkwakuti azitumiki aku Malawi samaphatikiza chikunja ndi christu ai, ndiye sibwino kuweluza Joshua simulungu ndi munthu wochimwaso.

  166. Joe West says:

    Ok, but what does T B Joshua say about reasons of the high level of poverty in his OIL rich home, Nigeria?.

  167. Did he metion Bushiri and Salanje?

  168. according to my opinion TB joshua, a fake prophet as well .

  169. Thinky Dip says:

    Kodi ma prophet akanalipobe?? nthawi Yama prohet inatha kalekale. any1 who claims to b 1…..???????????

  170. Lier your prophisies are fake.Ask Malawians themselves they know.If you are running short of words concentrate on Boko haram and chiboko girls

  171. Let us compare like with like and reason as people with a brain. In Malawi the only people who are billionares are ministers while christians are within the range of millions. Which proves that the people who have made Malawi poor are politicians through cashgate and not Pastors or Prophets

  172. Failed prophets. He is one of them.

  173. Fake prophet blaming fellow prophets

  174. Aaaaa some timez TB muli wrong ngati number eeee kunama uko

  175. True Mr Joshua Komabe Tiyanga’ane Kumbuyo.Ithnk Mapastor Apeza Ntchito.

  176. Prophet TB Joshua uses only Emmanuel TV to pass messages.

  177. Including himself,, admn you can ask him about USA elections,

  178. True Mr Joshua Komabe Tiyanga’ane Kumbuyo.Ithnk Mapastor Apeza Ntchito.

  179. Is he real himself? He just failed the USA election prediction and failed to justify himself over it. He is not comfortable with Bushiri because the man has taken centre stage.

    • He failed to predict the USA election, tell us what Bushiri prophesied & it came to pass??

    • mmm Mr Matthews Phisso,there are plenty of them that i cant tel you one by one.But i think you said that coz you’re far from his Prophetic Channel

    • Do you want to tell me that you believe this story. TB Joshua is not in a competition with anyone even Bushiri is not in competition with anyone. Only the followers who are causing division in the body of Christ

    • Joshua is afake prophet just lyk our own guy Bushiri

  180. Whether its a fake news but this is the reality,people are being robbed of their hard earned monies because of desperation,the bible makes it clear people should not give out of compulsion but out of revelation in their heart. Pastors are using old testament laws when it comes to giving they say if you do this the lord will bless you leaving out the element of grace. Jesus told his disciples that freely you have received free give .

  181. aaa fake ndi iyeyo zikugwirizana bwanj akulimbana ndi major 1 amafuna kwathu kusakhale munthu wa mulungu

  182. What about TB Joshua himself is he 100% ?

  183. He is fake prophet also , jerousy wawona kuti Bushiri wapotsa kkkkk

  184. THE WORLD of false prophecy remains incomplete without TB Joshua’s. he prophecised that Hillary Clinton will win the us presidency

  185. kodi kunigeria kulibe mavuto?anthu omwe amanamizila dzina la Mulungu kuti apeze zofuna zawo amandinyasa koopsa,one of them ndidala ameneyu.apangisa anthu kusiya kukhulupilira mawu aMulungu koma kukhulupilira iwowa.malemba amati ndi aneneri onyenga mumatsiku osiliza ano..mateyo24v24…..mavuto amabwela coz diziko lili manja mwasatana yemwe ndioipa1yohane5v19……amene azathese mavuto onse ndimwini wake Mulungu pomwe azalamulile dzikoli chivumbuluso21v3,4.

  186. Malawi 24 this is pur lies. Prophet TB Joshua never said those things. Please stop spreading your cheap lies.

    • Jesus Is Lord says:

      TB is a prophet… a FALSE prophet. Do not follow a man, follow Jesus Christ.

      Deuteronomy 18:18-22

      I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him. But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

      TB made loads of false prophecies. So guess what God thinks of him… mark him and avoid him!!! Let him be accursed!!!

  187. Hahahahaha

  188. Who is Joshua? safulumira sachedwa God will prvde asatisocheletse Joshua ndimaganizo ake.

  189. Receive! Recieve! Kaya mumatero eti tatiwuzeni,kkkkkk mmalo mokagwira ganyu uko, tatiwuzeni kuti weniweni ndi uti,receive kapena recieve kkkkk

  190. Aaah! Malawi 24 Monkebay Kkkk! Posachedwapa Timva Kt Kalonga

  191. Leave our fake clergy, they entertain us a lot. By the way, isn’t he (TBJ) fake himself?

  192. This guy is an oppotunist,,,bwanji sapanga reveal za boko haram,,,,he cn go ti hell ndi u *profit* wakewo

  193. Jesus Is Lord says:

    Whoa. TB Joshua is calling others false prophets?! After money?! Tuberculosis Joshua is the LAST one who should call out fake pastors!!!

    This is a man who claims to be a prophet and gets “special revelations from God” but failed to get told about his building collapsing; who got “special revelation from God” that Hillary Clinton was going to win the US elections; according to Deuteronomy 18:20-22, his inaccuracy means HE is a false prophet and in Biblical times would have been put to death!

    Fake pastors like TB Joshua are a cancer in Africa – milking gullible people, desperate for hope, out of loads of their money. Yes, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is God, salvation is by faith ALONE, get a KJV Bible and read it – but also beware of all the fakes who are using the name of Jesus to make money. TB Joshua, TD Fakes, Joyce Liar, Benny Sinn, Chris Oyakhilome, Shephard Bushiri, to name just a few. As the end times are upon us, more and more fakes shall come. Do not follow a person, follow Jesus!

    Finally, loads of information about TB Joshua and his lies, fake prophecies, failed prophecies…

  194. Popular Nigerian prophet TB Joshua has claimed that fake pastors and prophets are worsening poverty levels in Malawi, Malawi24 can report.Joshua who is also founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) sent the message through Apostle Linette Matope, founder of New Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Jecon) Pentecost Church, during their discussions at the Scoan in Nigeria.Apostle Matope left Malawi last year on December 27 through Chileka International Airport for Nigeria where she discussed several issues with TB Joshua in as far as spiritual life is concerned.

    After successfully landing at the same airport on January 5 this year, Apostle Matope in an interview with this reporter said her journey has been a successful one and Malawi can change from bad to good if Joshua’s advice is followed.She added that Joshua told her that the most worrisome thing is that Malawi, though being a God fearing country, is having more prophets and pastors who are not for salvation but are after money.

    “The journey has been a successful one. Joshua says Malawi is really a God fearing country but there are more prophets and pastors who are after money and not to serve which is disappointing. The man of God has urged people in the country to refrain from false prophets and pastors.“The other thing which Joshua told me to tell Malawians is the issue of fasting and praying in Mountains as the case at Soche Mountains. He says people should stop praying in mountains anyhow,” said Apostle Matope of Jecon.She added that it is disappointing that nowadays people are using God’s name as a source of money, a development which according to TB Joshua has contributed to poverty in Malawi.Joshua through Matope said the very worrisome thing is that these false prophets are forcing their followers to be paying a lot of money in church claiming that God was the first to give his son.According to Apostle Matope, Joshua is planning to come to Malawi this year on his tour of Southern Africa countries.

    • Thats a total lie!!!. Any information abouy a nation TB Joshua has always been saying you will hear it on Emmanuel TV, he has never said or send someone to speak for him concerning any nation. So amai wo ndia boza. Akufuna kungotchuka in the name of TB J kuti iwowo si a fake……

    • Amenewo ndimaganizo anu. Thanks for sharing.

  195. Jam Jafar says:

    Waona Yekha Kt Sangamake Kwa Wathuwathu, #Major anaphula wasanje ameneyo

  196. Apa ndi sanje yakula basi

  197. kkkkkkk…. He doesn’t knw Malawi well, r all Prophets in Nigeria true ones?

  198. You are one of them

  199. Kaya kumenekoooooo!!! tamagwilanani ufitiwo.

  200. aMalawi kupusa!! mumangot prophet prophet angakupasen chan????

  201. I Dont Believe Anyman Coming In The Name Of A Prophet

  202. Location Ya Malawi 24 Yavuta Apa Kkkkkkk

  203. Mxm as if he is real himself.

  204. Tasiya kugwira ntchito kumangoti “I receive “….mxiii ulandira chani? Go out and work!

  205. Ha!Ha! Malawi Was Born Poor And That Time We Ddnt Hav Even Single Prophet.


  206. Get out of here

  207. zilango za aneneri onse onyenga xikubwera

  208. No no no. Fake prophets are every where. Even in Nigeria.

  209. I’m going to the toilet but when I come back I need plenty of likes,thanks 😎

  210. baaaaaaaad

  211. Akunena zoona,ma prophet alerowa ongolalikura za chuma basi koma za ufumuwo ayi kuti tikalowa bwanji

  212. Wabvetsedwa za Major 1 Bushiri kuteloku imeneyi ndi nsanje eeish

    • Baibulo lanu mumawerenga chozondotsa eti

    • Iweyo ameneyo?

    • Munthu nzanu mukuti major 1,ndiye mulungu muziti ndani,ma ulaliki ongolalikira za chuma basi kkkkk,kodi za masiku otsiriza baibulo limati chani,major 1 munamuvapo atanenako verse ya mbaibulo olo imodzi yonena za chimaliziro cha dziko

    • Sumamutsataa, umangomvaa za iye pa Nyasa times basii.

    • iwe usakhale ngati kuti umamutsatira mateaching ake ngati ukufuna udziwe zambiri za major watch him online ngati uli smartphone wamva iwe

    • Pangani Chisinga
      u on point my brother that’s blasphemy …only God Is Major

    • Koma zomakusadukira usikuzo kutulo ndie ai major ndi mulungu osamasocheletsa anthu palibe major padziko lapansi tho ulaliki omatchula zachuma gwantundu wanji m’malo mowauza zolapa anthu ndimaonela prophetic channel koma palibe chimandisuntha coz ndimangomvapo za ulemelero ndi receive kodi nzoona ugalandire usanadzikhutule pamaso pa mulungu becareful mudzalandira nazo chitha anthu izi.remind u tili m’ma last days ano.

    • Vuto ndi lakuti amalawi ena muli ndi umboni wabodza, chabwino iyeyo ngati amatero kuti MAJOR 1 ine nditani?

    • Hehehe zala zili lende ukuti I receive ulandira lusifala kapena yesu koma nzaulendo uno ndithu.mau amati amadalitsa olimbika dzuka ukalime,kagwire ntchito ndipo mulungu akudalitsa kudzera muzochepa zomwe ukubezazo koma kumangoti I receive hehehe cobra iyoooooo I receive kkkkkkkk koma yes.

    • Sizikuvekatu izi ukuti chani?

  213. Following…

  214. God help Malawi…

  215. Not convincing, Compare between Malawi and Nigeria which of these two contains too much fake prophets ? Nigeria …. so I don’t believe this opinion infact there are a various reasons why Malawi is terribly surviving!

  216. Wabodza uyu kobasi

  217. he must go to hell right now. this is malawi & not nigeria. he is a false prophet ever.

  218. Is fake prophate is President of Malawi

  219. very true……..

  220. Malawi24 at Monkey Bay. while the post 2 mins Blantyre kkkkk

  221. I Agree With Man Of God.

    • We are all men&women of God,mumadzikayikira eti kapena ndinu wofowoka,mukunena nzanu kuti man of God inuyo ndi wandani

      • Jesus Is Lord says:

        Not true Pangani. We are all “sons of Adam” (meaning, simply human). If you believe on Jesus and get saved, you become a “child of God”. Or, if you become reprobate (rejected by God, this applies to people who hate and reject God so God rejects them) then you become a “child of Belial” (=child of Satan).

        Tuberculosis Joshua though, he is a child of Satan. He makes money by preaching lies, preaching a false works-based salvation, deliberately deceiving people. You have to be a special level of evil to do this.

    • I think this wani(emmy) is a man of Satan

    • Sometimes I Dont Want To Be Drawn To Argue With Pple Who Know Nothing About Spiritual Matters To Avoid Being Tempted By The Devil.

  222. lilih says:

    U are there busy gossiping.Olungama ndiye ndiinu..?

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