Fake pastors, prophets contributing to poverty in Malawi – TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua says Malawi’s poverty caused by fake prophets.

Popular Nigerian prophet TB Joshua has claimed that fake pastors and prophets are worsening poverty levels in Malawi, Malawi24 can report.

Joshua who is also founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) sent the message through Apostle Linette Matope, founder of New Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Jecon) Pentecost Church, during their discussions at the Scoan in Nigeria.

Apostle Matope left Malawi last year on December 27 through Chileka International Airport for Nigeria where she discussed several issues with TB Joshua in as far as spiritual life is concerned.

After successfully landing at the same airport on January 5 this year, Apostle Matope in an interview with this reporter said her journey has been a successful one and Malawi can change from bad to good if Joshua’s advice is followed.

She added that Joshua told her that the most worrisome thing is that Malawi, though being a God fearing country, is having more prophets and pastors who are not for salvation but are after money.

Apostle Linette Matope

Apostle Linette Matope delivered the message.

“The journey has been a successful one. Joshua says Malawi is really a God fearing country but there are more prophets and pastors who are after money and not to serve which is disappointing. The man of God has urged people in the country to refrain from false prophets and pastors.

“The other thing which Joshua told me to tell Malawians is the issue of fasting and praying in Mountains as the case at Soche Mountains. He says people should stop praying in mountains anyhow,” said Apostle Matope of Jecon.

She added that it is disappointing that nowadays people are using God’s name as a source of money, a development which according to TB Joshua has contributed to poverty in Malawi.

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Joshua through Matope said the very worrisome thing is that these false prophets are forcing their followers to be paying a lot of money in church claiming that God was the first to give his son.

According to Apostle Matope, Joshua is planning to come to Malawi this year on his tour of Southern Africa countries.

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