Beta slammed for poor coverage

Football fanatics in Malawi have slammed Beta TV for poor football coverage and failing to beam live over 15 remaining matches in the 2016 Tnm Super League which ended on 31st December, 2016.

According to information gathered by this publication, Malawians are disappointed with Beta television over failure to beam the last 15 matches played at the Kamuzu stadium in Blantyre.

Beta TV was awarded exclusive broadcasting rights to be covering Tnm Super League games in the just ended Malawi elite league but the station only showed a few matches during the second round of the league, something which dissatisfied many football fans.

Has come under fire!

At the start of the 2016 TNM Super League second round, Beta TV was supposed to pay K80 million to the teams but it was slashed to K40 million since the TV station started beaming the matches in the second round but according to reports the station is yet to make the payments to the teams.

In addition to that, most of the TV’s live coverage was met with problems like signal failure and the station was at times forced to repeat matches instead of showing live matches.

Beta television allegedly boasts of a state of art equipment like OB vans and world class cameras which are conducive for shooting football matches live but the television station only managed to show fewer Super League matches.

Malawi24 understands that currently there is a strike at the television station that also contributed to its failure to beam the remaining super league games.

Media reports also indicate that the station has not yet paid the bounty K266 Million for the rights.

Maneno Mtawali who is the station manager for the TV is quoted as having said tough economic conditions have been the reason for the delay.

Just in: Beta TV wins super league beaming rights

Meanwhile the Super League Association of Malawi (Sulom) has not made a statement on the matter despite receiving a lot of calls from some quarters of the Malawi football fraternity who wanted to know why Beta TV failed to beam the remaining matches in the just ended Super League season.

Beta TV was awarded the broadcasting rights to cover Super League matches from 2016 to 2018 after bidding for the rights at K266 million per season.

The station beat Matindi and Times TV who bid K37.5 million and K149.3 million respectively to win the rights.

This means that television stations intending to beam Super League matches have to acquire rights through Beta TV.




  1. This Company won the deal bcoz their was underground things btwn fam and them,Times tv was the Right tv station to be Given this deal but corruption rules the World.

  2. try Times tv next time these guys are more organized for sure masanje a betatv aja ndie anakwana kumangotionetsa mchenga kodi iwoaja akugwilitsabe analog?

  3. i don’t understand this so called tv. look at other tv stations they r doing great. anakupatsani lincense yo kaya ndi wakuti?

  4. i don’t understand this so called tv. look at other tv stations they r doing great. anakupatsani lincense yo kaya ndi wakuti?

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