Mzuni students invite God to intervene in varsity closure

Faith clubs from Mzuzu University (Mzuni) are conducting prayers for God to intervene in the closure of the institution.

According to a student at the college, members of SCOM and other different dominations have been conducting the prayers since Friday last week.

This comes at a time the institution is facing numerous challenges including prolonged closure.

Mzuni remains closed.

Students from the institution are just rotting at home, hopelessly lost in confusion over whether authorities will mull over reopening the college soon.

“I belong to SCOM, and we think where our wisdom as students ends, is where God’s wisdom starts. We therefore gather everyday seeking for his intervention,” said the student who pleaded for anonymity for security reasons.

According to the student, though the school is closed Mzuni SCOM members who live in Mzuzu are still meeting for prayers.

“Likewise members of CCAP and other churches. We pray together and we believe our God is a God of possibilities. Everything will be possible,” she added.

The university was closed in November last year following a sit-in by lectures and support staff who are demanding a pay hike.

However, up to now responsible authorities in government seem not to be responding positively to the demands and the striking team is equally adamant on the decision to boycott duties.

As for the university’s chancellor, President Peter Mutharika, he already distanced himself from the issue.

He publicly said issues surrounding the closure of Mzuni are none of his concern and should be dealt with by the university’s council.

Of late, public universities have suffered and are still suffering numerous problems including frequent closure.




    1. I would advise em to just follow right procedures! Or just hold demos rations to carry their point home! Otherwise nkumuyesa Mulungu uku

  1. God cannot help Malawi with it’s numerous problems this inclusive, problems whose roots emanate from bad government policies. He gave us a chance in 2012 and 2014 we blew it for that suffering is necessary to gain some life lessons. Carry on.

  2. Ndi mmene zimakhalira boma likamayendesedwa ndi mbava zokhazokha inu mkumawombera mmanja nthungululu ndi ng’oma zimatero ma sch kusekedwa mzipatala mankhwala nje mages madzi kuvuta malipiro a anthu ogwira ntchito m’boma kuchedwa zimatero ndithu mmalo moti tichitepo kanthu timangokhala chete mantha too much osat ulemuyi, kunena zoona dziko lathu linaima mu second term ya Bingu 1st term yake dziko limaoneka kut lanyamuka ndithu ndipo likuyenda chonchi chonchi koma sec term ija linaima kubwera masten amafuna kut linyamukeso koma limkangozigwededza chabe kubwera prof eish chonena ine ndilibe like a song of Dr joseph Alufazima: Dzuka malawi dzuka dis is 2017 omenyera ufulu sadyelera koma ana anu ndi zidzukulu zanu mwina zingazakhale mdziko losangalala

    1. It can be worse – Malawi may be poor but still has humility and morals in place. Overseas people have money, modern-conveniences, but all manner of extreme evil is legal and the land is defiled.

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