Cancer Centre construction to begin end January


Ministry of Health has assured people in the country that construction of the Cancer Centre in Lilongwe will start by the end of this month.

According to the Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume, money amounting to US$13.5 million has been set aside for the centre while land has also been found.

Peter Kumpalume

Kumpalume: Has confirmed of the news.

“We want to inform the nation that government is going to construct a Cancer Centre in the country and by the end of this month the construction will start,” said Kumpalume.

Kumpalume said government is going to fulfil what it promised on the Cancer Centre as the number of people in need of chemotherapy is increasing.

When completed, the centre will make it possible for Malawians to get cancer treatment within the country, cutting costs government incurs when it sends some patients outside the country for treatment.

Statistics show that 1,600 women and girls in the country  die of cervical cancer with 2,300 new cases yearly whilst breast cancer remains unknown to many women due to lack of awareness.

Many cancer patients die without getting proper treatment while a few get the opportunity of being treated outside the country.