No rest for thieves: maize traders storm Admarc offices demanding K298m


It is now not raining but rather pouring for Admarc as local maize traders have opted to hold vigils at the corporation’s head offices in Blantyre to force the parastatal pay for the staple grains it bought locally.

According to the traders, Admarc owes them K298 million for the maize they supplied to the parastatal.

More trouble for Admarc.

Speaking on the local press, one of traders Samuel Jere said Admarc has been delaying payment to the traders a development which he described as “worrisome”.

He disclosed that Admarc has failed to pay him K31 million for the maize he supplied in October last year.

“I have been coming here since last week so that I can get my payment but they kept on delaying. I am from Lilongwe others are from Mangochi and Kasungu and we wait to show to them that we really need our money,” said Jere.

The traders have since vowed not to leave the offices until they have a full payment from Admarc.

Admarc officials are yet to give a comment on the matter.

The development comes at a time when Admarc has been taken to task over transaction made during the procurement of maize from Zambia.



  1. Foster Mulumbe’s reputation is in tatters. The best Peter Mutharika should do to protect his reputation is to immediately suspend Mulumbe. Peter Mutharika needs to appreciate that increasing the price of maize from K5000 to K12500 is being very harsh and insensitive.

  2. Munthu Wina Adalemba Pa Shop Kut:umphawi Kupatsa Nzeru.Amalawi Tili Pa Umphawi M’mgawo Ambiri Omwe Sndngathe Kutchula Chfkwa Chochuluka.Zomwe Akuchta Omwe Tdawasankha Kut Atyimile,akutpatsa Nzeru Zot Tdzagwiritse Ntchto Pa 2019 Election.Zkundiwawa Ngat Tsabola Wa Nali Zomwe Akuchtaz.Idzadziwe Nd Sefa Pa 2019

  3. There is price in pride. Just a few months ago the crazy minister, Chaponda was boastfully saying he had flooded the country with maize. Had he known! He is now sinking in the maize floods.

  4. A Malawi ife bas u mphawi tinauzolowera zomwe timkafuna zija ndi zimenezi ndipo ichi ndi chiyambi chabe zazikulu zikubwela,,, Nthawi ya campaign muzitengekanso kwa omwewa,, zilimbike wekha matsiku ano bas ngakhale ma president wa akukokera ku mbali yawo za anthu osauka alibe nazo nthito

  5. Imagine this people suffered bcz of Stupid fool Chaponda and his team.Malawians lets come 2ger and unite dnt trust this people anymore,If they want us to trust them!,George Chaponda must must stp dwn with his team and our President must do something to them to ensure malawians dat noone above someone.

  6. Kwagwa fisi kwaterera koma siizi.ADMARC has alot of money .The government could ask people to sell their maize to ADMARC why did it fail to pay them?Then just return the maize to the owners to sell pa black market.Osamuyamba dala munthu kuti akafunsa zake awoneke woipa ndipo apolice amuthire tear gas.Boma ilo boma ilo.

  7. A Malawi tinazolowela kuzunzika pa zathu zomwe komanso kudedeluka nthawi ya campaign ngati ochenjela…let’s unite and stand with one word that politicians should not take us for granted

  8. yet hon Chaponda is paid within weeks once his trucks (“chaponda investment”) ferry maize to bangula in nsanje and other parts of malawi.

  9. Why is it taking too long to pay those traders as if the loaned money wasn’t given to them,its all about dubious arrangents within a rotten system.

  10. SLEEP THERE ADMARC HAS A LOT OF MONEY K10bn for kick backs but failing to pay k298mn these are the reforms we were waiting for and to remove the word “envy”from Michael Sauka s poem why????

  11. I told you that malawians people are very dull. If our country zambia can manage to swindle u $36m in a maize gvt to gvt deals. And your gvt is stil sleeping. Whilest u guys hollowing in perpetual poverty. wake up imwe, the sun is scorching

  12. Ukaziputa limba, Tsoka likalimba umakuotcha ndi mkute. Za weni salowa mnkhokwe. Khala chete msozi siyituluka…. kwinako.. a a. aaa. ..ujeni. … ujeni… heheheeee … ndayiwalaaaa kkkkkkkk. .. Musayiwale eni chimanga mwapatse zawo basi.

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