With DPP, Malawi will become a heaven – Jappie Mhango

Jappie Mhango
Jappie Mhango
Mhango: Becoming vocal.

Malawi’s rogue minister of transport and public works Jappie Mhango has assured the citizenry that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is planning to turn the country into a paradise.

Mhango made the remarks recently when addressing people in Rumphi on some of the plans DPP has stored for Malawians.

He said much as some critics are deliberately launching smear campaign against the ruling party, Malawians must never lose hope in the present President Peter Mutharika.

“We know some are deliberately confusing you with false information containing the negative side of our government, but never get worried, DPP is the only party that has your welfare at heart,” he said.

Jappie Mhango not yet done with the North

Mhango further assured people in the northern region that the present administration has great plans to develop the northern region in all aspects.

He cited the example of Mombera University and Rumphi TTC as some of the notable developments that will commence very soon.

“A lot of road networks and hospitals will come here. Nobody should cheat you that DPP is sidelining the northern region,” he added.

When pressed on the remarks he made about the inability of northerners to win the presidency, Mhango repeated that so long as politics is a game of numbers northerners will never rule Malawi.

He then urged the northerners to support parties that have already made names in the country.

“Let’s just support DPP for development to continue flowing in Malawi,” he said.



  1. Kkkkkkkk i think this mhango is mad cause a normal person won’t say that while malawi is burning please jost shut your dirty mouth

  2. describe heaven? >>>> in malawi , aplace in earth where by most youths are thugs,a place where government wants people to invest alas how can some one invest in a country of no electricity apange invest manyi chani fuck mr phwii zazazamkamwa

  3. Basi wina ali phee kumvetsera zopusazi mkumavomereza mwachinyengo koma pansi pa mtima ndikumadziwa ndithu kuti zinamuvuta mkuluyu kuyendetsa dzikoli MCHIYANI A MALAWI ??? Open ur eyes pliz ndikale lija anayamba kukuvinitsani ndi mabodzali

  4. But the opposite is true, be honest tell people the truth u can’t make it a paradise when u re still stealing tax payers money bt one thing for sure God is watching u

  5. Jappie mhango !! we have seen you , and also we have heard you . I want to remind you that there were people before you but they all went !! kumbukilaninso kuti a president mukunyadilawo Ali ndi nthawi yoyikika ndipo tsiku adzakhala munthu wamba . Jappie mhango !! Jappie mhango !!! Jappie mhango !!! How many times have l called you ?? Take care !!! Malawians are not stupid .

  6. A political drunkard who has been intoxicated with ministerial positions I suppose. It isn’t a surprise to me hearing him talking about the north not able to produce a president.

  7. This z true but only when he fires those pple seen to put much emphasis on enriçhing themselves or those trying to paint our prty blàck with their coŕrupt undertakings,this z possible.

  8. Cimunthu Cacikulu Cimutu Cacikulu Kumaakhula Mopusa Basi ………….Liti Lomwe Zthu Zdzaambe Kuenda Bwino Ndi Boma Lakubali?………….

  9. some of these people, they dont deserve to be ministers/ leaders… nde nkupeza wina kumati zoona bwanaaa, nkumaombela mmanja kkk! heaven? no power kkk

  10. Tikamalankhula atsogoleri muziyag’ana Kaye kuti Kofi misinzi ya aMalawi yasiya kutulika kapena poti mwakhutakhuta ndi ma cashgate and mwasowa chokamba ndiye muzinyenga osawukafe kuti fwefwefwe. Zopusa

  11. Jappie ndiwe Chitsiru ndipo umuuzenso amene akukutumayo kuti nonse Asatana. kuli maiko okongola kuja kuno koma sanafamizirepo ndikumwamba wamva? ukufuna chani chimene akuamike nachocho? Mmene anthu tikuvutikilamu ndikaboma KANU ka mbava zokha zokha ka ungamalankhule zopusa ngati zimenezo? mwana wanjoka iwe , ngati sukudziwa aise anthu pano anatopa ndipo anakwiya ukamalankhula usamalankhule ngati uli ku toilet wamva apatu watembenuza iweyo ndipo chomwe umafuna kunena iweyo sizimenezo ndikukonze wamva umafuna kunena kuti ma plan adpp akufuna dziko lino likhale ngati Gahena osati zonama zako ukuwanamiza Abwana akowo, mwina sukudziwa chomwe Malawi Ali panopa, usamalankhule ngati ukulankhula ndikuseri kwa lilime wamva, paja mmai unjanso ankalankhulanso zopusa ngati ukulankhula iwezi ndikuuze usanyozetse anthu akumpoto wamva, ena ndiwozindikila osati ngati Bakhawe. Muziona ndika DPP kanuko Asatana eni eni

  12. DPP: club of thieves
    APM: chief of th…….
    G. CHAPONDA: crossborder maize thief
    S. CHILIMA: Sooth sayer
    JAPPI: messanger of thieves

  13. The worst leaders ever. Peter and your cabinet. U must b stupid n u r just dogs. U hv failed to run the country. Now malawi is said to b the poorest country . Why can’t u just resign u toads

  14. Koma Jappie ameneyu bwanji? misala kapena kuledzera? penapake anthu aku rumphi ndinu omvetsa chisoni kwambiri, zoona munthu angamakutukwaneni inu muli phwiii! kkkkkk MP waku Rumphi ndi Kamlepo basi!!

  15. After saying all these things (comments), what do you think can the government do to fix all the things you say are in a mess. We are all Malawians including our leaders, lets offer solutions to the problems we are facing as a country not only criticising.

  16. Paradise where people eat mice & grasshoppers after stealing. Maize gate aka Chaponda, Cash gate, mid night Six, Hapuwani……., high inflation rate, Lake Malawi wrangle, Murekezi.com, Aniva, Blackouts All night Everyday, dry taps, etc in Paradise? ?????

  17. Ajappie Mwafuntha?Muwe Nasoni Pakuyowoya Look At Ur Area Mhuju Wachitapo Vichi?Lekani Kuyimilira Pachiduli Pala Imwe Mukukhuta,stop Talking Nosense!! Low Voltage Yasuzga Mmutu Etiii!!

  18. Ajappie Mwafuntha?Muwe Nasoni Pakuyowoya Look At Ur Area Mhuju Wachitapo Vichi?Lekani Kuyimilira Pachiduli Pala Imwe Mukukhuta,stop Talking Nosense!! Low Voltage Yasuzga Mmutu Etiii!!

  19. Padzana Adanyoza Kuti Kumpoto Sikudzapezekapo Mtsogoleri Wadziko Lino Lero Ndiuyu Akulankhulaso Zopanda Pake Kodi Mkulu Ameneu Adabadwa Bwanji? Paja Otereu Mumati Chindere Chakufwikapo?

  20. mr mhango tamangodyani zimene mukubazo,we are already in hell then mukuyankhulanso mopusa!chindele libwe khuni likusunkhanyika nadi!!!

  21. Sometimes its Good to keep quiet when you don’t have content to speak Mr. JM. Just to go to the river and repeat ur statement. And see how frogs Will rough at YOU.


  23. People like Jappie are the ones misleading the president. Pliz APM don’t listen to comments like these from Jappie. Listen to the multitude,,,, DPP is crumbling!!!

  24. #Jappie! What ar u tryin to say my man? Hw many years dd Dpp rule Malawi? Why dnt u guys turn up to Paradise? 3 questions mst b answered, if your president gave u somethin u beta sit in your hous en eat tht thing u hv given: Dnt come en shit on us we’re nt a toilet oky? Your voice sounds like someone who feel a toilet bt he doesn’t knw where he cn shit,, let me assure u guyz today’ this next comin elections Dpp wl b fired whether u lik or nt tavutika nkale we need things to change cos kudzuzidwa tikudzuzidwa amalawife even God knws en he is watching u guys once he get angry things wl become wes..

  25. Please don’t think we are all children. How can Malawi become Paradise? Hahaha Paradise of blackouts, hunger, unemployment, lowered education, shortage of medicines in its hospitals koma tazilankhulani zomveka.

  26. U dont knw wat u are talking abt .pipo are starving ,failing to access nececity of life.only u n dpp gurues u are enjoying our tax payers money.

  27. Jappie don’t be too hungry for a position Is this how you make your bosses happy so that they should not demote you? everyone knows how dpp is running this country infact you are taking our country from paradise to hell

  28. What did Saulosi Chilima say.This is a he goat.He thinks of gaining favour where things have gone sour before Chaponda and Peter.Malawians know for sure of where we are and where this government is leading Malawi to.Shame on you Jappie whats so special can you tell has been done in your home area.We know you and your home.Dont cheat on people.

  29. Malawians why do we always put fingers to each other? I dnt get it instead of finding ways of resolving our problems we r busy fighting while other pipo r geting rich in our midst plyz lets help our government this whole thng well cme to an end if we came together

    1. I guess you are a foreigner.Only malawians knows the bitterness of chloroquin, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. Only DPP 0fficials benefited from this party led by APM. Saulos Chilima once said Malawian we better stop thinking its time to act and stop applauding every aspect thatthe government is doing. and you are busy praising this shit of government. One day you’ll be told that the world is flat by APM and you’ll agree yet you know the answer

    2. What am saying is change ur thinking dnt look bck and go forward coz what happen has happen i knw u hurt DPP 4 not giving any changes against chaponda so let justice be saved STOP pointing fingers

  30. hahahaha even my 90year grandfather can rough at this joke, you cant compare heaven nd malawi mr mhango,mukakhuta ma offoz musamalalate nthabwala zanuzo mwamva ngat mukulankhula inorder to protect ma udindo anu mudzilankhulira mmakwanu not the pooq malawians

  31. This guy is talking rubbish & u think Malawians r idiots we will see u in 2019,pple r suffering bcoz of your corruption but u r telling us nonsense

  32. Proffessor A PM akusinthadi zinthu mtima uli mmalo anthu akumva naye kukoma ndipo 2019 ndi land slide kale osati akanganya osawona zabwino inu apa FB party and mulesi kudandaula ziri zonse chonsecho ambirinu simunamuvotere APM tidavota tokha ndipo tizamvoteranso tokha sitikunyengerera munthunso ayi Jappie Mhango adavutika yekha and iyeyo ali ndi vision anyapapi a FB party DPP woyeeeeeeeee

  33. Nonsense how can they?hw can they while they are busy stealing money for buying maize to help the most poor malawians,fuckcess

  34. Mbuzi Yopanda mano kusi ndiye Mhango.
    Mupite kwai mukaoneko, kuti iyeyo muutsogoleri wache wa Dead Peoples Party, kwasintha?
    Anathawaso anamanga ku Mzuzu, kulibe mseu, mipopi, masukulu chipatala kukachiona chipatala mapatients akuwakweza njinga mwina wheelbarrow.
    Nchifukwa chache mmodzi woonetsetsa zinthu, dzanali anati a Malawi ndife otengeka kwakanthawi.
    Iwe khalira Dead People’s Party yakoyo, chipani cha banja la a Mtalika.

  35. Attention seekers, you failed us…we ain’t kids anymore, its high time now, soon gonna send you where all scrap belongs..


  37. Awa akufanana ndi Aneneri wonyenga womwe akumawalalikira wanthu kuti perekani chopereka uremelero wanu uli kumwamba pomwe iwowo wawo akumawonera pasi panu.

  38. Don’t mind jappie Mhango I know him he was having a problems of nkhunyu Ali mwana so is turning his madness to us

  39. Useless compaign words from a useless and brainwashed, bootlicker minister who is a shame for a northerner to utter such words!

  40. Lies, Lies, Lies!!! When shall people stop telling lies? A Malawi, bodza lokha ndiye mumalitha zedi. Commodity prices ve gone up 20 times within a period of 10 years. Paradise? My foot

  41. Dpp will turn Jeppie Mhango family into paradise not Malawi as a nation.Mhango is only a bread seeker through propaganda campaign.

  42. Yes it will be Paradise for making Mk5000 note then Mk10000 note that’s what he know,Even know that are suffering shame on u Mr DPP,

  43. Mhango usamayankhule zachibwana sure. Ukuwona ngati zinthu ziribwino ndichipani choyipa ngati chimenechi mbava zokhazokha. Akulangani Mulungu muwona

  44. Koma Minister uyu ndiye ndi wobalalika heavy. Amakondwa kwambiri mapeto ake amangoyankhula ngati wosuta chamba. Posachedwapa si yemweyinso wayankhula zakuti kumpoto kwawoko sikungatuluke president wadziko? Anthu ngati awa ndi amene akumamutukwanitsa president chifukwa choyankhula mofoila. Osamakhala ngati Henry Mussa bwanji? Sapupuluma kapena kuyankhula zanu zopeperazo.

  45. Hahahaha what fuck this guy is talking about? Somebody is dreaming here , a Paradise really? how can you change Malawi into a Paradise yet your government is full of thieves?


  47. A paradise with a stling people lke Chaponda and his team?,hw can be a paradise bt u dnt care abt malawians.People suffered bcz of u officials.Wat kind of paradise are you talking abt?.Stop tlking nonses to malawians and nt say it again.U think Malawians are STUPID to hear nonses lke this.

  48. We don’t need this type of politicians in Malawi.they speak as talking to std one kid. Do you paradise? Why shut up and enjoy our tax. Look at what you have done as mp to Rumphi specifically ( mhuju ,nkhombole,ntchena-chena,Lura, phoka khondowe.) Look at chiweta Mlowe kamlepo is doing. Shem akulu in government. Don’t cheat Malawian better stay quite like these others

  49. No Swt without sweat.let the President formulates good procedures after first phace start to complain.I believe Malawi soon will be Paradise. I warn u that don’t look after one another .pray for changes

    1. Mind you, let’s put political support aside this country is in total troubles due to this regime. I voted for DPP now my own finger is piercing and stinging me.

    2. start making changes around ur self guYs ,we all leaders but we can’t just see that…the month we devid the mo we fall..

  50. pathako panu nonse a ddp, ambuye andikhululukire koz ndatukwana mwandikwiyitsa zedi momwe mukuberamu mungamayankhule za khutu mwanu, anthu akuzuzika kunjaku koz vo u agalu okubanu

  51. I regret to have born in a region where this stupid n idiot Minister comes from! He z is worse Minister Malawi has ever had! Mr President y dd u choose ds stupid man?

  52. Where were you some 7 years ago when the same DPP was saying Malawi has developed beyond recognition but today you are struglelin to fix it right. No merit in some of you, he better fire you APM.

  53. Nonse amene mukupanga coment ndi inu anzeru ndithu koma mind u this is dpp’s time lets them ndizocheza zomwe mpaka osagona tulo

  54. And for starters, for the first time ever, don’t forget, it is under this visionary leadership when Malawi has beaten all the odds to become the world’s poorest country. Kkkkkk

    Does that show we are becoming a heaven? Unemployment rate is extremely high with so many graduates; universities are closing down with no solutions in sight as to when they will open; we value corruption more, we can have five lakes, more streams and rivers but can complain of hunger due to lake of rain; No wonder yhe country’s Veep says we shouldn’t be like this handclapper in praising failed policies and mediocrity. Kkkkkkk

  55. We are still getting donor funds, stop lying. The only difference is we are getting them off budget.

    If we were to live without donor funds, who could have bought most of the maize for relief in mosyly southern region where maize failed and also there were floods? Who could have bought drugs in hospitals? What about support for malaria and Hiv and Aids?

    Don’t spite donors who are by the way pumping more funds into our economy. How you forgotten the huge sums of4 money that were pumped into the health ministry but sadly ministry of health employees cashgated?
    Tell me who is funding the electricity under millenium challenge Account? Open your eyes and do not buy every lie my brother….

  56. Ok, we are not against your next time you may do your job secretly and nicely we are tired of yuor empty promises and being abussive with those those big words. Our ears have heard a lot than those our eyes have seen we now fad up. Stop fooling people in the name of God I beg

  57. Nduna ya misala ikayankhula zamisala amati ndi chining’a koma kapunthabuye akayankhula zanzeru amati wapenga. This is the natural segregation that we experience. Only when we realise that being a minister isn’t a sign of being normal will we stop clapping hands for such insane creatures. I feel it’s high time we changed leadership. We should make sure leaders are accountable for their wrongdoings.

  58. With prof APM palibe zokayikisa apapa as being visional,progresive, africa statesman,first to run the country w/o donor budgetal suport bt zonse zikuyenda hon japie sakunama tisiye sanje/ufiti amalawi

    1. We are still getting donor funds, stop lying. The only difference is we are getying thrm offbudget.

      If we were to live without donor funds, who could have bought most of the maize for relief in mosyly southern region where maize failed and also there were floods? Who could have bought drugs in hospitals? What about support for malaria and Hiv and Aids?

      Don’t spite donors who are by the way pumping more funds into our economy. How you forgotten the huge sums of4 money that were pumped into the health ministry but sadly ministry of health employees cashgated?
      Tell me who is funding the electricity under millenium challenge Account? Open your eyes and do not buy every lie my brother….

    2. Koma shaaaaa ndithu amalawi tinapundukadi truly kulephera kuyamika momwe the leader is strugling to change manyiwo na phusizo zomwe zalekeleka 4 the past 50yrs sorry sorry

    3. amakhala kunja amenewa, ndi 2000 yawo apangayi mmm mavuto okhaokha… cost of living is so harsh, and u say dpp is doing great mmm… mukunamatu inu, mwina inu zikukuyendela. go ku mudzi and u will see. K600 per day for public works isnt enough.. ma salaries are too low against cost of living, much of money imatha just for consuption no much chitukuko. tinamizanepo apa sizikuyenda.

  59. Paradise ???????? Hahahahah what a joke ? Malawi now is at number 1 to the poorest countries and u come to say this no sense idiot, son of the bitch. Malawians have never seen their economy worsen like this, u must close ur mounth otherwise u will be stoned to death

  60. Jappie, if you said DPP will turn Malawi into a haven of thieves and fraudsters, I will agree. Because this is what the country is slowly turning into. Look at for example the Chaponda maize saga and the endless list of cases of theft of public money by DPP politicians and cronies. Shame

  61. Kkk! Mwana Mbuu Make Mbuu. Dzana Mdaz Yake Imat Pofika 2019 Sipadzakhala Mseu Wafumbi Kkkkk Lero Mwana Akut Chan? Hahahaha! Kkk.Chamba Chosutra Ku Bele Et? Tziona.

  62. zachison a jappie mutisonyeze chimene munapangapo chitengelen boma?zokamba zako ndizonyasa kuposa munthu wina aliyense muno m’malawi may be u should go mental chakeup

  63. To hell with japie may be is crazy malawi is in big trouble under DPP. I wonder which paradise may be paradise of corruption fotsek japie Mhango

  64. Stop mocking Malawians like that you motherfucker…

    No one misses your voice

    how can a failed government turn this fucking country into a paradise???

    I think the problem is that you dont know the meaning of the word “paradise”

  65. This guy is pouring acid on bruised of malawians.May be he is in Amarica not malawi.If you dont know how to speak remain silent malawians will swallow you alive.

  66. Stop mocking Malawians like that you motherfucker…

    No one misses your voice

    how can a failed government turn this fucking country into a paradise???

    I think the problem is that you dont know the meaning of the word “paradise”

    1. His problem is that he has to appease the powers that be to continue being part of the loot.
      He is someone who went to school but acts dumb just to bootlick. This Rumphi guy eish

  67. Plz send Jappie mhango to zomba mental hospital,something is wrong with him,before its too late.misala yobwera ku ukulu imakhala yovuta

  68. A DPP mukutizinga ndima phokoso bwanji,tikuvutika athu ife ,u r just good poyakhula zabwino.our president z surrounded with thieves,look maize scandal chaponda has pocketed maizegate money ,he z busy talking bustard on media to defend himself.this z one reason de poor become poorer de rich become more.

  69. Wakhuta cashgate nya dpp, nthawi ikubwera uzaonekera chouluka chizatera,ukatambtamba uzi yaghana ku mawa kungakuchele. Tinali ndi chihana,bakili,kamuzu,ndundudzu bingu,jb,chenda,kachibwinda,abusa,chibambo kamupunga .

  70. hahah funny,,,,,,a paradise with no electricity + water?,,,,,a paradise where people are too broke to even feed themselves?………a paradise where the youths jus stay home coz they cant find a job en colleges+universities are closed? what kinda paradise is that ❗❓❓❓❓❓i’d rather live in hell …

  71. Wch malawi r u taking and wch DPP , stop ur nosence to malawian just wait 2019 ndipomwe muzaziwe kufunuka qanthu anthu opanda pake inu cisoni bwanji mukamanena zoputsazi.

  72. somthing i trusted when i was voting for DPP in power……but now i can agree wth you that only you in power ” DPP officials ” will make the heaven of your own and leave the citizen inmajority in the hell formed by your policies, selfishness and inhuman…I REST MY CASE


  74. Koma ameneyu nyiniyake ndi akuziwa zomwe anthu akumana nazo DPP ndiye chani zachamba muzane kuti mwalephela kusamala anthu choti muziwe munawina chifukwa cha Bingu kupanda apo chanu panalibe koma inuyo ziwani kuti palibe amene akufunani ai mwalephela

  75. He needs to undergo some brain tests I suggest…No one in his nomal condition can say that..I guess you misqouted him, he must be talkng about Hell not Paradise

  76. This is last term for him in Parliament he was once chased in rumphi due to his bad acts.
    Komaso ada awa geri mulibe mziwa khululukila

  77. Sakunama mhangoyo koma kungoti mahaters adpp ndi aziwanda !! Dpp z popular & powerful than Allah!! While mcp ndiya belezebulu ( mkulu wa ziwanda ) !!

  78. This monkey lik creature bwanj amangoyankhula zopusa? Wch heaven a yu talkin abt..muzaliratu aphwanga one day amalawi titakuukiran

    1. Wonder wat these niggas are smoking these days bro,,,they’re taking us for flipping idiots but tell u wat they are making their own bed of thorns time wil tell

  79. Mukakhuta ma whiskey mukumakamba chipongwe. Mwati chuma chikuyenda ifetu tili khwakhwakhwa. Goes Lucius Banda’s song.

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