Malawi24 Upclose: get to know Provoice


In this exciting episode of Upclose, Lyonike Mughogho talks to Lilongwe based reggae dancehall artist Provoice whose killer verse in Ritaa’s Down has become a point of discussion for those in love with the genre.

Lyonike: Who is Provoice?

Provoice: My real name is Lameck Mwenebanda, born on 8th July 1993 in a family of 4, I have an elder brother and two kid sisters, am a CCAP Christian, I attended a number schools.

Provoice talsk to Malawi24 Upclose.

Lyonike: When did you venture into music?

Provoice: I started music in 2005 that’s when an interest grew but I started recording in 2011, a year in which my first single was made.

Lyonike: Under what motivation did u get married to the game?

Provoice: I was motivated to do music when I was in secondary school, we used to have variety shows so we could come up with a song just to perform at the show.

Lyonike: Who influenced you to do reggae dancehall?

Provoice: There was a Dancehall group back then called Badman’s Family, one of the members, John Sauti Phiri, is the one who influenced me to do Reggae/ Dancehall, they used to have freestyle sessions at their place so I would go there to watch until I drop my 8bars that’s when John said you are good, you can be a great Reggae/Dancehall Artist if u can be serious though I don’t think he remembers this (laughs)

Lyonike: Any album?

Provoice: Yeah I have an extended play out released last year titled Warrior. Lyonike: Are there any top musicians and producers you’ve worked with so far?

Provoice: I have worked with a lot of artists and producers both local and international. Internationally I have worked with Nyanda from the Jamaican Reggae Duo (Brick n Lace), and Ras Zion from Jamaica as well, locally I have worked with artists like Gwamba, Malinga Mafia, Nesnes, Sangie, Saint, Nepman just to mention a few. On producers I have worked with Cuff B, DJ Sley, Sispence, BFB, Janta, Stich Fray, Trumel, Chycoon and Henwood.

Lyonike: Which musicians inspire you both locally and internationally?

Provoice: Locally it’s the late Evison Matafale, and Lulu who is such a great vocalist and to me he is a complete musician, internationally it’s the late Bob Marley as well as the likes of Konshens, Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Mavado, the list goes on.

Lyonike: They say Lilongwe is the home of dancehall in Malawi, what’s your take on this?

Provoice: I can say it’s true because a lot of active and relevant Reggae/Dancehall artists are Lilongwe based.

Lyonike: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years and what do you think the future holds for local reggae dancehall?

Provoice: As I said, I have collaborated with artists from outside Malawi as such I see myself going international with my music. The future of Reggae / Dancehall is so bright as we have witnessed in recent years a number of top international Reggae/Dancehall acts performing here in Malawi, this helps to inspire, mentor and groom local artists in the same genre.

Lyonike: Any big projects coming that you may want Malawians to know about?

Provoice: Yes I will be releasing a new song this month which I featured Macelba, it’s titled Ankaseka, I will also be shooting videos from Warrior EP.

Lyonike: off music what are your hobbies?

Provoice: Listening to Music tops it all, others are travelling, watching and playing football, and playing video games.

Lyonike: Well it’s been nice talking to you Provoice.

Provoice: Thank you.