Govt urged to improve Malawi economy


The Youth and Society (YAS) has urged government to make sure that the economy of the country is improving so that Malawians should live a sustainable life.

Charles Kajoloweka

Charles Kajoloweka: More needs to be done to change Malawi’s situation.

Youth and Society Executive Director Charles Kajoloweka said the country is still going through problems such as poor electricity supply which has crippled the public sector as well as all Malawians.

”The country is still going through problems such as poor supply of water and energy supply which has affected the whole public sector as well as small businesses,” said Kajoloweka.

He added that there is also high lending rate which is making it hard for people to get loans from banks so that they start small scale businesses.

Kajoloweka further said that it is hard at the moment to predict a good future for the country unless the country looks at the micro factors.

According to him, corruption is still rampant in the country which is making it hard for many Malawians.

He also said that corruption is a very critical issue which need consultative efforts to deal with as it is crippling the country’s economy.

Kajoloweka has since called on the youth in the country to help government to be accountable so that things should start   going in the right direction.




  1. Which Government official did you meet and discuss this?sometimes you just write to entertain your donors for more funding to pump your stomaches.

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