Madman shot after he stole police officer’s gun

A police officer at Tengani police unit in Nsanje district has in the wee hours of today been stabbed by a mentally disabled man who broke into his house and stole a firearm.

Other officers who responded to the break in exchanged fire with the mentally challenged man and shot him.

Nsanje Police Station Deputy Officer in Charge Superintendent Andrew Jere has confirmed the development and identified the stabbed officer as Sergeant Francis Mkandawire who is also officer in- charge for Tengani police unit.

According to Superintendent Jere, the mentally ill person terrorised some households in Chikunkhu village in the area of Senior Chief Tengani in the district before he stormed police officers’ houses at Tengani police unit.

Upon arrival at the unit, the man broke into the house of Sergeant Mkandawire where he stabbed him with a knife before stealing a firearm from the house.

Sergeant Mkandawire screamed for help from fellow police officers who came and exchanged fire with the man.

However, in the course of crossfire the mentally ill person was shot on the leg and he fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, both the police officer and the mentally ill-person have been admitted at Nsanje District Hospital.



    1. Umafuna nditani? Sunazindikirebe mpaka pano? Ndimthawi yoti osalafe kumaona zofooka zanthu coz aliense axapita kumaipa kutsogola.chipanda 4n kapena fb munakadziwa kuti kulinji? Asisi ganizani musanalankhule

  1. Hajira…stop crying…I will compensate you…are you married?

  2. How can a mad person plan to break into a a building with the sole aim of stealing a particular item and singling a building he can steal that item from? How did he know how to fire? To stab the owner to get his way? I bet this person is not really mad but only pretending to get his way without being punished. Well done Police for shooting this criminal.

  3. Choona mukuchidziwa but simukamba.ndimlongo wanga, ndimuthu woti anali ku south Africa (cape town) koma anatengedwako anayamba misala, lero pa 5january wayambana ndi munthu wabwinobwino, ndie munthu uja anapita ku police kokanena.wapolice uja anamutenga wamisalayo kukamba nae nkhani, kunali kusanvesesana wapolice anatenga mfuti kumuwombera wamisalayo.nae wamisalayo analanda, wapolice analowa nyumba kutenganso wina mfuti kuyamba kumuwombera ngati galu .munthu yo wamwalira kuchipalatala.woyamba kubadwa kwathu

  4. Mad people are becoming hostile.At state house they bit the security guards who were sleepy.How confident that they can provide security to the nation.Our police officers are careless from all angles.Keeping safe of guns and manning,

  5. He was not mad he pretend being mad. And as for the officer gun is kept in a safe place. He was careless, just imaging if that gun was taken by his kids and play think its a toy. This is a drama

    1. Vuto siiwe munthu anganamizire misala for 2yrs? Kugulisa akatundu wonse kumangotaya Ndalama amapanga dala? Lankhula bwino mwaumunthu.ine ndi brother wanga choona mukuchidziwa

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