Despite ban, Frozy still rules Malawi


Despite the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) banning the Mozambican made fizzy drink called Frozy, it has been established that the regulatory body has failed to seize the drink from sellers.

The MBS banned Frozy in October last year saying that the drink is not good for health of Malawians according to the body’s assessment but to the surprise of people the fizzy drink is still being sold in many areas of the country.


Frozy got banned in Malawi.

Snap checks that Malawi24 has conducted in areas such as Mpingu, Likuni, Chigwirizano and Malingunde in Lilongwe show that the fizzy drink is sold publicly a sign showing that Malawi Bureau of Standards is failing to remove the fizzy drink on the market.

The drink is even scoring high in Lilongwe urban in areas such as Lilongwe main depot, Area 23, and Area 22.

In Salima the fizzy drink is also being sold more than any other drink, a development that shows that the bureau has failed to enforce the ban.

After MBS banned Frozy, the Mozambican company that produces it hit back saying that the fizzy drink is of good standard and good to health of people since it was approved by Ministry of Health in Mozambique.

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