BYG donates learning materials to orphanage


Blantyre Youth Group (BYG) has donated nursery school materials to Mlambe Orphanage Learning Centre in Chileka Blantyre.

The donation came after the group found that the school lacks a lot of materials to deliver quality education.

According to the chairperson of BYG Billy Makombola, they thought of donating the nursery materials as part of promoting quality education from the grassroot level.

Makombola added that the future of this nation lies in the hands of the youth, so it is important that young people should have access to quality education starting from nursery school.

BYG representatives during the event.

“If we want to have a developed country then young people have to be educated and this quality education has to start from the baseline, that’s nursery school stage, because it’s when every child’s brain gets open or exposed to what education is. So basically, we want to have a slim gap between orphanage and private nursery schools, at least the orphans too should also have some quality materials similar to what other kids are using in private schools,” said Makombola.

The Chairperson added that they thought of this donation as part of a gift.

“As you know that this is the Christmas season and it’s all about gifts, so as BYG we also thought of giving our little brothers and sisters these materials as part of Christmas gifts,” he said.

Group village headman Mbvundula hailed the group for the wonderful gesture saying the materials will help the kids a lot and it will motivate them.

The materials were worth K70,000 and included alphabetical and numbered chats, exercise books, pencils, footballs, crones and Zitenje.

The non- sponsored group conducted a Fundraising Mobile Check-Up to come up with that amount. Mlambe Orphanage Learning Centre is located in Chileka at Mbvundula village and has 30 orphans.



  1. I saw this on television last month and you report it today, please you must try to feed us with current news, or if you don’t have something to report here then you must remain quite for 2mrw, you disapoint us sometimes!

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