Step down to prove your innocence – Chaponda told

Chaponda has come under fire.

As the maize saga continue making headlines, civil society organizations (CSOs) in the country have urged minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda to resign to pave way for investigations.

This follows Chaponda’s sentiments that he had no part in the dubious transaction made in procuring the staple grain in Zambia.

Chaponda said people have been holding personal vendettas against him arguing that they talked much during the time he was responsible for the ministry of foreign affairs.

“In our national anthem, there is talk for us to be free of jealousy, this is it. Why do people hate me this much? When I was foreign affairs Minister they wanted me out of office saying I traveled too much. What actually do they want from me?” said Chaponda.

Chaponda insists he will not resign: Our national anthem shows we are jealous

However, the CSOs through their open letter read to the members of the press in Lilongwe have urged Chaponda to resign if he is not involved in the 100,000 metric tonnes of maize saga.

Leader of the CSOs Robert Mkwezalamba argued that Chaponda will compromise investigations if he remains minister.

“If he believes in himself that he is an expert and that he has no hand on this, whether he calls himself a bulldozer, we just want him to give space to the investigation if he is clean then he can be appointed but clinging to the ministry we suspect that he has a hand and he wants to compromise the process of investigations,” said Mkwezalamba.

The CSOs have also demanded for the lifting of an injunction against Times Group by Admarc arguing that citizens must not be deprived information on the matter.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi has since pleaded for patience saying the commission of inquiry that has been assigned to probe the scam is to give a report soon.

Reports from the media disclosed of what could be a scam in procuring maize from Zambia following the hunger that hit the country.

The process of buying the maize has seen middlemen involved a development that has put a burden on poor Malawians as they fail to pay for the grains due to high prices.




  1. I think we should organise our selves for demostrations for Chaponda to resign in the cabinet, maybe our President will do something soon after having those demostrations against the presents of Chaponda in his cabinet!

  2. Poti chipani chanuchi mulibe chilungamo ndimaganiza zozaonana 2019 koma ndinu akuba nde ndife anthu tikuona zomwe mukuchita tionanso chomwe tingachite coz uwu si umunthu akeeeeeee

  3. This mother fucker can’t step down.Kunyasa nkhope ngati kumene wanyasa iyeku kuti akhale lova adzafika pati?
    He is a political witch and is gonna kill us all. Ndimmodzi mwamfiti zomwe President akugwiritsa ntchito pobera amalawi.

  4. The commission of enquiry is responsible for this, they will work on this matter accordingly, stop pointing fingers at personalities.

  5. Chaponda sangamuimbe mlandu chifukwa aludziwa kuti ngati chaponda angamangidwe ndekuti chibwenzi chakwa America chikuntha sinanga amatumikila ndichaponda.mmmmmm midala yakuba

  6. These crocodile don’t resign,don’t waste our time, blood suckers,thieves, corruptors he won’t resign bt he will resteal our money again,#peterment gorvern

  7. tibeleni,tdyeleni,pangani zomwe mukufunazo.chitani ndinkhope ngati muli nnyumba yozithandizayo u think mungakhale anthu abwino inu!!chauta akuona ndipo adzatilangila inu.anthu tipange bwanji kuti mudziwe zoti tikudandaula nanu??chipani tinachikondadi ichi bt tisinthe zinthu come 2019pavute pasavute!!#team for change!!!!

  8. Resigning paving way for investigation can a score for Chaponda. For somebody who has stayed in US for quite long would have done better. Hon. Manduwa did this during Muluzi Era when he was deputy Agri Minister.

  9. Telling that to an African politician is like beating the air… In Africa no one cares about the majority view once they get to power, even if the controversy at hand has a straight forward judgement.

  10. Vuto ndi APM akunyengerera anthu oti ndi mbava kuyambira ku kalekale, akuika anthu oti afufuze koma wakuba adakali pampando akapeza zoona mundifunse guys. Mwina amadyanao abwanawa nanga kumangoikira kumbuyo nduna zakuba

  11. pali suger wako sumachoka chaponda sangalore akachoka adyanji, komaso ndi friend weniweni wa pitala munthalika nde pitalayo angaive, asiyeni azisokoneza ndi aja amati tidzaona uko idapta ndege yathu, nde iwowo lero angalakwe,

  12. Life is about a vicious circle, you’re at the Northern Pole today but tommorow you find yourself at the Southern Pole stepdown boss yalakwa apa

  13. Do you think Chiphazi angaimve imeneyo,?Chaponda takes himself as small jesus forgtting that Malawi is for Malawians.What the people say has to be taken digested and then followed.He is therefore becoming a threath since he is holding ministrial post.STEP DOWN mwaulemu wanu.Voice of the voiceless will one day bring a change

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