Govt to renovate police training schools


The Malawi Government says it has plans to rehabilitate police training schools which are in a bad state at the moment.

Minister of home affairs and internal security Grace Chiumia said government is making strides to ensure that police training schools are in a good state for learning.

“As government we are aware that most police training schools need renovation and we have plans to rehabilitate them,” said Chiumia.

police training school

Police training schools up to renovation.

She promised that under the leadership of President Peter Mutharika all the training schools needing rehabilitation will be renovated.

Chiumia added that government will also look into improving the status of police officers and will make sure that they work in a conducive environment.

According to the minister, a bad environment at work affects female police officers as they most times need privacy and sometimes they might be thinking about their protection.

The ministry of home affairs however is awaiting allocation of funds in order to renovate the training schools.

According to Chiumia, the ministry will also use the allocation to build houses for police officers to make sure that they live in good houses fit for civil servants.

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