Mob kills motorcycle thief


An angry mob in Kasungu district has killed a criminal who attacked a motorcyclist and stole his motorcycle.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Kasungu police said the incident occurred at Nguluyawanambe Dam in the district.

Namwaza said the criminal hired the motorcyclist James Banda who was operating a motorcycle taxi in Kasungu to ferry him from Kasungu motorcycle rank to Nguluyawanambe dam.

The thug claimed that he wanted to take tree seedlings at the dam.

cuffs“Upon arrival at Nguluyawanambe Dam the thug left the victim where there were tree seedlings beds and said he was going to call the owner,” Namwaza said.

But when the criminal reemerged he was with two other men and together they started beating the motorcyclist before robbing him of his motorcycle.

The victim managed to shout for help which alerted members of the surrounding community and they responded in a nick of time.

The community members mobilised themselves quickly and rushed to the scene where they managed to apprehend one criminal while the other two fled with Banda’s motorcycle.

After apprehending the suspect, the mob assaulted him severely and killed him on the spot.

Meanwhile, police enquiries are in progress to apprehend the two criminals who have fled with Banda’s motorcycle.



  1. Dereck jass buanj ukuwayikira kumbuyo anthu okuba nd mdala yako kkkkkkki ukhaura phanga police yake it yoti imange anthua well done guys wherever u r jus khow that am proud of u kwatsara tikugulilen mfuti kkkkkkkki tingo…..phaaaaaa

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