Malawi24 Exclusive: Malawians at risk of food poisoning as Peoples, Shoprite are caught selling expired goods


The festive season might have been for people to celebrate the twin events of the supposed birth of Jesus Christ and an entry into the new year, but Malawi24 can also reveal that the period might have been a death trap for some.

Malawi’s well known chain stores, Peoples and Shoprite, were, during the festive season, caught selling expired food throughout, putting the lives of consumers at risk.

Our reporters who went through different shops owned respectively by the two chain stores took photos of some of the products that risked the lives of Malawians which included dressed chicken (a favorite for most Malawians over the festive season) and fish.

When asked if they were aware that they were putting the lives of people at risk by selling expired food, one of the managers for PTC asked to know which of the foods they were selling that was past its sale by date.

“Would you tell us which goods were expired,” asked the manager.

Shoprite ‘standards’

Our reporter asked, without yielding anything, if the request was evidence that the managers were not checking and keeping track of things that did not need to be on the benches.

On one Shoprite store, the reporter took photos of fish and chicken that had grown algae-like mould. Some of the chicken and fish were bare in the fridges risking accumulation of bacteria and other infectious organisms.




  1. Dont cover consumers mouth pamene akudandaula ukachotse dzooladzo mu shop mwakomo mwansanga popanda apo kaya ,udziona zitakuyabwa !!!

  2. Apart from writing the story what did you do?I take your story with a pinch of salt because no one in right mind would buy meat product that doesnot look good. If you said about other products may be, because we donot often check the expiry date. Let us be realistic we know there is a problem of blackouts but going to a shop and buy a rotten meat,I doubt it. When we want to buy meat products people are so particular they donot just take any how. Let us avoid tarnishing other peoples’ busineses. Your article is too sweeping and dangerous. I respect you but on this one Iam disappointed,you are trying to plant unnecessary fear in people’s mind. You can do better!!!

    1. I beg to differ, Malawians are not wise consumers. They buy on trust, no one can think of buying damaged meat or chicken meat from these big shops you only realizes at home and most of us can’t go back to claim

    2. Well said,but most of those who buy from these place are a certain class who understand their rights. I may not totally disagree with certain facts but not on a larger scale as the article wants to protrait.

  3. These guys know very well that during this period people are too excited. They just pick and pay without checking, they realize too late while the poison is already ingested. Kutengeka too much a Malawi. Kaya zanu izo ife amphawife tinali phee kudya mgaiwa wathu ndi therere la denje.

  4. Ndipo izi zoona.. Zana ndagula khuku shoprite yophika phika koma yovunda nazindikila mtayamba kale kudya komaso ndili kutali nakabweza sure….

  5. vuto ndi mabungwe ngati MBS komanso unduna wa za umoyo chifukwa alibe nthawi yopanga check what dziko lawo likudya bola akakhutitsa mimba zawo. Dziko likuonongeka chifukwa cha old ways of thinking kungokhala mu office mmalo moti inu a environmental sciences mudzitcheka. mulimbe momwemu muli shop ina mpaka mphemvu mma alumale . ukawafunsa amangoti tikonza. Are you serious after you give license to sell food products?

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  7. Koma amagula za expirewo2 not ama degree awo…sangaone expity date or best before date..kufera day I was surprised ntapita mu people’s express shop ina blantyremu ndinapeza ma mouldy snacks akugulitsudwa.I told the manager about that and anavomereza kuti they were really bad and ananena kuti achotsa..!I believe the sanity that was among public health officers is now gone.Surprisingly,more are graduating each year,,where are they ????? Zoona ndikumadikira ma reporter a malawi24 azikugwilirani ntchito…??very bad indeed!!!! I rest my case!!

  8. This system is everywhere. They just change the batch and expire date. Its business they will seale MBS mouth easily. If we check lot of stuff it does not taste the same.

  9. KIKIKIKIKIKI iwe ukuwerenga comment iyi nawe unadya za expire zo. Unameza unanyopolo kikikiki kufna kutchuka kut umameza zamu Shopprite. Hahaha iwe sumaidziwa Xenophobia. Kikikikikikiki

  10. Food poison,expire food what do you mean?how can this ward be the same and which school mix wards?some time we need to know how to say and how to write to avoid comfusing people.wer must write thing that the owner can be hapy and this is blocking some one busines.

    1. Has anyone reportedly sick or dead? Mind ye’ expired foodstuffs ain’t poisonous and take note that when goods has reached expirely date they’re consumable. For example manufactured date is 3 Jan 2017 and expire date is maybe 5 March 2017 come 6th you say l can’t this, don’t be clean but wasteful.

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