2016 economic challenges to spill over into 2017 – Expert


An economic expert has said most of the economic challenges Malawians experienced in the just ended year will as well be experienced in 2017.

According to the expert who is also the a University of Malawi based economist, Professor Ben Kalua, the economy of the country met more challenges due to overdependence on imported goods.

Ben Kalua

Kalua: We have carried to 2017 the same problems.

Professor Kalua said had it been that the government has set some alternatives ways of getting forex, the country would have reduced some of the challenges which it faced in the just ended year.

He said most of the challenges experienced in the year were long time in nature and he also said there is need for economic diversification if government wants to reduce the economic challenges.

He then added that he is not expecting any surprises in the New Year unless something tangible happens economically.

“Look, like somebody said it, we should stop being pessimistic. My wish is that we start putting our effort on issues which we can tackle and there are quite a good number of areas which we need to tackle as a country.

“Right now, of late we have come to the conclusion that Malawi has a resource which we have been abusing the likes of agriculture, it is also a natural resource but we have done nothing with it,” said Kalua.

The expert further urged government to start investing in tourism which he said has the possibility of reducing the economic hardships the country is sailing in by bringing into the country the much needed foreign currency.




  1. yes I agree with some of you that with the kind of readers we have in Malawi we will continue to be position number one in the world for eternit( poorest country in the world)

  2. Haaa! spill over into 2017 only??? not to the rest of their lives? dont cheat here or unless we change our greedy current leaders, ena ndi awa akuba ndalama zachimangawa nkumatigulitsa ife modula ndalamazo namapocketa mmatumba mwaomo

  3. kodi mukamati expert mesa ndianthu aukadaulo pazachuma?iwo siamalawi oti ukadaulo wawo awusonyeze pothesa nawo vutolo?kapena mukuti ndima expert pakulankhula maganizo awo basi??iwo mu 2017 azingoonelela mavuto anyamulidwa mu 2016 koma okhala ma expert??pena umbuli umandisekesa coz suziwika kuti ndiuti coz anthu ama phd,ma degree,ma masterz nde mbuli zopasa ulesi.

  4. Apapa, mmene zafkiramu tingosintha kayendesedwe ka ziko. Aliyense muzngomugaila ndalama yomwe mwapanga bujetyo. Kaya ya ku Health, Education, Transport, even ku Agriculture aliyense azona chochita nkusiyana nd kumangotibera misonkho yathu.

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