Stop applauding stupid things, Chilima tells Malawians


Vice President Saulos Chilima has advised Malawians to stop applauding stupid statements or actions made by their leaders including President Peter Mutharika.

Chilima said this when he attended New Year prayers on Sunday at St Patrick’s parish. During the service Chilima read the first reading as well as church announcements. Thereafter he had a message for the church.

Saulos Chilima

Saulos Chilima: Stop hand-clapping for our leaders.

“In 2017 tisiye kuombera m’manja zopusa as Catholics (In 2017 as Catholics let’s stop clapping hands on stupid things) because Malawi is going down the drain,” said Chilima.

He added: “Kaya akupanga ndi president Kaya ndi vice president kaya ndi leader of opposition and his vice kaya ndi MP kaya ndi councillor, tisiye kuombera mmanja zopusa dziko likuonongeka.”

Chilima’s remarks attracted the attention of the whole church which was left with no choice but to clap hands and sing songs of joy.

The remarks of Chilima came a few hours after a New Year’s message by Mutharika who among other issues said his government is fighting corruption.

But critics said the president always claim  to be fighting corruption but his actions  show that he is not ready to fight the vice.



  1. When things are good and their stomachs are full ALL OF THEM INCLUDING CHILIMA clap hands..

    Now that things are not good meaning money issues then they pretend to be with the Citizens of the country
    only for support.
    The whole country is a SEPTUC TANK so there is nothing he could say that is going on inside but SHIT AND PISS!


  2. Achimwene akupwetekesanitu akatolika anuwo.Mkuluwakoyo adakali pheee ukuyesa ngopusa?

    Mmalawi muli mipingo yambiri,zipaninso zambiri,ngati mufuna a malawi onse bwaanji osakanenera ku Atopia kapena Abraham church.

    Museke kamwa yanu akunamizaniwo akupwetekesani.

  3. Zamkwana Chilima, mpaka kuuza anthu kuti musaombere mmanja chisawawa kwa Ife atsogoleri anufe?
    Unalaskwitsa poyambirira iwe Chilima, ukudziwapo kanthu mmene mavoti a Malawi anaberedwa ndi bwana eakoyo uli paudindo waza telecommunications.
    A Malawi sakunvetsetsa kudandaula kwako kopada nzeruko koma ndi kwanzerudi, popeza ukayenda ndi mbava nawenso ndiwe mbava.
    Unafera u VP ndi untyhu amend sakuidziwa bwino Malawi.
    Mwaiyamba dala, mlimbe nazo.

  4. Kubwabwana bola inu mukudya ndi kumafufuma masaya ngati anthila baking anthu kumudzi akumvutika ndakwiya nanu anthu oipa inu odzikonda nonkha munkhalira yomweo yozuza amalawi osalakwa .kwatulo ukupezani anthu akuba inu.

  5. Fuck your ass man, you and Peter, I can’t call as presidents these dogs are playing with innocent pipo they put them in power. God must not keep you long.

  6. No matter how many leaders we change or vote in nothing will change unless there’s serious civic education. Population boom out of hand as a result crime on the high we steal road signs electric poles bulbs nankhwala. We are a self destructive nation!! Olo public booths stolen!! Ambulance matola!! Fargo roads etc

  7. You call ideas of Malawians stupid but you are the Vice President,do you think can or may vote for you when the President decides that you will be the Leader for DPP in future.shame think about it

  8. We choose you for a reason en that’s the only thing that makes to be in that position you are now,listen to the concerns of that you are calling stupid,you will really know that people are suffering Mr Vice President

  9. It is stupid because you are in the Government,this is the only site we are able to remind the so called MPs the reason why we chose them since they forgot that there’s nano development in their constituency, they lie to the President that everything is ok but people are suffering because of them,ask me l will tell you more


  11. Yea thumb up! Peter and Saulo, Anthu inu munapitadi kusukulu and Ndale mukuidziwa. Ali ndi nzeru azindikire pa speech ya Chilima. But ndi m’mene ndikuonera 99% ya Malawi sikudziwa tanthauzo la Speech imeneyi.

  12. Sounds childish when has he come to know that people need no to applaud failed leaders.He was on the front praising his boss in everything even those rubbish speeches not audible.2019 is around he wants to gain favour and support.USELESS

  13. A vice president ndi a president amalawi amene muli patsogolo kupanga zithu zopunsa pamene mukuona kuti mukusangalala mukudya bwino mukuika chakudya patebulo masiku onse pamene anthu akugona ndi njala chifukwa anthu awiri inu bola muchoke apaseni amene anaphunzira bwino udindoo anachitha kukupasani ngati sipuni bambo

  14. Frustrated fellow! He knows chances are deleted of him being the next VP or president under DPP… The party will not take such arisk again. This time its agame of numbers…. DPP + UDF = 2019 election victory. Simple!

  15. wht I see in malawi problem ndiife athu chifukwa masogoza mau onyoza kapena chipogwe koma muthuyo ali boma and is one of the corruption I dnt think that our country w’ll hv devmnt bcoz timayebekezera muthu kupanga chitukukoza chaziko for 10 yrs mmmm that can’t be happen ndimava chizoni kamaonaso asogoleli omwe ali boma kumalakhulazo zopusa kwa athu bt ppl thy waiting good things from them ……wht do u really mean abt that ?Sir mukulephera basi siya azanu ayese

  16. Let me be philosophical. What is Chilima’s definition of stupid statements or actions? Did he give an example? I know that DPP supporters and stooges will applaud everything DPP does. What Chilima needs to know is that not all of us applaud stupid statements no matter where they come from but our voices are never given any attention. Mr Chilima’s statement is therefore empty.

  17. I don’t trust his words. He’s in government and he’s seeing the rot. Why is he using the church’s podium? If he’s a man enough let him say this behind closed doors to his boss. But otherwise I find Malawians reading too much between the lines. I believe the context was different from how it is being portrayed.

  18. We need to tell Mr saulosi chilima that we have human rights n that is y we wanted multiparty government so that we can have freedom of speech. Remember the time u were bzy campaigning u promise pipo a lot of things which u never do, not even one thing now u wana come on social media n demand respect come on maybe u forget how did u get thyr it was vote n the same vote we gonna use to silence u Mr. By the way thanx for reading our comments in so doing u will realize what really pipo want so dat u can fix it. Stop protecting peter muthalika do what is best for u n other ministers of the cabinet am not preasing u am telling u read a lot boss ok

  19. Becareful, he is a politician. You may think he is talking sence but in effect he is talking about those clapping and applausing Chakwera. Can he bluntly say that about his boss without fearing about burning his fingers?!

  20. I think this guy knows that things are getting worse, but he can’t do anything, he can’t tell the President that akulu apa mukulakwisa. Because if he does he will get fired. Remember Bingu fired Joyce, Muluzi hated Chilumpha. Umu ndi mmene zikuyendela ndale pa Malawi. Akuti wapakaliyala samayimba belu. Peter is the captain of this sinking ship,

  21. Peter Muthalika met with the Queen of England. He asked her, “How do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips u can give to me? I want to help Malawi. “Well,” said the Queen, “the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people.” Peter frowned, and then asked,”But how do i know the people around me are really intelligent? “The Queen replied, “Oh, that’s easy, you just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle.” The Queen pushed a button on her intercom. “Please send David Cameron in here, would you?” David Cameron walked into the room and said, “Yes, your majesty?” The Queen smiled and said, “Answer this riddle. David, your mother and father have a child, it is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?” Without pausing for a minute David Cameron answered, “that would be me “”Yes, very good,” said the Queen. Peter went back home to ask his Vice President Saulosi Chilima. Peter: Answer this. Your mother and your father have a child, it’s not your brother and it’s not your sister, who is it? Chilima: “I’m not sure, let me get back to you.” He asked all his staff in the Office but none could give him an answer. Finally, one day, VP Chilima ran into Goodall Gondwe. Chilima: hey, Goodall! Your mother and father have a child and it’s not your brother or sister, who is it? ” Goodall answered sharply, “That’s easy, its me!” Chilima smiled, and said “Thanks!” Then he went back to speak with President Muthalika. Chilima: Sir, I have the answer to that riddle, It’s Goodall Gondwe Peter Muthalika got angry,he said to Saulosi Chilima MBUZI ZA WANTHU!!!!!. “No wonder Malawi isn’t moving forward, I am surrounded by idiots!! The answer is David Cameron!

  22. There is a loss of colity readership wait we will handle these falt upcoming and your cousin muthalika we know that you take malawian sitizen as fools and shit.ok Chilima you are eating well dressing from malawi sitizen.go to the toilet if you fill stomachech.

  23. You’re so damn right bra infact this spirit has been in our blood since the reign of kamuzu banda…its high time indeed someone as a top official to crash this primitive applaud just to make someone ngati ndi dolo…bravo!!

  24. Critical analysis of most comments reveals that some people have commented hastly. Chilima is saying we should stop praising Pitala, Chakwera and even himself ( Chilima) when they say stupid or foolish things. So, why do you blame Chilima? AMALAWI SITIDZAMVA!

    • Timve chani apa he’s abusing our rights, he is not in position of telling the youth or media to stop writing what thy feel. Its our that put him thyr so he has to read how we feel. N thanx for him for having time n read what we want.

  25. zoba mbala uyu mukunya manyi mesa uno ndi 2017 chilima wayamba ku bwela ndiza usilu wauze agogo akowo kunyumba yoyela akupanga ngati mwana mudziko mwathu muno sitiku funa zitsilu 2020 nose mufa agogo akowo kuphatikiza mbava zose zili ku chi boma ko

  26. A fool will also continue to praise a fool.
    A wiseman will also continue to respect as Wiseman.
    A thief will fight to protect his/ her counterpart.
    A Be Forward supporter will keep on supporting his team no matter how the team loses
    As Chiluma’s statements really encourages dull thinking people to wake up as things are going out of hand in Malawi’s administration
    In a broken society like Malawi where many people support, applauses, respect someone who has never done good to them is a habit of failure to us all.
    Credit and merits are due to where it exists.
    Let’s learn to speak out the truth side of the story.
    Chilima I salutes you.

  27. Chimene mbuli zina pano zikumutukwanila Chilima ine sindikuchiona. Akukuwuzani za mzeru inu mukutukwananso, kodi umbuli wanuwo udzatha liti. Mwina simunamve, akuti; MUSIYE KUOMBERA MMANJA ZILIZONSE ZIMENE ATSOGOLERI ANU AZICHITA. walakwitsa pamenepo? SHAME SHAME SHAME

  28. What are you yourself, Mr VP, doing to make sure you walk your talk? Kodi mukamati dziko likuonongeka and yet you are one of those responsible for the damages..what do you really mean, Sir?? The DPP won the recent elections because of what you Mr Chilima promissed the civil servants countrywide, but soon after the elections we hardly hear you speak constructive ideas. Someone else, a minister in your cabinet is discharging your respomsibilities while you are busy decorating your beards….nde nkumati dziko likuonongeka….? What do you mean…and akuononga dzikoyo nde ndani?

    • Ndizoona ndithu bwana John Mkakeni Edward Chipeta. That mentality is what is bringing Malawi nation down in all aspects. Your VP says ‘dziko likuonongeka’ and yet he was also a running mate for APM kuti azakonze zinthu. Kodi njingayo ikagunda munthu amene agwe ndi oyendetsa yekhayo ngati.? Amalawi tadzukani ngati anthu amayiko aanzathuwa. Its so sad that after more than 50yrs of indipendence Malawi is still not indipendent…komanso amalawi ambiri ngati inu mudakagonabe. Tachotsani bulangete mwafundalo kunjakutu kwaomba dzuwa.

  29. I have never seen stupid presidency like of APM since born & even BAKILI tried his best than APM so if the government is criticised by those around for being poor run don’t blame them.We know for sure the one who won was CHAKWERA nde tamawewetelanani with blindly faces. 2019 CHAKWERA woyeeee…..Wina asaike comment yambwerera apa coz its all about CHILIMA’s sagger

  30. wanyatu …umatamika galu iwe…..uthawamo mu office mukukoma hahahaha ife ndi okwiya …ana amu ghetto…… timaliza mizinga pa nsonkhano pompo wachikulile ali pompo.

  31. And you Chilima what ever you call yourself, stop talking shit about Malawian just because you suck your boss’s Ass.we dont get adanm we will to continue until you change your selfish..this our country..

  32. I admire Chilima’s character. It is just painful that such individuals lack support. A Malawi ambiri, mwina chifukwa cha umphawi amasekerera ngakhale mtsogoleri awatukwane. That has to stop indeed.

  33. ndipo ndikut ngatidi ali prsdnt wa amalawi , asiye kuba komaso athamangitse chaponda ,dont take Malawians grnted tsiku lina tizatopa tonse ndikukaotcha state house kut tonse tifanane

  34. If you doing fuck then people will tell you because you were chosen by the people. U forget that you were voted to be in office Mr vice otsamayiwala .soon u be out in office adzanu analipo pano alikuti

  35. God uses people around you to do righteous leader but the devil also uses weaked people to make bad leaders its up to the leader which people he follow.
    I would ask our beloved leader to use chilima as his supreme tool to govern malawi is really for the people .Take it mr president avoid those people who are using chiefs for useless propaganda 2017 chikhale chaka chomvetsetsana bwana president

  36. inu a malawi 24 za chilimi zisandinyase ngati ndimadya pakhomo pake mukamuuze kuti kelvin amadya thukuta lake osati ngati agalu amenewa amadya thukuta lamphawi … chizungu chake thats mborolity and Nyinility

  37. Mumabwera ndi azimayi autsiru azingoimba mmanja ndi nthungululu,nigga iye aziti akugwira ntchito pomwe dziko likugwa ili, riseup manyasa, 2019 chilima for prezident

  38. Manyansaland aaaaa mulipotu ophunzira kumaudindoko koma kupusa idzasintha liti dzikoli tasinthaniko zikutiwawatu mwina ingotha dzikoli tione moyo wina plz kuvutika ngati dzikoli silathu mwina akumaudindo sikwanu kuno nkoneka sinuousekeseka.

  39. timangoombela mmanja ziizonse kaya timafuna atipase ndalama… lets wake up, say the truth, kaya atsogoleri athu adanana nafe kaya..

  40. Especially those young men and women who always don blue cloth at each every function …..whether govt or party function. Chitani manyazi