Joyce Banda speaks on new party reports


DPP asked to stop talking about JB

The former ruling People’s Party (PP) has come in the open to rebuff reports making rounds that its founder Joyce Banda will be forming another party ahead of the 2019 elections.

The social media has lately been awash with that Banda formed a surrogate party with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri together with Chris Dadza who according to reports, is to lead the party and the new party has combined with elements of PP, DPP and MCP.

The reports made claims that the party would be known as called People’s Democratic Congress (PDC).

Joyce Banda

Joyce Band: Denies reports she is forming a new party.

They further claimed that the party will most likely set out to mobilise the frustrations of tobacco growers and promise to develop agriculture as a source of Malawi’s economy.

However, according to the party’s publicity secretary, Noah Chimpeni, the reports which have gone viral on the social media especially Facebook, are not true and says they are there just to injure the party’s and Banda’s reputation.

Chimpeni has since made claims that the stories are being speared by agents of a ruling Democratic Progressive party (DPP).

Chimpeni wondered why Banda would form a political party when she already has a vibrant party (PP) that is represented in the National Assembly with 24 lawmakers.

“This is not true and I’m wondering where people are taking these false reports because Banda is in touch with PP almost every day and even our followers know that she is still the founder of the party. She is still our founding president and she has not resigned and she will not resign. How can she form another party leaving a national party which has got followers from Chitipa district to Nsanje district and have also 24 members of parliament. This is DPP propaganda aimed at diverting people’s attention from real issues affecting them” said Chimpeni.

He continued by saying that the DPP is obsessed with the name of Banda because they have failed to make Malawians forget the good things she did in this country during the two years she was in charge.

Ever since she  lost in the May 2014 elections, Banda has been abroad and the PP has not been  left with resignations of key leaders like Ken Msonda and Moses Kunkuyu.

Two months ago, Banda said she is ready to contest in the next elections, so long as Malawians ask her to do so when she returns home in the ‘near’ future.



  1. what we need is not a new political party, we need people who have passion for Malawians. People whose passion is to see us moving from tears of poverty to smiles of happiness.

    Koma mukamabwera, musayiwale kutibweresera kangachepe munatitengera kaja. Ka kashigeti kaja, timati mwaulemu, mutibwezere

  2. Mama we miss u more welcom back this is your orliginal country but remember bring back the money’s atrist we still remeber you magesi okha amayenda bwino samadzima inu mulipo pano tikugona mum’dima kuchoka kwa ulamuliro wanu aaaaa tinadandaula magesi okha ndi nyatwa amayi inu ndi dolo

  3. This was not a gud leader same like her brother pitala he is just messing our country after hr lose 2019 u will see him going back to USA these leaders take Malawians as fools ,i knew that jb was not going to win elections the huge mistake she surrounded by crooks just imagine electing kk as your vice p

  4. Malawians need to pray hard because the coming back of this woman is satanic and will lead to serious problems, she once failed and what will she come to do again?

  5. Inu musawanamize amayiwa akulu anati, oyipa athawa yekha, anabadwira kuno , wakulila ,kuno, analamula dziko, malamulo akuwadziwa, oyamba kuba si iye, koma oyamba kuthawa ndi iyeyo, ndrama za ndege zibwere.

  6. Thus Manyikozo Idea,mungoyambisa Zipani Ngat Mukusekula Page Pa Fb Bwanji?PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC CONGRES kkk mwasowa chochita,koma bushiri wanuyo adzawina ku malawi?mukufuna satanism yanuyo ikwane mzikoli..?muzaluza nobody will vote you madam with your bushiri.MUSATITOLE MWAMVA?a wanna be with DPP,failure which MCP than your PDC is fuck idea,manyikozo ife ayi.

  7. Better, she’s not leading this party, if she is, then the party itself is fuckedup, this lady is qualified to follow not to lead, & th guy appointed to lead this party must show up now, we want to study his stupidity.

  8. As a civil servant i miss you madam,i still miss your administration..i remember by then on 31 december 2013 towards the unfolding of 2014 the year you met your merciless fate oh mama i had enough money to sustain a booze and to support my family up to the month end of january…but now hei! ndim’gaiwa womwe ndiribe all am left with is only a k2000 kwacha note…koma ndingafike nayo mpaka month end ya january? i need you back but i know some might not need u but i really do…sad new year!!