Heavy rains disrupt New Year’s celebrations in Karonga


Scores of people in Karonga district failed to celebrate on New Year’s Eve following heavy rains that destroyed their houses and property.

The heavy rains which hit Chilumba in the district in the wee hours of Sunday were accompanied by strong winds which blew off roofs of houses and fell trees in its wake.

Speaking in a telephone interview with Malawi24 from Karonga on Sunday, one of the people who witnessed the incident revealed that most of the residents’ household property has been destroyed by the rains.

Floods Malawi

Heavy rains cause scare (File Image)

The source said the destruction of houses in the area has happened at a bad time as the area has no grasses which people can use to thatch their houses and  parents are budgeting for school fees and associated materials.

“The people here are really stranded right now, I don’t know where and how to start,” said the source.

The district disaster officer could not be reached for comment as we went to press.

Meanwhile, the community is calling for help from government and other well-wishers.




  1. Prone areas like karonga, Chikwawa and Mlanje government need to come up with good strategic plans that can help in mitigating such loses. This can include early warning systems. As country, government is obligated to protect these people no excuse.

  2. I thought they are talking about Chilumba. Chilumba has a microclimate different from most parts of Karonga. I stayed in Karonga from 1997 to 2001and during my stay such scenarios were common.

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