Government responds to chief’s request for bridge

Jappie Mhango

Minister for Transport and Public works Jappie Mhango has assured people in Nkhotakota South that government will construct a new bridge in the area which will connect Nkhotakota South and Nkhotakota South East constituencies.

Jappie Mhango
Mhango: Govt is concerned.

The planned construction of the bridge is in response to a request Senior Chief Mwadzama made to President Peter Mutharika when the Malawi leader conducted whistle stops in the district.

Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango said government has responded positively to the chief’s request and soon the bridge will be constructed.

“President Peter Mutharika has responded positively to the request made by Chief Mwadzama and during the New Year the bridge will be constructed,” said Mhango.

According to the minister, the bridge is a very important one as it will connect two constituencies and in the absence of the bridge people walk long distances to move from one constituency to the other.

Mhango added that lives have also been lost due to the absence of the bridge as people still cross the river in order to reach the other side.

Meanwhile, Mhango has claimed that government will continue constructing bridges so that people are able to connect and do various economic activities.



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