Govt gets dirty with Chakwera, again


…Don’t be a judge for this country

Government has hit back at leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera arguing that he should not be a judge for the country.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led administration was reacting to Chakwera’s New Year’s message in which he claimed that Malawians have lost confidence in the DPP government following corruption scandals in the year 2016.

Chakwera mentioned the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) maize deal arguing that it has led to high costs of living among citizens as fuel price kept going up due to lack of stabilizing funds.

The upward price adjustment witnessed the cost of commodities going up, as fuel affects Malawi’s computing basket.

Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwera slammed for ‘advising’ President Mutharika.

But government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi said corruption can only be addressed through collective efforts.

Dausi added that Chakwera must provide “substantial evidence” on corruption and refrain from using the word “suspicious” arguing that one must be “prove guilty beyond reasonable doubt “.

“Is he trying to be a judge himself, a prosecutor himself, a jury himself, an accuser himself…and hope can be applied in various ways which hope is he talking about,” said Dausi.

In his own New Year’s address, President Peter Mutharika also claimed that some critics want to tarnish the image of his government by describing it as the most corrupt in the world.

Mutharika however admitted that there is corruption in his government and warned the perpetrators of such practices that they will face the law.



  1. Opposition is at it now not only from parties, but within Dpp itself. Chilima tells it all. Soon Dausi will be fired just like state house spokesperson… Good nite.

  2. he was once a pastor Reverend didn’t he read that statement which says don’t judge some its only for him who must do so. i didn’t know that chakwera you’re such idiot GOD FORBIDO

  3. chilungamo chimawa maka mwana akamadzudzula nkholo!!!! “ddp needs to change for accountability and transparency manner since this grouping is a cave of thieves breeding rats”.

  4. Chakwera has a right to speak out when things ain’t going the right direction. He is also a Malawian, if you take it as he is being judgemental that’s your own cup of tea.We are all in this sheep,if it sinks,we all get drowned.Take it or leave it. We are tired!!!

  5. Whether they like it or not, Chakwera is speaking on behalf of millions of Malawians whether pro ruling or opposition per say. Anthu afinyika mdziko muno while a few are draining the country but keep denying it

  6. Boma ili ndiye kaya sakudziwa zoyenera kuchita,kupusa basi magetsi akuvuta,madzi nawonso akuvuta ngati kt ndi nthawi ya dzuwa,i have never seen a failed government like this dpp peter wa mutharika admn.shame on u

  7. Choyambilira tiyeni tiyang’ane kuti dziko lathu likufuna chani. Chachiwili ngati tayika president pampando nde kuti nchito yomwe akuyenera kupanga pathawi ndi yazomwe tikufuna ife . Akulu akulu kaja ndi kale kwambili takhala tikuvutika ndi kuyembekeza kuti zithu mwina zizayenda bwino koma ai ndithu. Kodi pamenepa ndi kumati yakho lathu lidzafika liti ?? Amalawi azanga kodi sitingapexe njira zoti mwina anthu amene timawayika mipandowa apeze mpuzilo. Chifukwa ndikale kanja tinayamba kulonjezedwa kuti zithu ziyenda koma mpaka pano.

  8. Let us follow democracy which Dr C Chihana & Dr B Muluzi foght, gone are the days of failing to critize wrong things or speark out the truth, Mr Chakwera has all the rights to speark and convince the national if the government is doing wrong, and in another hand the government has all the rights to hit back Mr Chakwera by making sure that everything is stable and the country is doing good in all 4 corners, prove him wrong by solving all the problems we have, this is not the time to engange in varbal war with opposition parties!

  9. let them go to hell with their evil leadership style.they are making life hard for people and they are only good at refuting issues when they are raised against their own wrong doing.who does not know that corruption is there in government ? mr chakwera please continue to tell them and remind them also that no corruption cases are connected to mcp rule.if they say mcp inapha athu let them be reminded that 20 pple on 20 july ,njaunju,chasowa issues are still fresh.

  10. Guys im not a supporter of dpp or Mcp but we must always remember what the bible says that we must submit to our leaders for they are not there on their own but it is the Lord who put them.People can criticise and think that perhaps Mr. Chakwera can provide sound leadership and and bring the changes that we need but that is just a fantasy,mr Chakwera contested the elections and failed and I suggest he must start to work with the government to try and find the lasting solutions to the problems facing the bcoz guys lets face it,it’s easy to criticise when u are off the the playing field.My suggestion is that we must seek the Lord Jesus and let him forgive our nation and bless it with good rains and bless it economically but if we look to politicians for the solutions we will get disappointed more

  11. Government should wake up and start working for Malawians. It should start addressing its shortfalls affecting Malawians and do less on politicking like attacking personalities

  12. That’s the problem with Malawi politicians instead of answering through action they r busy defending corruption we don’t want your dirty politics ,what we want is development not every day hearing government has hit back at opposition nonsense ,give us what we voted u for

  13. Chakwera is speaking for Malawians.You too use chiefs to gain popularity.Who comes to you.Idiots of the ruling party.The VP has totally said we need not to clap hands for the sake of pleasing those others.Now you say that Chakwera is not a judge.Should he be Mbendera who betrayed Malawians? Mudzafa imfa yowawa.

  14. Qassim, behave!!!. Yang’ana ndipo werenga Quran nthawi zonse. Ganiza, ndipo panga chinthu cha nzeru wusanalembe pa fb. Tambala akamalira m’mawa ndiye kuti kwacha.,. Fisi akamalira utsiku, ndiye kuti kwada. Happy New Year.

  15. Timalizeni m’mene mungathere ndi nthawi yanu -muti muchita nkhöndo pankhani ya ziphuphu chitani nkhondo tione uyambire nduna zakozo kuti ife tidziwedi kuti iweyo uli serious pamapeto pake iwenso after we will fire u out of tht office in 2019 .

  16. DPP is now playing attention seeking games, game over, We are tired of their senseless and Childish sentiments, why they are trying to mask the unmasked things, our eyes are wide open , we are able to see don’t kid us!

  17. Eva heard of immature democrancy? I bet u do…tek t or not, malawi was gvn self rulin powers prematurely…kamuxu knew dat democrancy wil simply b a backdoor 4 de inexperienced money seekn leaderz….malawianz its about tym we put into action our anger…blv mi they do dis coz they undamine us, alibe ulemu

  18. There is a saying comments are free but the fact of the if i ask u all those what is the definition of politics you will not be able to answer, Chakwera is a child in politics, he is failing to even coming up with policies, he is just making allegations but without facts or evidence, his credibility is questionable and u believe everything check your facts before comment.

  19. We will be in this finger pointing until Jesus will find us. If possible can you DPP officials meal that maize on your cloth and you MCP officials butcher your cock, so that you can give us a good meal in this new year. happy new year!

  20. Dpp managed to claim victory while outside government; today,they are in government up to 2019. Chakwera’s critics will give advantage to dpp led government to correct all the errors towards the end of their tenure of office. People of malawi can trust a person even for a single day when that person has done a small but good thing. Believe me or not dpp will win 2019. Mcp always enjoys when it is at opposition benches and as malawians, people will want mcp to be government opposition party forever. Mcp do their job best when it is opposing government!…

    • This is the government by dead leaders up to now they are doing nothing good. The first term of Bingu was hard and what ever Tembo was saying was good and Bingu was taking the ideas to make them a reality. That’s why there was landslide victory. But nyani uyu aaaa.

    • mr.Dambuleni,i value your views but i have a word with you that am not for any party but Malawians always choose to associate with parties based on where they are caming from despite difficulties they are facing. With that; mcp can say something very true but can not be voted for because of its past history not coz of its good leadership of today.

  21. Credit to the Government because action has started flowing with new faces at both ADMARC board and Unima Councils. So Chakwera said the truth and truth pained. What do those chiefs say now? Mafumu mind your own business, zinazi muyaluka nazo!!!

    • The majority of our chievez are semi or complete illiterate.. Government has poorly performed. No average reasonable thinking Malawian would say otherwise. If they were wise enough they should have been listening to wise council like that of Chakwera.

  22. Thats Freedom Of Expression, Let Chakwela Express His Thought Coz We’re In A Democratic Government. One Head Cannot Head Roof. Mzelu Zayekha Anaviika Nsima Mmadzi Dziko Ndilathu A Malawi Osat Lamunthu Mmodzi. Kamuzu Ndi Bingu Munasiya Mavuto Eish. Crying Over A Spilt Milk

  23. When a devil is ruling, it hates every truth and defends itself where there is no need for defence, this walking devil dpp is horror, we have to eliminate it at all cost

  24. Mukuganiza Kt Dpp Itatula Udindo Nde Pangazabwere President Oti Muzakondwera Naye?

    Jemanja Uli?Ana Umbuli Pewu Ni Ukuwatendesya Nganisyo Sya Ukambukuwu,aleche Jwere Atame Pa Wofuwofu,ana Akulepera Chi?Pana Lisiku Malawi Watandite Kutukuka?Pati Chitolere Ufulu Kwa Azungu Uwe Masausyo Pe Buu,nambotu Dpp Cherechi Chipani Chambone,kwende Tuchimbichisye President Jwetu.

    President Always Has 100% Good Leadership,bt We People We Dont Hav Foresight,if He’s Failing To Rull You,dont Insults Rather Than Claiming His Failure,tallking Finish Nathambwe Commited,chakwera Must Patiece In Older To Improve His Revirend Title,bt If He Continuing Lameting About Dpp Leadership,that Means Mcp Paving A Pue For Dpp To Pass 2019,he Must Compare What How Patience Udf Is.Very Bimat Habbit.

  25. chakwela ndalama za ccap zimachepa chimene wawona kuti ungalemele mwachangu ndi kukhala president. ndiyetu ukulakwitsa chifukwa mpando satenga choncho mudikile tivotetso musiyeni peteryo ndithawi yake abe lnutso mukadzawina muzabatso sizoyima pachulu kumakamba mavuto amnyumba mwazanu ayi

  26. Amend muku pereka ma comments achibwana simukumva kuwawa ndinu adzakwaye koma amene til I audindo tikumva kuwawa.komanso panopo president wasankha commission of inquiry after chakwera’s speech. Almost 25 billion yaonengeka Ku admark ndiye chibwana siyani Dziko Wa the koma ndalama zamwenye

  27. This Goat wl never come right forever, what he mst know is tht evrybody has got rights to speak or kusutsa ngati penapake zinthu sizikuyenda bwino sono ngati iwe ukudana ndi zimenezo its beta u mst live an go back to yo home country in Canada

  28. dpp nonse stupid! tizikhalira kuopa inu tisanene chilungamo mwatani ngati ndinu anthu osaphunzira inu ndi ophunzira muzitha kuzindikira msanga zinthu zikamalakwika m’boma pilizi chonde. mwinadi ndi ukalamba kapena? ayi sichontcho, inu ndi osamva muzamva ili mmutu nkhwangwa ,makani kapena matukutuku sapanga pa mzinda. ziko likuonongeka chifukwa cha inu anthu ochepa kwambiri ,sono inu mukuti ife tiziti chani osamva inu.


  30. chakwera samanama amadzudzula chomwe chikulakwika mabvuto omwe amalawi akukumana nawo ngati zakupwetekani sinthani chakwera ndi mtondo man

  31. Promises and accomplishments are two different things. Its easier to promise, than to accomplish.
    Don’t be fooled up by greedy politicians ma men, bcoz all they promise is jst amatter of paving up agolden way for themselves.
    Ur poverty and sufferings will never ever come to an end by politicians, bt wth ur own two handz.

  32. We are not children anymore. We cannot wait for DPP to tell us on what even a standard 8 pupil can see. Malawi is being governed like youth club. We believe minus DPP, Peter Mutharika can do better. The leader of opposition raised facts of which the president has responded by commissioning a commission of inquiry into maize procurement saga. It doesn’t make sense for the so called DPP to hit back at Chakwera

  33. Kmatu kaya ndi mantha? kayandi chani? Malawi 24 post mungopanga ZA CHAKWELA BWANJI? Nzikungonetselatu kt CHAKWELA WA TENGA BOMMA enawa sakumveka alikuti.

  34. I said it reasonably in 2016..kkkk, that this 2017 is year of opposition if you have been following my comments. How come on earth that 80% of government is armed picking war of words against opposition openly or sitting on a round table with full cabinet ministers drafting a statement meant to destroy leader of opposition?? Kkkkk, it’s deplorable indeed!! Empower Peter to walk the talk. You can defend him at all costs, but the ball is in his hands to decide. Honestly speaking, Peter Mutharika has failed us 98.1% and Dausi only add salt on our open wounds inflicted by Dpp led government.

    • And why always malawians suffer in silence,no matter how pain is inflicted on us we tend to cry in our cacoons,we dont STAND TO FIGHT OUR BATTLES even if someone stand we would not support him for a common good,in other countries a Minister would resighn on if people stand to for his neck,NOT IN MALAWI, MBAVA ZA MA SUIT M BOMAMU ZILI MBWEEE! komatu ai amalawi timawombera mmanja akadusa olo kulankhula pa radio DESPITE TIKUZIWA KUTI AKUNAMA,NOBODY WILL FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS AND BATTLES,WAKE UP MALAWI

    • An opposition is the twinkling light to nationals, as ruling party, folds it arms
      A Malawi ambirife tinabadwa ndi manyazi osafuna kuulula mwina kusanena chowawawa mmtima mwao, ndichokhacho chapatsa mphamvu atsogoleri awo kuwadyera masuku pa
      Kunena zoona a Malawi aponderedzadwa pa ufulu wao monga pa:
      Kunena mwina kuonetsera kusakondwera ndi ulamuliro womwe ukuwalamulira.
      A Malawi kaya ndimkhaludwe wa Kamuzu wosunga ngodya zinayi, zinthu zina tsopano zikutisaka Ife eni ndi atsogoleri amend sakwanitsa zolumbira zao.
      Kunena zoona Peter Mtalika ndi Chakwera monga momwe kafukufuku wa mwezi wathawu, kuonetsera kufunika ndi kusafunika kwa onsewo, Chakwera alidi patsogolo ndi Peter Mtalika.
      Zikuonetsanso kuti Chakwera anasankhidwa ndi a Malawi enieni ozindikira zosowa za a Malawi.

  35. Hhhhh koma Awa amati amcp wa andkwana buanji ?? Cipani comwe cimkakana budget mkumakakamila section 65 mbuyomu . Lero too much noise athing which ur bloody tembo never did !! Maybe tembo was good than this visionless moron !! Mcp eternal opposition party !!

    • KKKK @ Jones u hate the truth I think may be ure one of them c course when things are getting wrong u hv to point it out plus wht is the use ov democracy if all they will say yes in the coutry ? Means we are all one party plus when u hate MCP it means u hate the roads ure using university ure going primary xools u went course all ov them were build under the MCP
      Then think again

  36. A Dpp anakangotula udindo pansi sindikuwona chifukwa chokakamira munthu ukulephera… Umasankhidwa kuti ukasinthe zinthu positively… ngati ukusintha zinthu negatively.. kusiya basi udindowo… osamangophangira iyayi… kumaba ndlama zachimanga a Malawi’fe ndikumavutika chifukwa cha inu…. Mulungu azakukathani pansi pompano ndikumwamba komwe… sure!!

  37. kkkkkl ukamakalamba , nzeruso zimapita Peter muntharika sazava ai , kod ngat akudana ndi a opposition ndekut pamenepo pali mtendere koz kuli ngat kugawana nzeru nde iyeyo sakufuna kumva za zake ai why?

  38. Ndikuona Kut Chakwera Sakunama Kwa Amene Akuwona Ndimasomphenya Adzikolino,osanama Akuluakulu Chilungamo Nchabwino Zinthu Zafika Poipa Kwambiri.Pofunika Kukamba Chilungamo Tiyen Tiyankhule Chilungamo Bas Ngakhale Inu Eni Ake A Dpp Mukukana Kwamtu Wagalu.

  39. Just blv what He said and change ur tune bcoz wr tyd wth ur DPP storoes sitifunatso kumva zoti Boma lapitaro linaononga ndalama cino ndicaka cina so pangani zina anthu oooneko ubwino wanu.

  40. Despite That Chakwera Has A Big Role To Play Cz He Has A Big Seat,but He Is Also A Malawian.His Father And Mother Are Malawians,his President Is Pitala Yemweyu,he Is Concerned With The Problems Occur In This Country As I Am. He Has A Right To Speak,