Biriwiri is back: album in the offing


Hip hop group Biriwiri has returned after a long studio break to reconnect with its fans through music.

The clique which comprises of Kabuzi and Zizwa has been far from active friendship with the mic for about five years. Their latest single, Mulendo, which features Bucci, an artist signed under their record label, has marked the group’s return into the game.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Malawi24 yesterday, Kabuzi attributed their long absence to managing artists. He said they were busy with management work as Nde’feyo Entertainment bosses.

Biriwiri announce their bounce back.

“Yes this is our return, we were concentrating on managing our artists that’s why it has taken long,” said Kabuzi

Biriwiri will early next year release an album titled The Green which is currently going through final stages. Mulendo is among products of the collection that will also involve other big names in local music.

“We are finalizing the project, so far we’ve worked with DNA and Sigidi. We plan to work with Nepman as well,” Kabuzi said.

The Biriwiri duo are among veterans in local urban circles having got into the limelight around 2006 with their album called Chipata Chopapatiza. Songs from the album enjoyed massive airplays on local radio stations.

Kabuzi and Zizwa are given credit for sticking to the roots as they include Afrocentric features in their music. Raping in vernacular language, their style is unique.

Their remarkable contributions in Malawi music transcends to promoting artists. Some of the local major artist they have promoted are Maskal, Piksy, Armstrong, and Trumale. They also promoted up and coming gospel artists like McLuther Mambala, the 2013 Sunbird Search for a star winner.

Biriwiri is also the reason Malawi has annual urban music awards, dubbed the Urban Music Party (UMP).


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