Malawi Road Traffic service adjusts offences and penalties


…K3000 for ‘unnecessary hooting

The government of Malawi through the Road Traffic Service has adjusted the 2014 roads regulations which includes offences and penalties to careless drivers and all other road users in the country.

According to information made available to this publication, the road traffic service has done this with the aim of reducing road accidents which were as a result of careless driving.

The road traffic service has set K8000 as a fine for every driver who will fail to stop a vehicle or comply with directions required by a traffic law enforcement officer which is contrary to section 8 and 9 of the act.

New fines on the roads.

The government through the road traffic will be fining all drivers with K3000 who will be hooting unnecessarily. This is to reduce noise pollution.

The biggest victim in these amended regulations will be drivers who will illegally obtain a new certificate of fitness after the first one has been suspended or cancelled and the person will attract a fine of K25000.

This has been seconded by a K20000 fine to anyone found operating a driving school without getting registered which is contrary to section 37 of the Road Traffic Act.

Road traffic has not left out drivers whose vehicles produce much smoke when driving. The drivers found guilty of this will be supposed to pay a fine of K5000.

Drivers will have to pay K5000 for depositing any materials out of the vehicle upon or along the side of the road.

It has also been revealed that any driver who will park their car wrongly, will be required to pay K15 000 fine.

Motor cyclists who will be found operating one’s motorcycle, with a sidecar, motor tricycle or a motor quadrucycle with the headlight not illuminating will be fined K3000 and K8000 is for not wearing a helmet.



  1. Funny things at Malawi. Now comes. Mukamakwatirana muzikhomera zitupa kwa DC.mukamapanga maukwati Ku holo muklipire Kaye Ku khonsolo ya mmatauni. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yah. The Honey land.

  2. What i know is Malawian laws are made by Parliament & approved by President my question is where did they get power to make those foolish laws?

  3. china chikhale galimoto ikawonongela pa msewu iyikokedwe msanga otsati kumakonzela pa msewu pompo. Chikhaleso chilango. Hooting yes amapanga nazo phokoso kwa mapatient A BP.

  4. china chikhale galimoto ikawonongela pa msewu iyikokedwe msanga otsati kumakonzela pa msewu pompo. Chikhaleso chilango. Hooting yes amapanga nazo phokoso kwa mapatient A BP.

  5. Kudos for punishing motorists or their passengers who throw things like drink cans, packets, banana peels etc out their cars. This is a very bad Malawian habit. You should also punish slow drivers who stick to the right lane on the Chipembere highway

  6. Unnecessary hooting……….eeeeeee there are 2 categories of offenders on this one

    1. Minbus drivers
    2. A Maukwati aja amadutsa mu town….

  7. The higher you rise what you have mentioned the higher you uplift coruption charges in the roads of Malawi, and pa Lunzu,GDC pali tianyamata tinatake mmmmmmm chileso papemphedwe as if ndalama mumanganga limodzi zikumawawa .

  8. Ine sindinganene kalikonse,zimaonetsa kut enafe tinangokuperekezani dzikoli.Olemba ndi Ofuta ndinu chaife chitamveke chiyan.Or titati silamulo limeneri simungatimvere [Olenga Malamulo inu].

  9. Zachamba basi………uzimu ukukusowani ngakhale mudapita ku school, older people like you nkukhala pansi phee nkumakambilana mbwelerazi………hooting?

  10. It seems they’ve left out drunken driving and exceeding driving limits. Should we say these have been left out because they’re obvious offenses? But at least the public needed to know the actual penalties. Should I assume my eyes skipped these two offenses when I perused through the document?

  11. That is good move avoid paying penalties kumangosata malamulo apanseu basi. vuto la malincence akwathukuno ambili ngogula kuseli ndiye malamulo apanseu samaziwa nkomwe mapeto ake amangopalamulapalamula akatero kumadana ndi apolice kuti akuwabela. Koma drive oziwa malamulo bwibwino atha kiyenda chaka osawatapisapo apolice

  12. Hahaha mayo mayi my Malawi where are you heading to? Is unnecessary hooting a criminal offense, I don’t know if I can say im lucky or poor for not owning a car.

  13. More penalties as if the money is helping the economy bhu only making money for drinks we’ll still hooting even when we see them at pub

  14. If i were in malawi ,i can hit on a police and stop then if iam interrogated,i would jst say i saw the police,i couldnt hoot bcz i feared to be charged with a dengerous hooting.

  15. Ma penalties akewa ruther say galimoto zomwe zimatulutsa utsi kwambiri wakuda biiiii ikamayenda was better bcz akuononga mpweya

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