Escom given 3 days ultimatum to end load shedding

Escom Malawi load-shedding

…don’t cheat us there is water now

Some concerned citizens in the commercial city of Blantyre have given the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) just 3 days to finish the  load shedding process which has seen incessant electricity blackouts in the last months of this year, Malawi24 understands.

According to the group, Escom has been given up to 1 January to be done with its load shedding saying from second January there should be no more load shading.

According to one of the concerned citizens, Patrick Masiku, it is very worrisome that Escom is continuing with the campaign yet there is plenty of water in the Shire river.

Escom Malawi load-shedding
Blackouts now order of the day (Library)

He then added that if Escom continues with the load shedding, they will be forced to do an unspecified action.

It is however feared that people want to take to the streets against the electricity supplier.

Maseko said people in the country are tired of the continued power failures which started from August this year.

“We are now here to remind our own Escom of their duty. Imagine not having lights for 8 hours? So now we are saying it’s high time this was halted. We have the water now so we are looking forward to seeing them changing. From January 2, we want electricity back in our homes. God has done us his mercy by bringing the rains and we have the water too. If no change, then we will do something,” warned Maseko.

Two months ago, Malawi Police officers in the capital Lilongwe arrested human rights activist Billy Mayaya for taking to the streets in protest of persistent blackouts and water shortages that have hit the country.

Mayaya disclosed that the anti-persistent blackouts and water shortages demonstrations were set for that day despite Lilongwe city council and Malawi Police advising him to reverse his idea.

He asked demonstrators to bring candles and charcoal while they are in black clothes.



  1. koma bwanji osapita ku escom komweko ndikukaona nokha mavuto ali kumeneko then mubwele pa public ndikuwauza a escom kuti magetsi asamathime muzipanga izi ndi izi, I think maganizo anuwo atha kuthandiza osangoti a escom alephera tiyende pansewu. No no no mukayenda pa nsewu ndiye magetsi ayamba kuyaka?

  2. i think Malawi should find better ways of generating electricity, look at maiko a zanthu how they r doing. amapanga magetsi kuchokera ku uranium & other ways, the other problem is kampani ndi imodzi ku Malawi Kuno dat’s why things can’t even change.

  3. Aaaah mukunamatu inu vuto limeneli silidzatha kwathu kuno or mutabweletsa machine odula and magetsi akazima mumati ndi anyani azimitsa pena muti zinyalala zachuluka so musatinamizepo apa

  4. Kkkk power blackouts were not entirely a function of low water levels as these stupid morons cowed us to believe. The incarnated monkey that has refused to disembark on escom’s back: escom is a cash cow for political goons that supply low quality equipment which can not generate enough megs to meet demand! copy that!

  5. do ppo stil believe what blascom aka escom say? I stopped listening to their childish stories long time ago. only children would blv them.

  6. koma a escom tanamizirani zina plz, mutenge maso anu onse mupenye kumwamba nde munene kuti nvula kulibe malonda anthu akuwoola mu fridge munthu akukanika kulipira lent coz of inuyo reason madzi kulibe madzi ake omwewa mpaka tikukwezera maize kumunda? what kind of water do need? RED,BRUE O WHAT?

  7. All the national was suppose to protest.not only Blantyle These is the main impact why our economy is not improving.the company cannot able to produce .our industries are low

  8. No, please the water is available but NOT just enough to end load shedding! Somehow mid January can help to have more waters from Central and Northern Regions. Please give them some little more time, I implore you!!

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