BREAKING: Admarc squeezes Times by the neck


Malawi24 Breaking NewsAfter busting them on the corruption deal that involved ADMARC in the purchase of Zambian maize, Malawi24 can exclusively reveal that ADMARC has moved the courts to stop TIMES from reporting on its corruption.

In an injunction obtained today, ADMARC through its lawyers has asked the Courts to order TIMES to order its coverage on the corruption fiasco that the institution has been involved in.

Information that Malawi24 has indicates that on Thursday, ADMARC petitioned the Courts following the coverage of the corruption that ADMARC has been involved in. The corruption involves the purchase of maize.

TIMES started by reporting that ADMARC had duped Malawians on the Zambian maize, buying it at a higher price than the one expected. Highlighting that it was a corrupt deal that benefited some people at ADMARC and in government.

The story was followed up by another indicating the trouble between ADMARC and the third party involved in the deal.

Unhappy with this, ADMARC has sought for a relief from the Courts.

It is not known if TIMES will take this lying down as it has already defied the order by publishing on the gagging in its paper of tomorrow.




  1. While APM is busy enjoying life at the palace as if nothing is happening in Malawi. Fighting corruption in Malawian style

  2. I second the injunction because the paper in question has to wait. The list of beneficiaries is still coming; politicians, Parastatal, head of state, country to country, greedy judges, lawyers…. so please don’t publish it now mungawatsekere kunja enawa akubwera kkkkkkkkk kkkkkk Malawi tsopano! !

  3. Where on earth does this hapen? What do they want people to say? What are they hiding? Whats the motive behind for this? Is this the right way to go by or ending the matter? God is watching,

  4. It is true and doubt it. am afraid of our court, they understand that corruption took place and they want Admarc to play a role profile business without being checked. Achedwa anthu adziwa kale and alowa 2017 ndi high blood pressure! ODPP nayonso iwunikidwe bwino