Bingu stadium is a waste of resources, says analyst

Bingu National Stadium
Humpreys Mvula
Mvula: Resources are being wasted.

One of the country’s political commentators, Humphreys Mvula, has lamented the Malawi government’s lack of proper planning in spending loans.

Mvula said government often spends the money on things that will not help ease the poverty faced by the rural masses.

He said most politicians are only working towards fulfilling their needs and not those of the citizens.

“It’s unfortunate that since we started borrowing money from outside, nothing is happening. Things are worsening by the day. I think the government is very poor at managing the loans,” said Mvula.

Mvula added: “it is very worrisome that government spends loan funds on presidential cars and ministerial benefits.”

The analyst has since trashed the construction of the Bingu National stadium saying it was a waste of money because it will not help in improving the life of someone in the village who will never even have access to enter the stadium.

“To me the billions should have been invested in agriculture. Reduce the price of fertiliser so that someone from the rural areas would access the farm input,” he fumed.

According to Mvula, some of the luxurious things must be considered after the main things like Agriculture.

“If it’s about the stadium, we would have used proceeds from Agriculture and not loans. This will not ease the burden of loans and I can see that we will keep on borrowing, which is an indication that we are not developing,” he said.

On his part, government spokesman, Nicholas Dausi, asked for time to respond to some of the arguments saying he is just new in the office.



  1. chomwe unachiona cha nzeru ndi kudzudzula mwina poganiza dola yomwe yavaya pomangisa bwalo la masero lija? mwana opusa heavy koma ikakhala cashgate nde osapanga criticise

  2. Ulimi tidayamba nthawi ya atsamunda palibe ndiona ine. Mr Mvula talozanitu chitukuko munapanga kudziko la malawi. Achinyamata stadium ndiimeneyo asiyeni kukalamba awa

  3. I thought it was our levy mwanawasa stadium its a state of art,inu a malawi be proud of what you have,kufukanso Ina ya civilian so that maybe one day malawi and zambia can cohost the afcon

  4. Pple can u read de whole story wisely n comment! A thnk anthunu mukungowona headline apa! Coz me 2 a thought wz a stupid comment kma after readin de whole story it makes sense! Nt dat hz agaist de stadium!

  5. Analyst et?
    if theres nothing good to say u btter go and stay , enjoy and care for ur family
    Rather than talking mbweleras

  6. Mvula musavutike naye iyeyo wasala pang’no kupanga expire nde palibenso chabwino chilimwaiye or chomwe anga one pachitukuko chilichonse.

  7. Tawauzani a Mvulawa aziyenda timaiko tawazungulirati awone ma Stadaum a nzawo. Kungomva kuti Mw ndi osauka ndiye ma bwalo ngati awa tisakhale nawo? Ngaji mwakula asiyireni achinyamata zinthuzi.

  8. I one day said this. It is very pathetic that pple just look at the beauty it brings to the country and forget the poverty and poor social services they get from their govt through loans. If we are serious minded pole we shud have understood that while the stadium is theirs beautiful and attractive as it is, we have no electricity, water and the state of the roads is pathetic. We use these everyday but not a stadium. From the flow of comments on this matter, I conclude that poverty and underdevelopment in Mlw will last long bcoz of the cerebral quality of its citizens. They fail to prioritize quality of life.

  9. Ndigwilizane nanu a HURRIFLY ZANJ! Ineyo ndimachoka ku Zimbabwe kumene ndimakalalikila uthenga! titafika pa Wenela ku BT Njonda yachilendo idakana kusika m’basi chifukwa imati siinafike ku BT-DEPOT Kaamba ndim’mene palili pa BT-DEPOT! Komabe m’lenduyo anatsikabe akudandaula kwambiri! Kodi kutukuka kwa dziko nkumeneko?? Aunduna waza mtenga-tenga ndi zokopa alendo mukuti bwanji? kodi mudaendako ku maiko anzanu-nkusilila madepot anzathu?? ZACHISONI!!!!

  10. Kkkkk mbava iyi imafuna ndalama italowa mtumba mwake, kuziona ngati wa mzeru akunena mzeru zoputsa. Ngati analephera kuyendetsa chipani ana ake ndi awa akuba mulimbemu. Ngati dziko la Malawi likuvutika lero ndichifukwa cha nKulu ameneyi Mr Mvula.

  11. This Mvula is wrong on this ,when is he want Malawi to have such a nice stadium ? Ask him , if something great has been done let’s appreciat nor oppose everything aa

  12. Misala inaso inu a media kumangoiona apa. Munthu kulemba zopusazi inu kulemba news? Wat for. Nde mukufuna citukuko cizikhala cotan ? Mmmmm malawi kuli zilombo maganixo opusawa sitingalemere. Or kumumanga wanena zimenezi uuu

  13. Mr. Mvula you were one of the big dudes in the then ruling party UDF. In fact you were considered the party strategist. If you must be reminded ,you and your yellow colleagues,being the first rulers in a multiparty democracy, had a chance to set proper and meaningful direction for this country .Instead what you did was inculcate the spirit of katangale/kusolola Thats the legacy of UDF -corruption and wastefulness. You are the pioneers of this

  14. Why Mvula is talking lero chosecho akuyamba kumanga anali alimomuno m’malawi. Why u blame peter munthalika? That stadium anali masophenya adoctor Joyce banda ndiyemwe anaganiza zoti amange Ku lilongwe so we have to thank pp kumanga stadium pa capital city.

  15. Ife owenela ndi oukonda mpila tikuti zili bwino tikufunanso amange ena ku Bt ndi Mzuzu. Uyu mukuti mvulayi mutu mwake mwadzadza mamina akanafunsa ana ake kaye kaye asanabwele pagulu akanamuletsansokomweko kuti wakamba zambwelela

  16. What the hell r u talking about ? What’s wrong with a nice stadium, so foolish . I think u have nothing to criticise. Can’t u see we can’t host even African cup coz of lacking such facilities, poor roads etc. During world cup in South Africa not even one country could think of doing its training in malawi coz of poor and watery ground. Even the super league itself lacks it’s quality due to the conditions of ground. Come and visit mzuzu stadium n see whether it’s favourable for super league or else what? Shame on u . The government of malawi should try her level best to build more such stadiums in malawi to improve our soccer status.

  17. Chakwela amene waku2ma iwe eti? Galu wamun2 iwe osamayamikako zinaz bwanj? Akuluakulu ndare paliponse!! Bwanji? Pakunyapako wanva iwe umatchedwa kt mvula

  18. This is how you can know that some people are as useless as used oil how can someone say Bingu stadium is useless when he himself is a useless kid.

  19. Mr mvula ngati ukulephera kulera ana ako ndiye ungamve bwanji za chitukuko?.Mwana wako siuja anagwidwa akuba ndi mfuti ku bt ko?nanga mzeruzo zilipati poti ana ako ndi mbava zoba ndi mfuti

  20. kodi mesa that’s part of infrastructural development… Mr man don’t politicize this issue… to some of us football is everything… please mind your f***n business

  21. Kodi inu amvula mayeso anu a eight mudalembela kuti? Ndikufuna ndi kachite investigate thats true if u ws fnd fall or pass because is kuyakhula kwako kukusonyeza kuti ku school sumunapiteko adangokutola ndimkana mukumangonyoza zizabwino zomwe

  22. much as we appreciate the stadium, Mvula has a point. Our gvt borrows money too much, but we are still in poverty, why not borrowing and investing the agriculture…..

    1. N wat our govrnment doez its lyk dis,buyn a car yoyendera yoti it wll b a parasite @ home instead of investn de money n business kuti ikubweletsere ndalama yoti ugule galimoto yoyenderayo! So dats wat mvura is sayn! Nt he meant dat de stadium is nt gud!

    2. Vuto la ife amalawi timatengeka ndi zopusa zomwe… ngongole ya stadium tizabweze ndi ma youth ife tomwe, ngongole nde nzambiri koma umphawi unakali

  23. Izi ndiye zachamba izi mxiii ndale zanuzi zafika pa ugalu heavy and zatikwana….what’s wrong with having such a Modern stadium ? Simumachita manyazi ndi lack of resources tii nayoyi eti ? You better shut up if you have nothing to say.

  24. @ Billy C Jali, thank u for cursing! But the fact remains that Peter is a Stupid Failure of all the presidents who have ruled Malawi. A Total disgrace of a person called American professor! Ask any body intelligent, all the Chanco lecturers will tell you that Chakwera and Mvula are genius and Peter is just a heap of feaces!! Rubbish!

  25. This is what happens when a person takes kachasu for breakfast. His level of thinking is highly compromised by the heavy stuff intake , how could someone blame the government for trying to at least have one beautiful stadium in the entire nation. Haiboo !!! find something else to talk about.

  26. Amalawi tiyeni tizinena zoona zoti zikhala zaphindu kwa mtundu wa malawi inu amvula ndindani akutumani kuti muyakhule chomwechi kapena tiziti mwazizimukila kutulo mukuyakhula kapena ndi mutu waphwesa wanatongole kapena kuyamba kwandithu misala kodi tafusa koma ndiyambe ndatseka kaye kkkkk momwe zimayambika za stadium yi mudali kuti? Ndipo mudali potani? U say nothing, apa zingosonyeza kuti chipani chanu chikazawina 1 muzagulisa stadium yi 2 kwa chipani chanucho achinyamata mulibe nazo ntchito ndipo anthu ozindikila sanga votele chipani chamaganizo amenewo zapita mzaka zingati muli chipani cholamula nanga mudachitapo chiyani pa season yanu? Kuba kokha kokha ndi kusintha mayina azitukuko zomwe adapanga azanu ndiye ndizitukuko zikuluzikulu zomwe mudapanga ine siwandale koma nditha kunena kuti malemu vrs malemu ndiyamene adali ndi maso phenya lazitukuko zikuluzikulu malawimo chifukwa iwo ndiyamene ali ndimayina awo pazitukuko za dzikomu osati akanda utuwe enanu ndalezo amatelo ? Mwamkalamba eti? Kulibwino kungosiya ndalezo. Formed by l.b.k.m

  27. No wonder this guy finished shirebusline, the stadium is an investment that will benefit Malawians in the long run. With that stadium, Malawi can host Africa cup all nation. We have a chance to test improved facilities that will improve entrance capacity in stadium.

  28. Kukanakhala kuti kunyoza chitukuko chabwino ndi mlandu Judge wake nkukhala ine … ndikanawalamula kuti akagwire ntchito ya kalavulagaga ku NDENDE moyo wawo wonse…!

  29. No! no! no! no! Humpreys. You are now mad. We needed that type of stadiums long time ago. Still living in the stone age. Pls wise up.

  30. Its sad to note that some analysts do not know the importance of sports to the country. I dont like Dpp but I like the idea of having a good national stadium because it shows a good image of our country. Sports also unite people in the country as well as exposes our players to internationally accepted standards of playing fields. Even in a family a father should have at least a decent trousers reguide

  31. Apa Mr Mvula nde mwanama.. Kodi nde kuti simumayenda maiko ena?? taziyamikirankoni kumbai ya ma Stadium amakonowa Malawi ili mbuyo kwambiri ndipo Boma lipitilize kumanga…. kwatsala ku BT amangenso! YANUYO NDI NSANJE CHABE!

  32. Kikikiiii Mr Mvula I think ur growing old and seems your brain is unfortunately following suit, I did not expect such unreasonable utterance from u sir. Am ashamed of you, ndale mupusa nazo, we need such a stadium in brantyre and mzuzu too at this age

  33. Even wen u dance on water, bt ur enemies will still critisize u of rising up the dust.
    Thus Malawians i know, bzy luking for ways and means of critisizing someone instead of encouraging him.
    Stupidity at its risk

  34. Your right Mr Mvula !… if we invest in agriculture….we can build stadiums using our money not loans.

  35. Mvula,wadya njinga??go & take a call of nature plz,osatipomboneza ife a MALAWI ndalamazo sizikuchoka mthumba mwako

  36. stadium worst of resources ukuthandauza chani mvula.that is a big devpmnt for malawi as acountry.iwe mvula unagwetsa stage coach bus company utaba ndrama zambiri.ukuona ngati tinaiwala?u talking rubbish.

  37. Honestly is gud development to have high classs stadium and if we had more than three like these,i think one day malawi could host African cap of nations,learn from south African even poors are there.

  38. Tonsefe ndiokonda mpila koma funso ndilakuti, ungakasewele mpila mmimba mulibe kanthu? Chinanso ndichakuti ndi anthu angati amene akanathandizidwa ndi ma millions amenewa, a president ndi cabinet ministers aindikutha kudziwa kuti anayambapo ayenda mmudzi ndikuona mmene anthu akukhalila, then akanakhala akumawaganizila anthu awo sicholakwika kumanga stadium it encourage maiko ena kudzapanga host china chake kwathuko komano abwana yambali mwakondza mmizi.
    Kwacha yomwe ikugwa daily
    Mukatelono yambani zinazo coz this major things plz mukatelo muwina miyoyo ya anthu ambili.

    1. Sionse oti ambuye ambuye amene akauone ufumu wakumwamba, nde inu ngati mwadya tsiku limenelo nenani kuti zikomo ambuye chifukwa ena agona ndinjala. Akhululukileni wakumwamba pa mau anuwo kkkkkk

  39. Where was he when this project started? Mr mvula i think ur crazy coz dat stadium is needed here in malawi & i may hve an opportunity to talk to mvula,,,,i wil personaly ask him wat benefit did most malawian get when they were in government & pliz provide construct idea

  40. Kodi kukhala ndi zinthu zamakono ngati dziko ndikuononga? Thats why tinagulitsa ndege ndalama zake nkugula ma drinks mmalawi sadzatukuka tikakhala ndi moyo umeneo, Simachita manyazi mukamawona ma stadium amaiko ena?

  41. Welcome to Malawi where building a world class infrastructure is the WASTE OF RESOURCE this is so pathetic …..

  42. Uyo Mvula is useless my brothers. Here in Zambia we are now appreciating such structures and we still want more. Let that chap not deceive you into under-development.

    1. Though your economy may not be at its best, development has to continue. It may not benefit you and I right Now, but let’s think about posterity.

  43. ” things are worsening by the day ” . Is this man Chakwera? He is seeing what dpp does! Now invite your Stupid MBC for Chiefs to castigate Mvula as you did with Chakwera. A dpp leadership is the most stupid to the End…indeed Muthalika is living in a Mthalika Country whose capital is State House built by Kamuzu !! Mbuzi ya Mtsogoleri, A BIG FAILURE OF THE TIMES….

    1. mr man,ithink u dont no what ur comenting at .Is that a failer 2 huv a high class stadium,what axactly do u want from the government,do u want government to build a house 4u insted,n u called urself a graduate.ihuv never sein a such graduate comenting noncese

    2. Useless cmnt anthu opanda umunthu unu pamenepo ndiye wapindulanji mbuzi yamunthu. Ukuona ngati tonsefe timadya ndale? Asogoleli ukuwachemelelao akuthandiza chani olo atalowa mboma lelo? osamapanga zoti zikuthandize wekha bwanji. Kamuzu amamangilanji stadium ngati yaleloyi siyofunika? Iweyo ndiyemwe walemba nkhaniyi ndi mbuzi zawanthu obadwa mwanyama

    3. Kkkkkk stadium linayambidwa ndi boma la #amayi awa angomalizitsa komaso palibe chifukwa chonyozera boma apa stadium ilibwino osamangotukwana zilizonse

    4. Laston Chicco Lipenga mwina simukuziwa komwe kukuchokela stadium,, stadium imeneyi anali ya Bingu osati Joyce

    5. Kikikiiii amwene ochakwela atakhala pulezident lero, akunikhakoni chani choti mulusile chotele? U completely missed the point and what ur commenting on, mkwiyo wangokula chifukwa akulamula ndi peter, pepani mukanangosowa ngati jb, musatibowe.

    6. Koma anyawu inu..stadium yi silibwino….i think u want Mr President to buld stadium for u nyawuz then u gonna say thenx to ruling government

    7. kkkkkk #Laston stadium anabweretsa ndi Bambo Bingu wamuthalika in those days malemuwo amati ikakhale ku BT’s so a mayi aja kamba kofuna mbumba anaipitisa ku L city mmene zilirimu mwina mu nthawiyi muli tiawana bcoz pa fb amene amasokoneza ndi anthu ongomvetsedwa ngati inu ,,sorry,,

    8. Jekete ngati munthu wanzeru koma chili chisiru, ukuganiza zoti Chakwera wakoyo azalowa m’bomanso? Sungadabwe ndi John Tembo, akufika pochita resign akuwulakalaka mpando wa u president koma osaulawa, ndiye uyu munthu wotembereredwa woga m’manja mwa mulungu mpando wake utiwo ukunenawo? Panyopako ndi Chakwera wakoyo, mimba kukula koma uli opanda nzeru wagule kwawo gule-kwawo gule.

    9. If you have children and be called “father” then you are the most stupid father on earth. learn to appriciate what others have done to their country.

  44. Humpreys Mvula you’ve been around now for sometime, can you remind me your visionary development to the nation? Unayamba kung’amba kukamwa lija ndi kale. Kukhwatcha amzako basi kambako zako.

    1. Are you sure that during construction of the stadium no other Infrastructure development was going on? It is bad to have a single track mind.

  45. Mbuzi iyinzo mmalo moyamikira koma kunyodza munthawi yanu simunamange stadium koma busy kutsintha maina zitukuko za kkamuzu koma kuba mbuzi iwe .kodi si iwe unathetsa company ya shire bus company kamba kotsolora?

  46. Mvula Alibe Nzelu,,bingu Stedium Is One Of The Finest Projects Malawi Govmnt Has Ever Implimented,,so Shut Ur Probosis Mr Rain

  47. Malawians also deserve world class infrastructure. Those who are against the building of this stadium have got a twisted mind.

  48. Amvula ngati munalibe choyankhura ndibwino kuseka pakamwa ,ife achinyamata okonda masewera ampira wa miyendo tikufunabe ma stadium ngati amenewo ,tangoganizani ndalama za cash gate akadamangira maStadium enaso ku blantyre ndi mzuzu malawi couldn’t move one step foward? I’m strongly disagree with you

    1. and munthu osauka sagula nyama ? u r rt . Kupanga host Nations Cup kumafuna ma stadium ngati amene aja four and other smaller ones opangila training apapa tayambapo .akangongole zina timangile ena atatu

  49. Amvula akuyankhula nonsense kkkkkk iiiiiih koma anthu ena…..

    Ine i dont go for DPP koma stadium ndi chitukuko chachikulu kaya…..

    Chilichonse kumangonyoza basi

  50. Mr Mvula u are such people who hv contributed malawi to be in a such s,u dont know what is good or bad for malawians what u know is negatives

  51. We need capital investment in each city, municipality and district. Let us forget development if we stick to coupons, seeds, greenbelts and road grading type of investment. Imagine, we have many districts without a hotel’ a shame indeed. We need meaningful investments. Let us construct good schools, universities, roads, factories, stadiums, ten to twenty storey skyscrapers, modern hotels and conference centres. These lodges, rest houses, etc along the roads are a shame to our economy. Let us think big Malawians.

  52. Koma ndiye anthu ena tikulifunira chani zikoli? cn that b true to say B I STADIUM is waist of resources?kodi tikuwaganizira bwanji achinyamata? apengadi anthuwa ndi prof APM & DPP but mudakali sorry

  53. Paja green buffaloes yakwawo ku luwelezi ku mzimba inatha I feel he is talking sense…….Sapota wama club aku Vietnam uyo

  54. Khalambaziso pena zimationjeza bwanji..thats y mwinaso simukukomza misewu ya mmatauni muziti waste of resources..lilongwe nde its the ugliest city ive seen as if a president sakhala komweko.msewu waku airport nawo nde ndi nyasi..mwandikwitsa a mvula

  55. Its really great to have such a big international stadium in Malawi for the first time, its good, but you must also build a park station in Lilongwe, we need a park station not just a bus depot but a park station so that we mustnt be ashamed when we bring our visitors home

    1. Sometimes I feel sorry for my Mother Country #Malawi, When I see how Lilongwe bus station looks like mmmmh shame can’t even show friends kungokhala ngati Ku refugees camp , not like Capital City of Malawi, kumaoneka bwino Balaka Depot, I wonder why our Government doesnt do anything about this , no please We need a park station Ku Malawi osati zachimizi basi, development imayambira pakhomo pofikira alendo. Please share this to Malawi Government .

  56. I love football.other countries have even good stadiums than Bingu stadium.We should be nw thinking of building another one probably in Blantyre or Mzuzu.

  57. Koma chilipo icho tidzayamikilaneko mosatengela ndale?? mmh, mene ilili stadium ija ine siwa dpp koma monga mbadwa ya dziko lino ndikunyadila coz chija ndichimodzi mwazitukuko zolozeka, kapena mumafuna anthuwa ndalamazi azingoba zonse? tiyamikile stadium yakongoletsa mzinda and for us sports fans adatiganizila

    1. Oh!, mtima umeneu choncho nkumati tingapitedi patsogolo? poti ena akuyesela kuti atleast tisuntheko mwina pang’ono pokha tithe kusiyanitsa ndi zamake dzana, ndipamene wina akubwelanso kumanyogodola, amatelo? amenewa ndikwao komwe ndiyekuti amawadandaulatu, nanga izi nzokomela gulu, sizandale izi sakupangila kampeni ayi koma kuti anthu okonda masewela ampilafe tizisangalala, uh!

    2. Komatu mtima wa nsanje sumapita nawo patali ine za ndale Ayi koma soccer lover ndikuvomeradi Comred Mayamiko apa pachitikapo zinthu zabwino

    3. Ndikumbukila pamene inkamangidwa nyumba ya nsanjika kudali kunyoza,m’mene amamanga Palesi ku LL Chimodzi-modzi kunyoza! Stadiyamu njabwino ndipo tiwayamikile–ACHINA!!!

    4. aaaaaa man #Comred ku malawi ayi ndithu zinatipeza mochedwa izi za social media koma stikuyenera kutero ayi xa ndale zikhale zinanso okondwera tiyeni titero basi wasanje zimuwawa yekha ,,oky,,

    5. ndizoona zomwe akunena mr mvura apa boma langoononga ndalama pa ziiii bcz mpira omwe mumalowa anthu ndiwa NOMA, BB ndi team ina not CIVO vs MZUNI or MAFICO vs TIGERS azathu azungu stadium imazaza ngakhale EVERTON vs WIGAN

    6. Mmmh, maganizo kusiyana, ndiye bola chikhalepo tizichiona, pakakhala zofunika chizigwila ntchito, nafe timafuna kumakhala malo abwino popanga za sports, chabwino Epac vs Mzuni kusamadzadze palibe vuto, coz ngongole ya stadium ija sitikubweza thru gate collections ayi, koma inu mukagula soap ku shop pamenepo dziwani kuti mukubweza nao ngongole ija, % ya gate collection ndiyochepa izipita ku loan imeneyo #DYMAN

  58. A Mvula paja ndi mwana wapatchire. Akamufunse Chasowa. Government yaononga ndalama pomanga stadium? A mvula musandichimwitse

    1. Ngongole muzabweza liti?….ziko linazala ndi ngongole ili …ngongole za Bakili sizinathe …Za Bingu …simunaziyambe…Za Amayi ….ndiye milikutali….nanga za bwanawa…muzabweza liti…muli ndi chani chobwezela ngongole?

    2. But a loan involves signatures and some paperwork. …? ..and there is a total difference mainly on the above topic

  59. I hope u r ryt brother- right now gvrnmnt they surpose to implement future investment so tht nxt generation thy can use and see how potential was passed generation, than alwyz invst in present without future then we are wrong when doing tht.

  60. I totally disagree with my good old analyst Mr Mvula. Apart from investing on short term things Malawi also needs to invest on long term assets. Bingu Stadium is a long term investment. Its usefulness may not be seen today but surely tomorrow people will be glad to have it. Look at
    what happened with electricity for example. Because our parents failed to invest in long term needs it is us who are feeling the pinch now. Yesterday I read with keen interest what Kapito said on government not looking beyond 5 years. He was right. As Malawi we must avoid such mistakes. Get me right…..I’m not saying don’t invest invest agriculture. All I’m saying is that investments must be spread. You don’t say lets invest in agriculture and completely stop building hospital, schools, roads or stadiums.

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