Politicians are ‘killing’ Malawi – CAMA

The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has hit back at politicians for what it says is failure to offer solutions that can bail out the country from social-economic hiccups.

According to CAMA, politicians in Malawi have taken the country like a five year project for them to win a general election.

We need change: Kapito

CAMA executive director John Kapito said that politicians have put much of their focus on the elections, a development that has led to suffering of Malawians.

Kapito expressed skepticism on the ability of the country in 2017 to overcome the challenges that have hit the nation. He argued that the country’s economy is under politicians who are ‘amateurs’ on financial matters.

He cited high inflation rate, high unemployment rate and corruption to be among the reasons that have set the country on fire.

2016 has been marked as a year of suffering among many Malawians as the cost of living has drastically risen.

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Goodall Gondwe, has since admitted that 2016 was a year of hiccups.

He said this was due to dry spells that negatively affected the economy.



  1. Exctly, these politicians they will not help us, they are busy fighting for the power instead of focusing and thinking of dealing with our problems, actually this is not the time of politics, you can’t focus on important things if you only focus on politics!

  2. U put them into power thinking about that they will fix ur problem unfortunately they think about their families and their fellow greed and selfish politicians

  3. Almost all Politicians are elected based on our ignorance. How on earth will a normal person believe in promises made to him/her by someone who has almost nothing. Our MPs fail themselves & are expected to be looked after while we adress their poverty & at the very person is expected to sort a whole Constituency, HOW?

  4. Dese politicians are fools Akasakhidwa They Start taking those who hav chose them as fools And amayiwalaso zimene analonjeza duling there compaign Coz amakhala busy with Dere houses Instead of Thinking about de People Who Voted 4 them (RABISH)

  5. Vuto kumalawi silidzatha ngakhale kutabwela mulungu nuyankhulapo pazomwe zikuchitika malawi kwa 2days tidzavela koma tsiku lotsatila tayambaso.vuto likudza kamba kavindalama ivo mukupanga vikuluvikulu zoona mpaka 2000 aaaaa angaugwire nindani mtima pachuma.olo kapito atalankhula bwanji yayitele mapeto ake adzangoluzilapo umoyo.vuto kumalawi mtundu omwe udatenga upulezidenti yoyoyoyo nimtundu oopsa ndipo kwawo sipano padzilo lapasi ayi.ose apadziko lapasi amavelana koma siizi

  6. then y these politicians promise people that they gonna change their life wen they vote them, but nt they talking shit dat they mst be responsible for themselves, like may b they hv eva gv them somthing for free, andale amatitenga ngati zitsiru zawo ife eti, zopusa basi!!

  7. Mudzaziona Vutolathuamalawi Timangodziwakudzudzula Anzathu Ngatimuonakutiakulakwitsa Pangani Bungwelanukutimukhonzezolakwikazobasi

  8. We has been saying this over and over that these politician are just hungry for power. Instead of finding solutions they are busy kampeni. They are clueless. Malawians are working hard but the government is not meeting pple halfway.

  9. CAMA, the opposition political parties and other organisations have for a long time misled the masses by labelling the govt as machinery which solves peoples problems forgetting the fact that everyone is responsible for his or her own life. people should not be misled into looking up to the govt. no wonder no single govt has lived to the peoples expectations.

    1. Felix Phiri as long as u are right….but there are things a citzen can do and which a government can do. a citzen can decide to start a business to support his family but how can the business work with failing electricity,water and heavy taxes? its the government’s job to create a conducive enviroment for economic activities… and u dont expect a mere citzen to refurbish our hospitals with stacks of medicine do you?…..or can u?

  10. For how long are u going to learn that politicians are not a solution to Malawi’s social economic problems? for how long are people going to learn that they are responsible for their own socio economic problems. there will neva be a single govt that will solve peoples problems better than the people themselves, there is no fate but what we make.

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