Malawi Police officer caught pants down


Organizers of Luso Television Bus Ipite Football fiesta have asked Malawi Police to investigate how fans managed to climb the wall of Kamuzu Stadium in view of a Police Officer, Malawi24 can report.

Soon after Be Forward Wanderers’ 3-nil thumping of Nyasa Big Bullets on Monday afternoon in the first leg of the bonanza, a picture of fans making their way into the stadium in view of a Police Officer went viral on social media, prompting Luso Television Station Manager to ask authorities to investigate the matter.

“It’s disturbing to see people making their way into the stadium in the view of a Police Officer who was hired to stop such malpractices at the stadium.”

Malawi police

Malawi police officer in the red circle is believed to have aided fans climb the fence at the stadium.

“We are asking those in authority to investigate this issue because as organizers, we spent money on something only to be disappointed by those that should have been a part of bringing sanity to our gate management,” he said.

Meanwhile, Juma has revealed that football fans who will invade Civo Stadium for the second leg between the two giants will still be asked to pay K2000.

The remarks have come following fear that Bullets’ humiliating defeat will see the majority of it’s supporters abandoning the match. But Jump said that he believes Malawians love soccer and would still patronise the match.

“We are not changing the price tag for the second leg. People will still be required to pay K2000 for the match despite Bullets’ heavy defeat. We believe that Malawians love soccer and they will come out in large numbers to witness the handover of the bus to the winner,” he concluded.

For Bullets to stand a chance of coming back in contention to win the 26 seater Civilian bus, they must overcome the said margin at all cost.

Last year, study conducted by Afrobarometer had revealed that Malawi police officers are the most corrupt in Africa. They held the record for a fourth year running.



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