Broke Malawi Govt failing to pay ODL teachers

Malawi teachers

Having a bad festive seasons (Library)

Over 150 teachers under the Open Distance Learning (ODL) 1 in Chikwawa district say they had a very bad time over Christmas as they were yet to be paid their monthly perks.

The teachers who asked for anonymity, expressed that their names were reportedly missing from the system.

The perks are from the months of November and December.

According to the source, the teachers affected are from Livunzu, Ngabu and Nchalo zones.

The source complained that the government seems not to care for them at all.

It further complained that they are failing to adequately support their families.

They therefore asked government to find an urgent solution to the situation.

Responding to the issue Public Relations Officer for Ministry of Education Lindiwe Chide asked for more time to cross check on what has happened for the names of the teachers not to have appeared in the system.

Recently some ODL3 and IPTE 8 teachers were as well complaining over their salaries.

Last month, civil servants perks were also delayed.



  1. What do you expect to a government which is continually fail to solve our problems? Let the bunch of failures ban them. History will judge them for being the most incompetent government in malawi, not only in malawi but in the world. The issue at hand is for them to get their money first, the intimidations can be talked about when they have their money and have returned to their respective club sides, living poor teachers with nothing to eat, so how do you expect to have quality education?

  2. Pala ku Dedza wakujikaka wakulwela anyamata na asungwana awa. Kweni ntchachitima chomene kuluza wabali withu wakutemweka chifukwa cha vindere vili mu boma la dpp. Mind u i dont support any party politics but am sorry for the mess.

  3. Ine wa ipte 8 ndidayamba ntchito mmwezi wa april chaka chino, pano mwezi wa 9 sindinalandilepo koma ku ntchito ndimapita daily.ndayesesa to reach everywhere in de ministry of educa bt no to avail.ndatopa janu sindikayamba ndikayamba ndikalandila

    • Man inu ngati munalandila just thank God coz si ndine ndekha tilipo pafupifupi 135 ndipo ndakhala ndikukumana ndi azanga ku lilongwe ku capital hill kukadandaula vuto lake lomweli of coz ndikuziwa kuti mudadya kale ma 275g inu azathu amwayi

  4. Looking at the comments, it is a clear evidence that our press take advantage of our ignorance on certain matters to brainwash us. As it is now, there are no teachers under the ODL 1 programme coz all were employed together with IPTE 6. Malawians let’s not believe everything that catches our eyes. If we don’t know anything about the subject matter no one will blame u for silence. This isn’t true story.

  5. Boma likuchita zotheka kutu aphunzitsi mumvetse kuti ndinu osafunika kwenikweni. Nanunso a Malawi 24, tamalembani nkhani za anthu anthu osati za awa anthu osowa zochita. Ntchito ikhale kuphunzitsa tiana a e i o u?

  6. ena ndiye adamaliza course za ODL4 and 5,bt up 2 nw ma allowance awo sadamalize kunyambita, kkkkk!! mkumat uphunzitsinso? zonyela!!!