Ngumuya salutes Namadingo, Faith Mussa for 2016


Malawian lawmaker who is also one of the well known country’s gospel musician, Allan Ngumuya, has urged fellow artists in the country to refrain from imitating foreign music styles.

Ngumuya was speaking this as he was commenting on the year 2016 in regards to music.

According to the lawmaker, Malawian music has a bright future but says there are some several things which need to be carefully looked into.

Allan Ngumuya adds his voice on the music trends.

He further said if responsible authorities put a proper revenue collection system, the music industry can contribute much to the economic development of the country.

Ngumuya added that if Malawian musicians stick to the country’s tradition and being original could help to develop the industry.

“As you have seen, in Malawi things are happening. First of all there are some individuals who have unique sound and they have introduced a Malawian genre which to them it’s a unique genre. There is Patience Namadingo and Faith Mussa, they have proved to Malawi that things can be done unusual not just usual business. Don’t imitate or copy other people’s genres like Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe Zambia and other countries, don’t plug out a song and then translate it” advised Ngumuya.

He continued saying it is not only musicians who are supposed to do this but says all artists including poets, dramatists, comedians and all others.

He added that it can also help if the country could have an arts council which could be regulating all artistic works. He further said the council could also be responsible for collecting revenue in the industry on behalf of the government.