Race for promotion tightens

Chitipa United

The race for promotion to the Super League has tightened in the Northern Region’s Simama league after leaders Chitipa United lost 1-0 to second placed Kaporo United.

Chitipa would have gained promotion with a win but they failed to reply to Pilirani Thulu’s second half strike which gave Kaporo three points.

The result means Chitipa still have 86 points from 37 games and are remaining with a single match against Mchengautuwa to finish the season while their promotion rivals Kaporo now have 81 points but are remaining with two games to wind up.

Chitipa United
Chitipa United also in the race.

If Kaporo win the two games and Chitipa lose their single game, the former will be promoted to the Super League.

But Chitipa still have a bigger chance since they will earn promotion if they win their last game or if Kaporo lose one game.

However, Chipanga Banda who is a sponsor for Kaporo was adamant his side will get promoted.

“This time Kaporo will play in the Super League, nothing will stop us this was our tough game, Nthalire will be a walk over,” said Banda.

On his part, coach for Chitipa Ndenga said his team is not under pressure.

“The race is still on and it’s not over until it’s over, we are the league leaders and we are not under pressure we have a big point margin,” said Ndenga.