PAC relying on media to expose corruption


The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has expressed optimism that the media will continue exposing corruption in the country.

Speaking on the local press, PAC publicity Secretary Father Peter Mulomole hoped the media will continue to expose corrupt practices through their investigative skills.

Mulomole added that the Church has also stepped in to fight corruption in the country.

Fr. Peter Mulomole

Fr. Peter Mulomole; Says media vital in corruption fight.

“So far corruption is almost everywhere in the country but we are lucky that we have the media that we can trust when they carry out corruption stories,” said Mulomole.

He further advised the church and the media to work together in fighting corruption to achieve a corrupt free status for the country.

Both local and international analysts have bemoaned the alarming levels of corruption in Malawi, arguing that the country cannot develop with the current corruption status.

In recent years massive plunder of resources by politicians and civil servants has led to donors pulling out their financial aid to the country, a development that has negatively affected Malawi.