Manganya advises Mutharika

Michael Usi
Michael Usi
Michael Usi drills Mutharika.

If President Mutharika is at a loss on what to do to improve the well-being of Malawians, then he needs not have a headache anymore.

Comedian and public figure Micheal Usi who trades under the name Manganya in the drama circles has told the Malawi leader that it’s possible to improve the lives of Malawians.

Speaking in a radio program on the local radio station where he came face to face with newly appointed minister of information, Nicholas Dausi, the celebrated dramatist found time to offer Mutharika some piece of advice.

“What Mutharika needs to do is to fire the crooks in his cabinet,” said Manganya.

But last week the Malawi leader said that there are no crooks in his cabinet.

“There is no list of seven cabinet members implicated in corruption,” said Mutharika at a public rally.