Cedep told to respect Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

The Malawi government has hit back at Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) for criticising President Peter Mutharika saying the organization must respect the Malawi leader.

This follows a statement Cedep released which stated that Malawians are suffering because of “failure” of leadership by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) under Mutharika.

Cedep claimed that Malawians are having limited celebrations during the festive period due to economic hiccups that have hit the country.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika; Not being respected.

The organization cited persistent power interruptions to have contributed to financial instability among many Malawians arguing that citizens are unable to make profits from their businesses.

Cedep further described the 2016 Christmas celebration as a climax experience of Malawi’s financial woes.

But speaking on the local press, government spokesperson Nicolas Dausi, described the statement as an “insult” to the Malawi leader.

“We are worried as government, Cedep has insulted the president and we are wondering whether they are the same issues that everyone is talking in the country, the president must be respected all the times, they said that Malawians are suffering while the president is eating chickens at the State House, that is an insult,” said Dausi.

He added that government is ensuring that all challenges Malawians are facing should come to an end arguing that they have initiated plans such as the Kam’mwamba project to resolve electricity challenges.


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  1. Every Malawian ( appart from the misinformed ) is aware of the fact that there are ongoing projects to solve the water and electricity problems plaquing the country. Can any magician after a few months suddenly make available water and electricity to the whole country? Is it that the MCP, UDF and temporal PP goverments innitiated these projects and APM is failing to realise them. Please lets learn to criticise constructively leaving all the hatred aside for the development and peace of this country. Loosing an election is not a crime.

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