Rains will save Malawi’s economy – govt

Goodall Gondwe

The Malawi government through the ministry of finance has expressed hope that Malawi’s economy will improve if the country receives good rains.

This has come at a time when the country’s economy has been described as “bad” due to floods and persistent dry spells that affected the agriculture sector which is the backbone of the country’s economy.

Goodall Gondwe
Goodall Gondwe Malawi’s Finance Minister say rains will transform Malawi.

Speaking on the local press, minister responsible Goodall Gondwe expressed hope that Malawi is to make strides on the economy following the normal rains the country is expected to have.

“It will be dependable on how rains will behave, am told that we will have normal rainfall if that will be the case then we are to have steps up on food production,” said Gondwe.

He added that the year 2016 has been a tough one due to persistent droughts and floods, disasters that pushed down the country’s economic ranking.

Malawi is one of the countries in the world that relies on agriculture for its economic growth.


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  1. If rain is the only answer why do we have to pay all these politicians?

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