Police condemn chiefs for shielding suspects

Cassim Manda

Police in Dedza district have condemned traditional leaders for shielding mob justice suspects.

The law enforcers said some chiefs do not surrender mob justice suspects to the police even when the victim of the mob justice was killed in the presence of the chiefs.

Deputy spokesperson for Dedza police Cassim Manda said this after villagers in Kuthindi village in the district beat to death a 35 year-old man for trespassing at the house of a lady within the village.

Cassim Manda
Cassim Manda: This is worrisome.

The victim, Seliso Mulodza, was found floating in Nachilambu river in the village which is found in the area of Traditional authority Kamenyagwaza in the district.

Manda said he was disappointed with village head of the area who did not inform the police about the incident when it happened.

He therefore appealed to traditional leaders and community policing groups to report to police immediately after arresting any one believed to have committed a crime in order to protect the lives of innocent people.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested one suspect in connection to the issue but constable Manda has declined to disclose particulars of the suspect for fear of jeopardising investigations.



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