Malawian Muslims happy with Mutharika’s leadership

Peter Mutharika

Muslims in the country have said that they are happy with President Peter Mutharika’s leadership and achievements.

This was said in Mangochi on Saturday during the annual Muslim gathering (Ijtma) which was attended and opened by Mutharika.

In his speech, one of the organisers of the event Sheikh Muhammad Uthman said Muslims in the country are happy with Mutharika’s approach of valuing all Malawians.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika with some Muslim leaders.

He added that Mutharika cares for his people and is not biased towards a section of the population.

According to Uthman, Mutharika’s presence at the Ijtma is a sign of true colours of leadership.

Ijtma is the annual gathering of Muslims and this year the event is happening in Mangochi district where a lot of Muslim have gathered for a common purpose.

Speaking at the same event, Mutharika said the gathering should help Muslims reflect on the place of faith in developing the individual person.

He also urged the Muslims to teach the youth to be a disciplined and responsible generation so that they should not exercise their freedom without responsibility.

“We received our democracy the wrong way. But freedom does not mean confusion. This is my appeal to all faiths in this country, we should never allow freedom without responsibility; never allow freedom without discipline,” Mutharika said.



  1. Don’t say muslims in Malawi are happy with Muthalika’s leadership but say some Islamic leaders in Malawi are happy with Muthalika’s leadership because of what these leaders are getting from Muthalika. Kumamawapatsa atsogoleri ndalama azipembedzo ndikumawatuma kuti apite pa MBC ndikumati they are representing Islam or Christian it’s wrong, let the nation say its problems for this leadership to where akulemphera ndi pomwe akuchita bwino. SO DON’T SAY MUSLIMS YET THEY ARE SELECTED PEOPLE FROM ISLAM WHO ARE GETTING BREAD FROM THE GOVERNMENT. MUKAWATCHURA MAYINA AWO EVEN 20 SAKUKWANA OMWE ALI KUMBALI YA MUTHARIKA.

  2. A section of Muslims in leadership are the ones happy for Mutharika’s leadership. Plz don’t generalize issues.

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