Amuna Misso changes release date for Akalasimeti


Rapper Amuna Misso has changed the release date for the much anticipated hit Akalasimeti.

This means the song will not be dropping on 26th December as earlier communicated.

Akalasimeti which features Zomba based singer cum producer Postnegative of the Undiberekere Mwana fame was supposed to be released on Boxing Day.

The postponement means Akalasimeti will be out early next year.

Misso announces the change.

In an interview with Malawi24 yesterday, the Islamic swag hitmaker said that he wants to make the song a January anthem.

He added this followed an agreement with Postnegative who produced the song besides having his voice in it.

“I discussed with Postnegative that we should drop Akalasimeti next year, since the single is a big tune. So we deemed it wise to surprise our fans in January with this banger, currently we are just promoting the snippet/teaser and artwork of Akalasimeti as part of the promo. People can sample out the teaser by requesting it on Misso the One Facebook page and Isaac Postnegative Maloya (Undiberekele mwana Star),” said Amuna Misso.

The artist has not revealed the exact release date but if we are to go by his tradition, the song is likely to meet the public on 26th January.

Amuna Misso is accustomed to dropping songs on the 26th day of any month; Islamic swag came out on 26th March which happens to be his birthday.

Akalasimeti is a song with vocals that lean on a traditional beat, skillfully crafted by Postnegative under Terminals lab in Zomba.

The repertoire of drama therein makes the waiting tiresome but Misso assures Malawians to expect a hit.