Premier Bet’s fired workers protesting in Lilongwe

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…accuse bosses of having sex with female workers

Premier Bet workers who got fired a fortnight ago in Lilongwe, are holding vigils right now in the capital city, Malawi24 understands.

The demo is being held in the Central Business (CBD).

According to a reliable source who asked for anonymity the workers 96 in number  got fired ‘unceremoniously.’

Malawi24 Breaking NewsThe source told Malawi24 that the management never gave them reason for the firing.

“First of all the company just called all the employees from 14 shops to go to the office for a meeting. People were surprised that in their shops, the property including electronic devices were being removed. The shops were being locked and keys were being taken away by one of the officials there.’’

‘’ The following day people went to the office and on their arrival they were told that they have been all fired just like that without any notice. This is why we are protesting now’’. Said the source in an interview with Malawi24 a short while ago.

The source claims the accusations of shortages are not true.

Malawi24 has also been reliably informed top officials at the company forces female workers to their beds threatening to fire them should they refuse.

This publication has also learnt that the management forces the workers to work during weekend and public holidays.

The demo has been organized to force the company to pay them their perks as well as push the Malawi Gaming Board to seal the company.

The sacked include Supervisors, cashiers from all the shops, guards and cleaners.