Uninterrupted power supply worries Malawians


After enduring a bout of long hours of power blackouts, Malawians have taken to the social media to express surprise at the uninterrupted power supply they have been subjected to for the past two days.

A snap survey conducted by Malawi24 established that there has been an improvement in the supply of electricity.

In some areas, electricity has been uninterrupted for four days while in some areas it has been for two days.


Blackouts are no longer news.

The development prompted some Malawians to take to the social media to express surprise at the efficiency of ESCOM which has been a worst performer in 2016.

“Is everything at ESCOM alright, we have had lights for the whole day, ” one person posted.

“Can someone contact ESCOM faults for me, there has been no blackout for two days, ” another person chipped in.

“What are the plans of ESCOM, why do we still have electricity up to now?” a social media user wondered.

In recent days, people have been going for days with no electricity.



  1. Malawi24 please be serious. You mean you can have time to write such nonsense? We have serious issues that needs your attention and yet you are here busy with three people out of 17 million malawians discussing issues to do with electricity. Wake up from your slamber!

    • Welcome to the wonders of the media agenda… dumbing people down, getting them to focus on non-stories while ignoring real issues, pushing a left-wing pro-evil, anti-Christ agenda. But I do hope you have uninterrupted power 🙂

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