Support women in politics during non-election period – NGO-GCN


NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN) says there is need to continue encouraging women to participate in politics even in times when there are no elections.

This is coming after concerns that women are encouraged during elections to participate in politics but after the elections there is no support and encouragement for them to join politics.

Emma kaliya : We need change.

Executive Director for NGO-GCN Emma Kaliya said most times during elections various organisation come in encouraging women to participate in elections but after the elections there is no such support.

“There is slow progress in women participation in politics due to unsustainable policies to support their continuous participation in politics,” said Kaliya.

She added that the ceasing of various stakeholders in encouraging women to participate in politics is making it hard for more women to participate in politics.

Kaliya further said as a network they are working together with other organisations to see to it that policies that are put in place are good for women’s participation in politics.

According to Kaliya, speaking and campaigning for women cannot really help in the participation of women in politics but introducing policies that will see them taking part.

She further said her organisation will also make sure that other policies that restrain women from participating in politics are changed.