Northern Region will never rule Malawi – DPP


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has proclaimed that the North must forget about producing a president for Malawi; let alone influence who rules this county.

The party says the fact that President Mutharika and DPP managed to win 2014 presidential and parliamentary elections despite the Northern Region not voting for DPP when it was battling out against Joyce Banda and her People’s Party is enough evidence that DPP can do without the region.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika: Made it without the North

DPP national campaign director Jappie Mhango made the remarks over the weekend while presiding over opening of Msusu Bridge in the Northern region district of Mzimba.

Mhango, who is also minister of transport and public infrastructure, proclaimed that the North has smaller population to influence politics in Malawi compared to the other regions, saying DPP won because of Southern Region rather than Northern Region.

“So you can see the North can never influence who comes into power and if you know that you can’t beat them, you join them,” Mhango has been quoted as saying by Zodiak.

Mhango’s remarks come hot on the heels of People’s Party vice president Kamlepo Kalua efforts to set up a common bloc made of parliamentarians from Northern Region to have bargaining power for development in the region.