Medics dump health centres: Patients dying after being left untreated

Malawi Hospitals

Investigations this publication has conducted in Nkhatabay have established that about five health centres are operating without medical personnel.

In Nkhatabay South, about two clinics are almost closed also owing to inadequate health workers.  The situation is also the same at Chitheka health centre in Nkhatabay west.

Separate findings show that medical personnel who were posted in these facilities are in various colleges doing their upgrading.

Malawi Hospitals
Medics shunning some health facilities. (Related image – Library. )

Residents said they have to travel a long distance to access medical care, where there are at least available. In Nkhatabay south, patients have to travel about 10 kilometres to Mkondezi for medical attention.

From Nkhatabay west, they have to travel a distance of about 50 kilometres to access medical care at Mzuzu central hospital in Mzuzu.

“We really find it challenging but that’s the status quo. We have to travel long distances to access medical care,” said Anita Banda in Chitheka.

Confirming the problem, village headman Mphande recalled that the trend has cost some lives in his area.

Efforts to hear from the side of the district health officer, Albert Mkandawire, proved futile as his line couldn’t be reachable.