Dausi says he is ready to work with media

Nicholas Dausi

Newly appointed Minister of Information and Communication Technology Nicholas Dausi has assured the media that he will work with them to make sure that they have access to information.

In his words, Dausi who is also Director of National Intelligence Bureau said he is set and ready to work with media.

“I remember in 1994 Malawians voted for multiparty so I am ready to work with the media if they have positive mind towards issues concerning government and this country.

Dausi: Says he is ready to work with the media.

“There have been a lot of people on this position so it is not that am superior but the president has appointed me according to his own will,” Dausi said.

He added that Malawians should forget the past because this is a new administration and he believes that the president had good intentions when he chose him so he will work accordingly.

Commenting on the development, chairperson of Media Institute of Malawi (Misa-Malawi) Thom Khanje said Dausi is welcome and the organisation expects him to work hand in hand with the media following the passing of access to information bill which will allow people to have information on matters concerning the country

Dausi became Minister of Information on Monday following the firing of Malison Ndau.