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Opinion: Christmas is not the birth of Christ, just a Satanic festivity

So Christmas is here again: a time to share the love, the goodies, the fun and the usual tears and sorrows that come through many bad occasions that are surprisingly and sadly connected to Christmas. Occasions such as road accidents, immoral funny behaviors and what have you.

It is that time again when Christians leave their homes by day and others by night to gather with their fellows at Churches and Prayer Houses to offer Prayers to God in thanking Him for the gift of the Lord Jesus who was supposedly born on this day (December 25).

It is obvious that most of the people reading this article truly believe in Christmas as being a celebration of the birth of the Son of God. As a Christian boy I grew up believing that Jesus was born on December 25 and that celebrating the day was but one way of showing respect and gratitude to God for His Son, in whom I truly believe and live.

However while growing up, my nosing around and love for research to some level started to keep me hanging: whether to continue believing that the day, December 25 is worthy celebrating as a Christian holiday and a special day for the Lord.

My puzzle remained until when I finally experienced the pain of discovering that for a long time many of us have ignorantly been taking part in celebrating a pagan holiday that is so very closely (almost inseparably) related to Satanism, blood-drinking, and human sacrificing.

Through a little on-going research that has taken me through various books written by prominent people (who know what’s going on in the New World Order Agenda), many suppressed discoveries and revelations that were never allowed to see full publicity, and video products that have for a long time been concealed (by the people moving the Agenda), I have discovered many things that have actually enlightened me and several other researchers on how foolish we people have been for ages, simply because we don’t care.

Based on my findings across the year 2016 I have reached a full consciousness to declare that Christmas was not supposed to be a Christian festival if the world was to be fair unto itself and unto Jesus Christ Himself.

While not judging anyone who celebrates Christmas; my conviction is that celebrating the holiday is to some considerable level, subconsciously taking part in Satanism and the advancement of the Reptilian Agenda (also known as the Babylonian Agenda) which seeks to turn the World into one state, with one leader, one currency, one health system and one everything.

This is just as Suppressed Findings by countless Researchers around the world have tried to reveal over the past 2000 years.

So what sort of a holiday is Christmas? Put in simple terms, it’s a satanic festivity.

The Bible does not really openly indicate as to what time of the year (Day, Week and Month) Jesus Christ was born. But surely by simply looking at the Weather pattern in Israel where Jesus was born (in Bethlehem of Nazareth), one is sure to conclude that He was not born on any date close to December 25.

For starters, Israel like many other countries experiences two main types of weathers; winter and summer (although two other minor weather conditions might fall in between the two). Its summer begins in May and ends in September, while winter starts in October and ends in March.

During winter, day temperatures in the country usually range from 17 to 22o Celsius, and night temperatures range from 10 to 15o Celsius.

We all know that during winter there is always plenty green pasture around us, that no one would want to go on field feeding-trips with livestock. But still the story of the birth of Jesus Christ tells us that the very first people to receive the message about His birth were herdsmen who were visited by an Angel while at their Animal Feeding Field (where they usually camped for many days with their animals, in search of greener pastures and water). Now when I look at that story the first thing that hits my mind is summer, and not winter. And am sure it tells you the same too.

The fact that they were actually feeding animals in the field reveals a summer birth of Jesus, which literally contradicts the current Christmas date especially also looking at how the weather would be on December 25 in Bethlehem of Nazareth.

One can wisely conclude that it would be total madness for someone to just choose to spend nights in the field under temperatures as cold as 10 to 15o Celsius, supposedly in search for greener pastures when it’s winter and green pastures is everywhere.

It is during summer that Animal Heads go on such trips, and as indicated before, summer in Israel falls across May through September; suggesting that Jesus might have been born on some date like 18 August or just some other day, that the human race does not even give a damn about.

Then why do people celebrate the birth of Christ on this date? According to readily available History, the first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25 was in 336 A.D during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine (who was the first Christian Emperor). A few years later Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the same date. That is exactly how we got here.

It should be noted here that Satanism and Christianity are almost like two souls existing in one body (The body being the Church), and this is where the Antichrist has actually developed strong roots that even uprooting them has seemed to be literally impossible throughout recorded history. It is for this reason that the people serving Satan have ably managed to misguide innocent people around the world ever since the dawn of Satanism on earth, because not only do human being respect everything that the Church teaches them; but they also condemn any questioning of such authority. As it is revealed in a book called ‘…and the truth shall set you free…’ by David Icke, cleverly and systematically, some people who knew exactly what they were doing (and of course the people who are in control of things even beyond the Presidency and the Papacy), actually manipulated Pope Julius I to use his powers (knowing how powerful the Pope was) in declaring the Christmas date as a day to celebrate the birth of the Lord.

Of course thereby fulfilling their dreams of making this date (December 25) a World Celebration day for something else literally unrelated to Jesus Christ and the Christian Church.

So what is Christmas really all about in the underworld? Ironically and sickeningly, this most celebrated Christian event is a satanic celebration commemorating the death of an old king and the birth of a new king. This is the season during which thousands of children chosen from across the world are initiated into satanic practice at the highest level and of course the children are introduced into the New World Order mind control Programme that is a foundation for establishing the satanic (New World Order) leadership across the 2000 years (facts in Revelations of the Mother goddess by Arizona Walder). On the midnight of the 24th of December when we Christians ignorantly think Jesus was actually born, a very important satanic ritual called ‘the last bauble on the tree’ takes place. As revealed by Arizona Walder (revelations of the Mother goddess), in this ritual, among the chosen children, the very last child that places a bauble on the Christmas tree is killed for the ceremony. It is also of great importance to mention that the Christmas tree is a very powerful satanic symbol from the underworld. David Icke through his book The biggest Secret reveals that during such rituals there is lots of blood drinking and lots of human sacrifice made to the devil, hence the increased number of road accidents close to, during and even immediately after the Christmas festive season.

From these accidents blood is drawn and used at the rituals, because the Satanists have to drink more blood if they are to remain in human form (body) since they give their bodies to the devil and are given a reptile body into which they can easily manifest if it took a long time for them without sucking human blood. (Shape-shifting is another broad topic). The satanic Christmas celebrations existed way long before Christianity and indeed before the first Christian Church decided to come up with a date on which the world would celebrate the birth of the Lord. There are several other holidays that are presented to people in one way yet the creators of such holidays know exactly what the holidays are all about, such as Halloween and all these many Republic days in African countries. Apparently most of the Colonialists granted freedom to their Colonies on particular important dates when they were celebrating something in the satanic set up. It should be noted here that Satanism is a very broad topic that encompasses Religion, Politics, Culture, Education, Health and what have you; because Satan was here even before Jesus Christ Himself was born to us on earth. As such it is hard for one to separate between the Christian Religion and Satanism, and that is why most people today have ignorantly gone astray in the name of Church beliefs. It is upon everyone’s head to make a decision as to whether Christmas is worth celebrating as the day of the Lord’s birth or just another day famous for all the wrong reasons. If however one of us decides that ignorance is bliss and that there is nothing to lose in celebrating Christmas as long as it means something else to them, then all that this Writer can say is; Feriz Navidad! Feriz Navidad! Feriz Navidad! DISCLAIMER: The theories expressed in this Article are not the only possible interpretation of the subject under discussion. Readers are advised to make their personal decisions based on all available revelations and facts on this topic.

DISCLAIMER: Views in this post are of the writer and NOT meant to reflect those of Malawi24 but those of the author.

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