Man gets 8 years for raping three boys


A court in Mzuzu on Thursday sentenced a 32 year-old man to eight years imprisonment with hard labour for raping three boys.

Deputy Public Relations for Mzuzu police Cecilia Mfune said the rapist Masauko John was caught red handed attempting to rape the boys in July this year.

She however said John managed to rape the three boys who are all aged 14 on several occasions between the months of June and July this year at Ekwendeni in Mzimba North.

Court “John threatened the victims that he was a witchdoctor and they would die instantly if they revealed the issue to anybody,” Mfune said.

But the issue came to light when he was caught red handed by an elder person trying to rape the boys. The matter was later reported to police and the convict arrested on the spot.

He was charged with three counts of sodomy and was eventually convicted. In mitigation, John asked the court to be lenient claiming he is a bread winner of his family and that he was operated on his right leg.

But Chief Resident Magistrate Texas Masoamphambe said that though the convict was a first offender, he committed a serious offence.

Masoamphambe revealed that the victims have been stigmatised at school following the same inhuman act.

He then sentenced John to eight years in prison for each count of sodomy to run concurrently. The rapist comes from Nyotindau village, Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba district.



  1. I Think The Guy Must Have Psychological Problems That Need Not Only Jail Sentence But Also Psychotherapy. How Can He Hav Lust For His Fellow Men Leaving Cheap & Half Dressed Women & Girls All Over.

  2. I Think The Guy Must Have Psychological Problems That Need Not Only Jail Sentence But Also Psychotherapy. How Can He Hav Lust For His Fellow Men Leaving Cheap & Half Dressed Women & Girls All Over.

  3. How old are those boys who were sodomised?……death penalty could have been a good punishment for that stupid demon, the society doesn’t need such people to be around, God will punish us for allowing our selves to stay closer with these demons, we should do something to stop this, this isn’t a normal thing, we must do something whenever we see such things happening in our community!

  4. Eight years only? Males are priceless. When a female is raped only once, the rapist is charged 14 years. Here is a man raping 3 boys only gets 8years. Shame on us

  5. Chigamulo chikupweka kuno kumalawi tangoganizani nkhanza zotelezi zikuchuka xxx koma zilango zake basi timasiku tomweti basi

  6. u dont belong to this christmas,please leave “yenda” ku jail n i would rather u to be taken off in this country of flammes ,bad deeds with u go to jail.woooooo suyinukha christimas n new year in free,shame on u.

  7. Kumadebera mamuna nzako akazi ali mbweeeee mene pamakomeranso ndiye kukalowesa konyera kwamamuna nzaka kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uve.Bola kulowesa konyera kwa mkazikkkkkkkkkkkk

  8. Izii Nde Zachamba, Ngat Anal Nd Njala Bwanj Osapta Ku Mabala Kukuthana Nd Mahule? Ndkadakhala Ine Bwez Ndtamkoka KATUNDU Wakeo Kt Asazabwelezenso.

  9. Man gets 8 years for rapping 3boys? Awotu ndi malaulo, mnthu wamtundu wanji, chimakhara chani kwenikweni, mwina mmakhumbirako ku prison eti
    Kaya ukaziona wekha waliputa dala boma
    Nthawi zose ukaswa lamulo amavutika ndi mkazi wako ndi ana ako
    Baba mkayedyera ku ndende Christmas apatu?

  10. Koma a Malawi Mulungu ationonga chifukwa panopa tafanana ndi anthu aku Sodom ndi Gomora. We are Demonic acts like Homosexuality, now we want to legalize abortion…..” indeed in last days people will depart from the truth and follow teachings of demons[ 1Timothy 4] …….Lord come very soon to destroy the Lucifer ,his agents and all who follow him

  11. Tili mu sodom kaye, sitinafike mu gomola, tikafika mu gomola anthu adzayenda mbulanda, chiwelewele anthu azidzapangila ndi munsika momwe

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