Nyamilandu retains Cosafa position

Walter Nyamilandu
Walter Nyamilandu
Nyamilandu: Retains Cosafa role.

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Walter Nyamilandu retained his seat as the executive member of the Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (Cosafa) during the polls on Saturday afternoon at Sun City in South Africa.

During the polls, the association elected Phillip Chinyangwa as the president after he stood unopposed, replacing Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) president Suket Patel who opted not to stand after completing two terms in office.

The association also voted in Frans Mbidi from Namibia as the vice-president.

During the polls, five people were ushered in as ordinary members namely Pedro Neto from Angola, Andrew Kamanga from Zambia, Alberto Simanga from Mozambique, Sameer Sobha from Mauritius and Nyamilandu from Malawi.



  1. Nyamilandu ‘returns COSAFA position’ kikiki. English and journalism pa Nyasaland. Nde tidziti wabweza position imene anali nayo???? It shud be ‘RETAINS’ meaning ‘preserve’ or ‘maintain’asati ‘return’

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  3. Nyamilandu samasewera nawo mpira..Paribe chomwe akurakwa.Ngt akurakwa osampanga impeach bwanji?Ngt zikuvuta ino sinthawi yomakoranakorana ku masewero ampirawa kma kuthandizana pena ndi pena kuti zinthu ziziyenda bwino. Takunyadirani akuru pokuganiziraniso ku cosafa ko.

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  5. I think someone has hacked this page. Malawi24 come on guys, tell me what’s wrong. Don’t think all of us are idiots who just read your stories. A “page” is said to be professional if its stuff is accurate.

    Edit your posts before posting them to the public please.

    1. I once tried to make fun of them but they don’t seem to take heed.
      Am addicted to it now.
      Grammatical errors is palm oil with which Malawi 24 devours it’s news bro.

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