Malawians advised not to overspend over Christmas


The Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) has urged all Malawians to spend within their means during the festive season to avoid suffering in the coming months.

In an interview with Malawi24, Cama executive director John Kapito said people usually spend a lot of money during this period every year which leads to suffering in January and February.

“It is common that during Christmas festivities consumers are tempted to go into impulse buying, consumers need to budget well during this period and refrain from the attractions of useless adverts and promotions,” he said.

He also called on consumers to demand receipts after purchasing their goods.

People need to sepdn cautiosuly: Kapito

“Consumers must always carry and demand receipts all the time they make a purchase since the market is now full of unscrupulous traders and the receipt helps the consumers to obtain redress. Kapito said.

Speaking on the economy, Kapito said 2016 has been a difficult year economically to consumers claiming that the country continues to have the highest inflation which is triggering a high cost of living at a time when disposable incomes have been depleted.

He added that this is creating untold misery to most households and also the private sector which has negatively been affected by reduced demand of their products making most of them to scale down their operations, leading to high unemployment.

On maize price, the Cama boss said the market has been liberalised and the selling of maize and mushrooming of vendors is not a surprise in the supply and sell of maize to the market.

He added that it must be noted that Admarc stocks have been procured through a commercial loan and it will be an insult to sell such maize at a cheaper price through a subsidy since it will allow vendors to invade Admarc markets, making the very same poor unable to access the maize.

He then urged government to strengthen its food disaster distribution programmes through World Food Programme (WFP) to ensure that the most food insecure consumers are provided with free maize and that such a programme must not be politicized.



  1. We can’t overspend whn we got no money at all,advice ur follow comrades plz who r swimmin in riches lyk u Mr.

  2. Mr man anthu atopa nanu awa mukuti overspend miseu yake iti kasungu to chitipa kapena LL to zomba mumayesa imenei ndimiseu eti .

  3. Though We Are Walking In Economic Hardships Here In Malawi But This Is Atrue Message Guys, Do U Not No That January Own Its Own Is Adisease As Well As February So We Have To Spend Wisely Indeed.

  4. Zomwe mukunena abwana it’s like telling anthu akhungu/osaona/masikini kuti “titseke maso timphele”. Or else it’s a selective advice, this one is going to the poor people, because you can’t dictate to the rich on what and how to spend, after all each passing day it’s Christmas to the rich. How can a poor person overspend when his/her pocket is empty.

  5. kkkkkkkk Mr man don’t you know that every month is January in our country,most malawians live below the poverty line civil servants underpaid meaning that most Christian families will just go to church & pray on Christmas day no Christmas party at home.

  6. that’s senseless ,the money that we are going overspend is it yours or ours ? you Cama usatiwonjeze wamva ngati ali maluzi zanu zimenezo mwamvaaaaaaaaaaa!

  7. that’s senseless ,the money that we are going overspend is it yours or ours ? you Cama usatiwonjeze wamva ngati ali maluzi zanu zimenezo mwamvaaaaaaaaaaa!

  8. Boma lalero limenelo kamuzu zaka 31 timanjoya xmass mwakathithi koma sitinawuzidweko mbwelela ngati zimenezi

  9. Most of my brothers and sisters will NOT OVER SPEND BUT OVER STARVE DURING Xmass n New Year eve. Malawi was a good country where we used to go for shopping n now it is the opposite.

  10. Tachionen milomo ngat kuujen……… ndmadya kwanu, or ztatha ungandpase iwe CHIMUTU ATI! Mesa udal pasogolo demostratd 4 people’s suferngs nanga lero? Woipa iweeeee!!….. Zandnyasatu.

  11. Tione kaye kuti budget
    Ya overspend ndi iti
    Nanga yopanda ndi itinso. Chifukwa mwina mukanapempha eni makampani kuti mwezi uno okha aonjezereko ndi ka 50%. Koma ‘do not overspend?’ Mwaganiza bwino?

    1. aaaah bro anthuwa ndiauchikape iwowo ndiolemera kale ali ndi money…ife akuti tisapange overspend munthu ukulandila 20000 bag lachimanga 13000 si overspend kale imeneyo kkkkk

  12. Uyunso asatinyase apa, nthawi ya mastern ali wowowowo, pano zinthu zachita kununkha kuposa pamene paja, wangoti pwiiii ndi chibanzi…munthu apanga bwanji over spend alibe chopanga over spend cho..osamangodya chibanzicho bwanji…

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